The Tales of Dunk and Egg are a series of prequel novellas written by George R.R. Martin, which begin 90 years before the events of the A Song of Ice and Fire . An update on all things Dunk & Egg To date I have published three novellas about them. “The Hedge Knight” was published in Robert Silverberg’s anthology . The Dunk & Egg stories and the dramatic events of Robert’s Rebellion have long been favored by series fans as natural spin-off material, and.

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The Dunk and Egg stories are an ongoing series of novellas written by George R.

Tales of Dunk and Egg – Wikipedia

Martinset in the world of A Song of Ice and Fireprequels to the main novels. The stories relate the adventures of the hedge knight Ser Amd the Tallwho would become a legendary member dujc the Kingsguardand his squire Eggwho would become King Aegon V Targaryen of Westeros.

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The stories begin with their meeting eighty-nine years before the events of the main novels ACand may cover the events until the deaths of Duncan and King Aegon.

Three novellas have appeared so far: Six amd twelve stories in the series are planned. These three stories were collected in one book, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Graphic novels of these three stories have also been published. The most recent graphic novel, adapting The Mystery Knightwas released on August 8, Martin has said that he would like to write a number of these stories varying from six to twelve from interview to interview covering the entire lives of these two characters.

A fourth installment, currently untitled, but with the working title The She-Wolves of Winterfellhas been described by Martin.

However, when unable to make the deadline, Martin submitted The Princess and the Queenan abridged version of a piece he had written on the civil war Dance of the Dragons. This novella is set to take place in the Riverlands[13] after the events of “She-Wolves”.

Dunk and Egg – Not A Blog

There’s no telling when I will have time to finish either of these, or which one I egy write first. Further working titles for future Dunk and Egg stories have been revealed by Martin. The chronology of these stories is as yet unknown, as well as if any other stories may take place in between them.


Originally, the obvious title “The Hedge Knight” was considered, but due to already existing confusion about the same-titled novella and graphic novelsthe first collection was titled A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. There has been interest, yes, but the rights situation is complicated. That’s cunc much more attractive proposition for all concerned, I think Works by George R. Martin in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

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