Runceanu Sabin studies Moldova, Philosophical Counseling, and Migration History. IOAN DAMASCHIN more. by Mircea Ramurean Ioan – Istoria bisericeasca universalamore. by Mircea Dogmatica Sf. silvestru de Canev vol 5more. by Mircea. 1 SF. IOAN GURĂ DE AUR, Scrieri – partea întâi. Omilii la Facere (I), in vol. 2 SF. IOAN DAMASCHIN, Dogmatica, translated by Pr. Dumitru Fecioru, Editura.

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Interview with father Athanasios Henein, former coptic monophysite priest converted to Orthodoxy. Interviu dogmatlca parintele Athanasios Henein, fost preot copt monofisit convertit la Ortodoxie.

The heretical doctrines in the Coptic cult are not limited to Pope Shenouda. They date from Dioscorus, Severus and their early followers. This book was written and originally published in Greek it was dogmatca in Romanian, inand published by the Evanghelismos Publishing House, the edition that I am using; I am unaware of translations in other languages. The book lists numerous dogmatical mistakes of Severus of Antioch, e.

Among numerous other heresies present in the miaphysite doctrine they fill 31 pages…Severus quoted after Kahali Alemu, The Christology of Ethiopian anaphorals compared to the Chalcedon dogma, Thessaloniki,p.

Samuel, Severus follows the doctrine of partial essences by which persons are partial essences, and which is also followed by Arius — thus, in his acceptance as described by St. As discussed further in the book pp. In the Second Common Statement, at Chambesy,the Anti-Chalcedonians do not explicitly adopt the Fourth Ecumenical Council and all subsequent Ecumenical Councils, but make use of a devious formulation to make the Orthodox accept their rejection of these Councils.

Doctrinele eretice ale cultului copt nu sunt limitate la papa Shenouda.

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Etichetat ca Acordul de la Chambesyadevaranatemaanticalcedonieniantiecumenismbiseirci necalcedonienebisericabiserica iaonBiserica ortodoxa coptaCalcedonIVchambesyCMBConsiliul Mondial al BisericilorecumenismerezieFacultatea de Teologie Bucurestimonofizitismnecalcedonieniparintele matei vulcanescuparintele Nicolae Neculapr Atanasios HeneinSenuda IIISfanta EcaterinaSunt coptii ortodocsiTalat.

Preferabil un transcript in romana. As vrea sa ii dau si duhovnicnului sa citeasca.

Athanasios was excommunicated from the Coptic Orthodox Church a few years back. What you will watch see in this interview is the sad scene of a petty and broken man, seeking revenge against the Coptic Orthodox Church. May God help and illumine the minds of those who live in darkness and seek to divide where they can unite. If you read in greek or in roumanian you can understand that the copts are heretics to Sever of Antioch:.

In nici un caz nu sunt impotriva dialogului teolgic cu eterodocsii. Dumitru Staniloae si pr. In sedinta Sfantului Sinod al Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane, din damaschnis-au acceptat in mod oficial textele celor doua declaratii comune.

Astfel, Biserica Ortodoxa Romana a fost damzschin Biserica, care a aprobat oficial acest dialog dupa In aceasta nuanta consta erezia miafizita. Daca omul are doua firi si doua activitati, este necesar ca Hristos sa aiba trei firi si tot atatea activitati: Prin urmare, pentru acest motiv, se zice o singura fire a oamenilor, pentru ca orice om este compus din suflet si corp.

Despre ipostasa Domnului insa, nu putem spune o singura fire, caci fiecare din firi pastreaza, si dupa unire, insusirea fireasca si nu este cu putinta sa gasim o specie Hristos.

  ASTM D5170 PDF

N-a fost un alt Hristos, din Dumnezeire si omenire, acelasi si Dumnezeu si om. In cheia Sinodului de la Calcedon, fraza Sfantului Chiril poate fi inteleasa astfel: Deoarece firile sunt unite dupa ipostas si au intrepatruderea reciproca, sunt unite xf amestecare, pastradu-si fiecare propria sa deosebire naturala.

Iar Sfantul Maxim Marturisitorul spune: Desi acum nu exista o separatie dogmatica, realizarea deplinei comuniuni ramane un ideal. Se pare ca Bisericile Orientale Ortodoxe nu au suficient curaj in a recunoaste categoric si deplin hotararile Sinodului al IV-lea ecumenic, probabil si imprejurarilor istorice date, iar celelalte Biserici Ortodoxe intarzie ratificarea oficiala a dialogului.

