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Drakensang Strona w sklepie. Jest on widoczny tylko dla ciebie. To poradnik dla ciebie! Hello, you not can cross map, chapter, or what ever? Chapter I – Maps. Chapter II – Maps. Chapter V – Maps. Chapter VI – Maps.

Chapter VII – Maps. Chapter IX – Maps. Po jej zabiciu do twojego ekwipunku trafi kolejna sowia czaszka.

W drodze zostaniesz zaatakowany przez kilku przedstawicieli Mrocznych Oczu. Ponownie zagadaj do Pagola Babek. Ponownie porozmawiaj z Iriane. Pani Neisbeck zleci ci otrucie Tashmana. Porozmawiaj teraz z jednym z trolli.

Kliknij 4 razy na pierwszego drwala. Kliknij 2 razy na drugiego drwala.

My secret – sprawdź! (str. 6 z 36)

Kliknij raz na trzeciego drwala. Hello,walkthrough It is to show what to do, the map or quest. I disregarded a few maps because they in secondary quests.

In area in front of the apple-tree you see two guys a front of hes standing next area in here working woman she ask you for secret code, just write any from these: Your first mission is to reach Ferdok where your friend Ardo lives. You have recently received a letter from him in which he asks you to come as soon as you can.

Head towards the bridge to encounter your first NPC. Find two character witnesses Talk to Sergeant Erland 1. You will learn that Ferdok is closed and no one is allowed unless recommended by two people. Those people are Salina 2 and Rakorium 2.

You can use Etiquette on sergeant to gain some experience. Once you tell him that you have Salina’s and Rakorium’s, support he will allow you draknsang the city.

Journey to Ferdok You can finally go to Ferdok Important! Once you leave Avestreu becomes unavailable once rver leave it, so if you have any unfinished quests be sure to finish them drakensxng heading to Ferdok. Quest pporadnik in chapter two. End of chapter one!

After the cutscene talk to Salina. She will tell you about her missing diadem, and that she suspects her lover, Dranor Find Dranor You have to complete Find the Bandit hideout. You will find him near the shrine 7.

He will suggest that you talk to the innkeeper 10who might know where Dranor is. Talk to the innkeeper Innkeeper Thalion will tell you that the bandits are most likely in Bald Mountain Find the bandit hideout Follow the lead and head to Bald Mountain. Watch the cutscene featuring the mysterious mage and help Dranor defeat the bandits. He will thank you for help and join your party. Talk to Salina All you need to do now is talk to Salina.


She will thank you and promise to say a good word for you to Nandor The Missing Magician Two novices will approach you on the bridge They will ask whether you’ve seen their master, Rakoriuma 2.


Find Mage Rakorium IT seems almost impossible for those two to find their mentor, so you’re their only hope. You will find the magician in the Old Mineshafti Lead Rakorium out of the Caves Archmage Rakorium will try to teleport you out of the caves, but apparently he doesn’t remember the spell formula, so you will have to get out the traditional way.

For the length of the “journey” Rakorium will join you. After you leave the caves he will remember the spell and will teleport away. Meet Rakorium in Avestreu You will meet him on the bridge with his novices. There, he will give you the letter for Nandor The Examination You will receive this quest from Runkel 4. He asks you to help him pass the examinations held by the Thieves Guild Pass the first test The first test is: Find the chest and open it The chest is right besides the shrine 7.

Open it and take the coded note. Pass the second test The uncoded message says: You have to give it a dog bone, which you can get from Binga Meadowbolt 8. Steal the dog bone. Talk to her and use your social skills to get the dog bone. Once you get the bone, give it to the dog. You will now be able to enter the hen house and take the key and another note. Pass the third test The uncoded message is: Open it and take the message”. Chest in the Old Mill The chest 3 can be found in the mill cellar Open it and take the note containing the information on finding the thieves’ guild liaison in Ferdok.

Berry Hunting The peddler Bredo Bento 6 will ask you a favor. Collect ten Oneberries You need to find 10 oneberries. You can collect them using Plant Lore which can be taught to you by Alchemist Auralia 3. Oneberries can also be found in barrels throughout the area. Bring the oneberries to Bredo Talk to Bredo and give him the oneberries. He will ask you to find a lost package Use Human Nature during the conversation to find out that he cannot be trusted.


Find the pouch candied kosh bunting tongues The pouch can be found near the wagon sitting between the apple tree and the bridge leading to Ferdok. Take the Parcel to Gallo Option 1: Gallo will draensang you 2 thalers for the pouch.

Don’t agree and haggle over the price, refusing his propositions, then ask for 2 ducats. He won’t agree at first, but if you talk erakensang him again, he will pay you. Haggle for a while then decide that you will keep them to yourself and sell to someone else. Candied kosh bunting tongues you can sell it later for up to 50 ducats Option 3: When Gallo refuses to pay you 2 ducats eat the tongues.

He will call you a madman and tell you that you just ate 50 ducats. Full stomach Find another buyer The quest continues in the next chapters. Owlstone the Hunter Talk to the Innkeeper Thalion He will tell you the story of the local hunter Find hunter Owlstone Your mission is to find Owlstone.

He resides in the forester’s lodge in the Dark Forest. When you’ll arrive on the spot you will find him in the middle of the fight with a wolf. Help him the hunter, not the wolf and he will thank you for assistance. Slay the bear The bear 3 is in the cave in the Old Mineshaft This far in the game it is quite a challenging opponent, so prepare for a tough fight. Talk to Owlstone After slaying the bear talk to the hunter. White Fur White fur 25 appears along with the regular wolves.

Kill them and return to the hunter. Talk to hunter Owlstone Tell him that you’ve slain White Fur. Take the bear’s head to Innkeeper Thallion Give Thalionowi 10 the bear’s head. Xrakensang will appreciate such a grand trophy.