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Opiniones de Gabriel Andrade: The Ethics of Papal Infallibility

Sobre estos temas recomiendo: This is a thorough investigation into the Papacy of Pius IX. Ketzer goes into great detail examining strossmayyer aspects of the private and public life of Pius IX, including his initial popularity amongst the Roman people, and then his eventual collapse into deep unpopularity because of his deep reactionary views. Ultimately, with idscurso establishment of Italy as a nation, Pius IX had to give up his power as temporal i.

Pius IX is controversial for all sorts strozsmayer reasons: But, above all, he is remembered for his role in defining the doctrine of Papal infallibility during the First Vatican Council in Long before Pius IX, some sectors of the Catholic Church sympathized with such a doctrine, and quoted from the Bible in support of it. Be that as it may, those passages have been used in support of papal infallibility for centuries.


Prior tonot all Catholics were convinced of this doctrine. To their credit, many Popes had discurwo the totalitarian danger of proclaiming a mere moral infallible in his decrees. Many theologians were concerned that the doctrine of infallibility could give Popes the power to derogate what previous Church councils had decreed.

However, as Kertzer narrates it in his book, Pius IX was determined to impose his doctrine, and he used many immoral tactics to achieve his goal. Pius IX made sure that during the Council, theological discussions would not be registered by writing, obixpo that theologians would not have the proper time to think about it thoroughly.

Antecedentes a los acuerdos entre la Santa Sede y la Republica de Croacia.

xtrossmayer Pius IX also forbade Council members to get together in discussion sessions, and he also got rid of recess breaks between sessions. He did not even stop the Council during a malaria outbreak, and arrested one Armenian bishop that was vehemently opposed to the approval of the infallibility dogma.

Finally, with all these morally questionable tactics, Pius IX prevailed, and inimposed objspo of the most totalitarian religious doctrines ever approved: Some Catholic apologists try to sugarcoat this fact, by arguing that Papal infallibility does not apply to everything the Pope ever does, but rather, only applies to the time when the Pope speaks ex cathedra about doctrinal aspects of faith and morals.

In the past, so the argument goes, there have been Popes that have been mistaken, yet that does not invalidate the doctrine of infallibility. For example, Honorius I taught the monothelitist heresy i. But, historically, prior toit was not altogether clear when a Pope taught something informally, and when he taught it ex cathedra.


Recuerdos de Italia (parte 1 de 2) by Emilio Castelar – Free Ebook

By contrast, it is now clear when the Pope speaks ex cathedra. So far, the only time a Pope has clearly spoken ex cathedra and therefore, has used Papal infallibility as a resource was inwhen Pius XII proclaimed the dogma of the Assumption of Mary. Yet, despite this important caveat, the doctrine of Papal infallibility is morally very dangerous. Theoretically, ecclesiastical organization has no way of impeding a Pope from making wild allegations ex cathedraand proclaiming them on the basis of Papal infallibility.

Furthermore, the very notion of Papal infallibility implies the suppression of critical thinking, and the complete renunciation of autonomy when it comes to making judgments and decisions. In the coming years, if the Catholic Church truly wants to cleanse itself of its Medieval remnants, it must begin by reexamining the doctrine of Papal infallibility, and criticize it, not only for the way it was fraudulently imposed by Pius IX, but also for what it represents.

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