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True, a number of them have given us guiding lessons lest we have already forgotten. The dosg Roman philosopher Cicero left us the immortal quote History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and brings us tidings of antiquity. It is also for the same reason that a section of this issue is devoted to what will be part of DOSTs immediate future.

The readers will have a sneak peek on the evolution of the publication as shown bylp photos. This issues cover shows the transformations of the publication Thanks to the library of the Science and Technology Information Institute or STII, these treasures have been well preserved now museum pieces.

Now in its Volume 30 Issue No. It boldly welcomes big changes not only with the use of new material and bold layout but also with the stories that have been carefully selected to feature the real deal within the Philippine science community especially the Department of Science and Technology.

Stories on technologies, discoveries, programs and projects tell of their socio-economic benefits for the individual Filipinos or for the entire nation in a manner that the message can be understood, appreciated, and applied. The magazine still maintains its regular sections on news and feature stories but a special section in klkot issue is devoted specifically to disaster-related stories.

Once again, the old and the new form a wonderful collection of colorful stories science stories that truly serve a human purpose. Befittingly, an ending should be another quote from another famous personality Sigmund Freud who said once in his lifetime, Only a dlst is not interested in his past.

Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City. Drop your coin here to charge your phone Tropical fabrics on the catwalk Casablanca Wines: Water hyacinth, which is seen as a nuisance and combated at huge economic costs to resource-poor economies, may well become dos cornerstone of rawmaterial production to the growing industries. The Problem Few weeds around the world have caused negative effect on human life as that of the water hyacinth plant.

One of the fastest reproducing plant species, the plant is infamous for drifting troubles to communitiesflood by clogging irrigations and water systems, depleting entire water reservoirs, causing damage to fishing activities, reducing biodiversity, hosting vectors or disease-carryingFirst Quarter Photos by Gerry G. The storage area can hold about 4. All its mechanisms, meanwhile, are hydraulically powered and individually controlled. It is easy to maneuver, very stable on water, and requires only one person to operate.

It gets better While the harvester was designed to collect and reduce free-floating water hyacinths in navigable waterways, the DOST developed several technologies to convert collected water hyacinth into useful products.

Many families in coastal areas, especially in Laguna Lake, are now making a living using water hyacinth. Improper drying would cause to product to rot due to moisture, he added.

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FPRDI has been training various groups near Laguna Lake on the proper way to dry and treat hyacinths with preservatives in order to protect them from insects and molds. The agency too had developed a dryer for water hyacinth stalks.

Compared with the traditional solar drying techniques, the FPRDI-developed dryer can shorten drying time from several days to only a few hours. This means that handicrafts producers can dry their products even during rainy season. With the increasing environmental awareness in the market, water hyacinth is becoming a trend in the handicraft business due to its natural fiber.


Dried water hyacinth stems are now used to make bags, sandals, mats, home decors, and others, not only for local consumption but also for export.

Water hyacinth gathered by the harvester. The harvester gets to work. Native to South America, water hyacinths also locally known as water lilies have odst proliferated in other parts of the world like China, Kenya, and the Philippines and have long been considered a biodisaster in these countries.

The harvester is a small-sized vessel that mechanically collects free-floating water hyacinth in navigable waterways. It gathers hyacinths through three linked conveyors made of rotating plastics byko move materials and mounted at the front, middle and rear of the equipment.

The front conveyor is dipped under the water surface at a certain angle, which allows the machine to collect whole pieces of hyacinth.

The middle conveyor, on the other hand, serves as temporary storage for the harvested plants. The rear conveyor, meanwhile, discharges the contents to an external barge or a dumping site when the container is dkst. The water hyacinth is dots fast-growing aquatic plant infamous for clogging water systems and hindering water transport. Montejo said that the harvester was developed as one solution to unclog waterways of water hyacinth. This is to avoid a similar incident in Kookot City, wherein the Rio de Grande Mindanao overflowed due to accumulation of the aquatic weed, thus causing massive flooding.

Local scientists and engineers built the harvester to suit Philippine conditions, said Sec. Montejo during the recent media launch of the harvester. We also partnered with the private sector to fabricate the harvester and to provide the necessary equipment and materials. Project Leader Lemuel Apusaga from MIRDC explained that the harvester can travel at a speed of three kilometers per hour, and has a carrying capacity of 4.

Taguig Doxt Mayor Lani Cayetano lauded the developers of the water hyacinth harvester. I am in awe and very happy to learn that young engineers have developed this equipment. We can truly be proud of Filipinos for the intelligence and hardwork they display, she added. The harvester is also docked in said area. We hope that the harvester would be able to assist in the better management and control of water hyacinth in most of our river systems, he added.