Damaschin – Meaning And Origin Of The Name Damaschin |

In subcomisia liturgica este numit din partea Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane pr. Insa si ridicarea anatemei contra miafizitilor de catre ortodocsi este invalida. Iesirea eventuala a miafizitilor sau a altor eterodocsi de sub anatema Sinoadelor Ecumenice se face prin primirea invataturii ortodoxe, nu prin ridicarea magica a anatemelor, fara suport dogmatic.

Metropolitan Bishoy, may God soften his heart, is a Coptic Metropolitan who is a stubborn man, a man who is filled with hatred, famaschin deals with situations by suspending haphazardly without proper investigation. This was one of those cases.

Similar cases include Dr.

Mina Hani Mikhail, Fr. Matta al Maskeen, a few other priests, and two bishops. Metropolitan Bishoy is a dictator, an ignoramus, and a fool. He thinks he knows theology, but continues to teach rubbish. Athanasius fell under the victimization of Metropolitan Bishoy. Every once in a while, the victims of Metropolitan Bishoy are becoming to have a soft spot in the hearts of Coptic people, who admire their love and courage of teaching Orthodoxy and keeping their allegiance to the Coptic Church and her saints.

Athanasius was one of those people who in being victimized decided to distort the situation he went through. He did not leave the Coptic Church because of Monophysitism. He pleaded after suspension by Metropolitan Bishoy to rejoin the Church.

Now, tell me dear friends of this website, is it intellectually honest to accept the testimony of a person who was victimized seeking vengeance on the Coptic Church? And I can say with confidence there is nothing heretical in Severus of Antioch. He is word-for-word the theology of St. St Cyril talk about two natures and say: One nature for God the Logos, incarnated. Divine and Human-that preached the IV Ecumenical Concile of Calcedon, that anatematized the Sever and his teaching of one nature-divine-human.

Sever interpreted in a wrong way the frase of Saint Cyril. Severus very clearly teaches the full humanity and full divinity of Christ, each nature preserving its respective properties, energies and wills.

If you notice the interview you did with Fr. He is unable to prove to you any heresy he or Severus taught, because he knows very well they are Orthodox. He does a good job criticizing Pope Shenouda and Metropolitan Bishoy.

It is a very twisted and dishonest logic. The Coptic Church is not Pope Shenouda. What is amusing about these videos is that Fr. If you do the research, this interview you did with Fr. Athanasios is actually an embarrassment to your credibility. Which letter or writing from Severus did you get it from?


Runceanu Sabin –

Jesus Christ is one Person made known in two natures, Hi is not one nature like the Sever say. The Sever misunderstand the Sf Kiril, and the formula of St Kiril is not represent the formula of the orthodoxia. St Ioan Damaschin Mansur explain that Christ is not a new nature, In His Person united the divine nature with the human nature- this is the orthodoxia. And the Sever formula is a missinterpretation of the orthodox Dogma that lead Sever to heresy, and he is out of the Church. I talked with Fr.

Athanasios and he said he did not ask to rejoin the Coptic Church. After the excommunication of Fr. Anthanasios, the Copts of Athens whom he served for 15 years wanted to know the reason of his excommunication and went to meet pope Shenouda in America and the people where confident that the pope will give to fr. Atanasios the blessing to rejoin the Church, but, they were shocked that the pope could do antthing, for the reason that the excommunication of Athanasios had political implications.

The regime of Shenouda cooperated with the corrupted regime of Mubarak who dismissed Athanasios from the Coptic Church. Athanasios was an orthodox theologian in thinking daamaschin struggled for the revival of the Coptic national language of Egypt and this was not accepted by Mubarak and Shenuda.

Athanasios was excommunicated because he defended the Coptic human rights and he wanted the Copts to come back to the 4th Ecumenical Synod of Calcedon, that meant the return to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which is the Greek Orthodox Church. This is the real reason of the tragedy of fr. Now you are accusing Cyril of Monophysitism. That is incredible coming from you!

It shows how we cannot take you seriously. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, John of Damascus criticized the use of the body-soul analogy for the natures of Christ, the same analogy used by St.


Your tradition actually criticized the theology of St. Athanasios is not doggmatica. Pope Shenouda was not against the Coptic language. If anything, he encourages it. Ever heard of Fr. He prefers to speak only Coptic if possible. Athanasios is just like Pope Shenouda. Both have high egos, and when you have two high egos and not one damascyin man, you have nothing but division.

Pope Shenouda cooperating with Mubarak makes as much sense as the Russian Church cooperating with Putin. Give me a break. Who are you going to believe? Athanasios is a liar. He gives you half truths. He has an egotistical phromena, like Pope Shenouda before him.

Who took to Himself a perfect manhood. His Divine nature is one with his human nature yet without mingling, confusion or alteration; a complete Hypostatic Union. Words are inadequate to describe this union.