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Lightning Protection Components (LPC) – Part 2: Requirements for conductors and earth electrodes; German version EN DIN EN () Lightning Protection Components (lpc) – Part 2: Requirements For Conductors And Earth Electrodes. For use in lightning protection and earth-termination systems according to DIN EN (VDE Part ). Round Wire. Conductor Cross. Characteristics.

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The lightning current safely deflected by the interception and arrester system is routed to the ground. The equipotential bonding performs an additional task between the arresters and as an equipotential bonding controller in passable areas.

Earthing systems – OBO Bettermann – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Earthing systems System overview Potential equalisation from P. Planning an earthing system The earthing system is part don the external lightning protection system, which routes the lightning current into the ground where it is to be distributed. The key criteria for an even lightning current distribution without dangerous surges occurring are form and dimensions.


An earthing system can be constructed from one of the three arrangements described below. It is possible to connect different earthing arrangements, although the risk of It must be installed as a closed ring at a distance of 1. A ring earther is an earther according to rn type B.

The following materials can be used: Earthing systems Flat conductor, steel galvanised Flat conductor, steel galvanised for ground Lightning protection and earthing Flat conductors, stainless steel VA: 50614-2 systems Deep earther and plate earther Length Outer-0 Pack. Earthing rod connection for standard applications: Deep earther and plate earther Earthing systems Hammer insert for earthing rod LE hammer: Earthing systems Earth entry rods Deep earther and plate earther Prices according to DEL notation; see material references.

BS EN 50164-2:2008

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