Jimenez said that the water hyacinth harvester would be a good substitute for backhoe or barge, which is normally the equipment being used by the MMDA mokot harvest water hyacinth. We will continue coordinating with DOST to discuss the requirements sost by our local government units, she said.

Guevara said that the Council is working with other DOST agencies to better manage water hyacinth, and to explore the potential uses of this plant as raw material for the manufacture of clothing and handicrafts. It can also be processed to generate vermicompost in large quantities. Water hyacinth handicraft business opportunities are in bloom, spurred by multi-sector partnerships, to the benefit of the small and medium enterprises.

Additional institutional support such as research grants, promotion of existing technology on using water hyacinth, and capacity building for potential operators of the industry could create a colorful bouquet of employment and economic opportunities. Its fibers are comparable with those of pias and when blended with other fabrics, hyacinth fibers are quite versatile.

It has gained high acceptability when used to create various types of apparel from casual to corporate and even highfashion wears.

DOST-PTRI recently held a grand fashion show introducing the newly-developed Philippine tropical fabrics, including hyacinth, to the metros executives, fashionistas, and stakeholders of the textile industry. The stalks have been processed to create rope-like materials comparable with cocofiber nets that are used to combat soil erosion on slopes and to improve road quality.

Further studies will establish the effectiveness of water hyacinth geotextiles. Many studies have shown that water hyacinth contains nutrients that are important to livestock.

  ASTM F1671 PDF

Backyard farmers in the countryside actually use water hyacinth as supplemental feeds for pigs and ducks. A leaf is comprised of a breathtaking complex of very, very fine veins. Their intricate patterns can rival those of expensive laces. Leaf skeletons are commonly found as fossils, although fully complete specimens are rather rare.

Some fossil leaves have unique shapes and structures that are quite different from those existing today. Fossilized or skeletonized leaves are also one of the favorite new raw materials for handmade papers which have already created a niche in the market.

The technology entails soaking fresh leaves in caustic soda solution. In just a few hours, caustic soda will eat away the soft tissues of the leaves, leaving the leaf skeletonized and intact. The traditional method of fossilization usually takes at least three weeks to turn fresh leaves into fossilized ones: Most of the trainees are housewives and out- of-school youth from various parts of the country.

Santos Ave, Bicutan, Taguig Cityor email technicom dost. It has a maximum volume capacity of liters and a freezing capacity of 60 kilograms per hour for ice-making.

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This makes the immersion freezer more efficient equipment than a common home freezer, a regular chest freezer or an air-blast freezer. It cools faster because heat transfer is faster. The freezer is also equipped with adjustable coolant temperature settings to meet specific requirements of different food materials.

There are also dividers to cool smaller amounts byoo product, with separate controls for each division.

This makes the freezer more efficient both in cooling and power consumption. All in all, its cost-effectiveness and efficiency make it a very important tool for the countrys food processing firms. Once only consumed as desert or snacks, the atis, through the intervention of science and technology, can be formulated into a product that helps prevent serious mosquito-related diseases.

Using the extracts of atis leaves mixed with some native available materials, Dr. Lleana Cruz and Dr. It is a personal care product used in preventing mosquito bites that cause itchiness, inflammation, and discomfort.

As it wards off mosquitoes, the product helps prevent mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and filariasis especially in high-incidence areas. This lotion uses a washable, mineral oil-based formulation and is biodegradable. As such, it is of advantage against other commercial repellents which are all chemical based.

REDAS software can work to conduct seismic hazard and risk assessment, sort earthquake data parameters, produce map of different sizes, perform screen digitization, and develop risk database in Philippines and other Asian countries. Developed by Bartolome C. Bautista and Maria Leonila P. REDAS maps can be used in land use regulation, strict enforcement of the building code, and modernizing critical structures. The software was recently used by the local government of Bulacan for urban planning and development.

This seismic hazard software can be re-designed to make it commercially available.

REDAS had already four local government unit adaptors. Soon, local nylo makers need not cut trees out of Philippine forests to create sturdy school desks and designer tables, researchers say.

#kokotu medias

Using the machine, FPRDI developed a prototype school desk from engineered bamboo, perfect for todays active students. Engineered bamboo products are produced by binding kkkot veneers, strands, particles, fibers, strips or slats of bamboo with a suitable adhesive dpst form a composite material designed to meet specific uses.

Due to certain advantages in applications, engineered bamboo products may be preferred to solid wood. FPRDI is currently working on modifying the flattening process to reduce machine costs.

The team who developed the bamboo flattening machine was headed by Engineer Dante B.