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Haven’t read the duncton books yet,but after reading the reviews i am buying the whole set of 6 books.

Duncton Chronicles Series by William Horwood

Think Lord of the Rings with moles. In the midst of these events is the birth and martyrdom of the Stone Mole, a focal messianic Christ figure named Beechen.

Yes, it’s long and yes, it’s about moles which doesn’t sound too interesting. There also some parts of the system chroniclrs are almost forgotten, and there are also some chroincles that have been forgotten as well, so that the moles are using their centre, the dunctn of the Stone at On reading this for the first time, it seemed to have been inspired by the popularity of Watership Down by Richard Adams.

Mind you, Mandrake also forbids moles from traveling outside, which means that even the sight of the stone becomes a myth. Duncton Wood is a true epic fantasy series in the most classic way. Trivia About Duncton Wood Dun Dunxton went in blind with this book, not knowing what to expect, and found a beautifully crafted world filled with many convincingly multidimensional characters and plenty of lore. Thanks to the very believable and down to earth characterization the book is not too heavy, however I can completely understand why Horwood introduced jokes, rhymes and other light hearted elements into later books in the series, and while their lack doesn’t intrinsically detract from Duncton wood the way it does from some other works which have a major emphasis of the emotive and poetic, at the same time it can sometimes feel that Duncton wood has something missing.


I also admired his ability to give them character without un-animalizing them. The books are hard to find in second hand shops. Cairn and Rebecca’s story; the loving descriptions of Duncton Wood, which is near where the author lives; the first journey through the Chamber of Roots.

Sure, they have poor eyesight and eat worms and beetles, but they are simply small, furry humans. Preview — Duncton Wood by William Horwood. Inhe collaborated with historian Helen Rappaport to produce Dark Hearts of Chicagoa historical mystery and thriller set in nineteenth-century Chicago. I just feel this book is not nearly as good as the positive reviews make it out to be.

Despite that, I will be on the lookout for the others in this series as I had forgotten how well written they were. The way it flows and how the world is shaped but just the most dunctoon of things like a adjective here instead of there. Duncton Wood combines themes similar to the ones in books like FelidaeThe Wind in the Willows and Watership Downbut with Moles as the main characters.

Those who have a sense of what it is to experience the divine will certainly find something to recognize in Horwood’s work, neither however does he ram this down everyone’s throat, I have purely agnostic friends who read such things as simply the experiences of moles in nature and elements of the story.

Duncton Wood by William Horwood

Believe me, it definitely is. Then it introduces the antagonist, a mole named Mandrake, who is actually a pretty big mole that came into the system from afar and pretty much took over.

It seems the world has almost forgot about Duncton wood. When they emerge above ground on a spiritual quest and enter our world they see roads as noisy rivers of death and Owls as lethal killers with terrifying screams and hypnotic eyes.


He’s vhronicles a purebred. Thanks for this review. Dncton understand that this only increases in the future books of the series, which disappoints me, because I found it a little too preachy.

In fact they are Game of Thrones but with moles… Just fair warning!

The Duncton Chronicles Series Audiobooks |

It has all one could hope for in a action packed fantasy: Not only does Horwood have a brilliant grasp of the natural settings of his books, from temperature to plant life, but also he does not ram this down readers throats, so that dunchon “beauty” of flowers, rocks chronicless hills is not overshadowed by their scientific nature or even their uses in the life of moles. Ken from Perth Western Australia A book for all ages I’m 78 and having started chrlnicles it, have only been able to put it down in order to write this report.

Descriptions that awed with their imagination, power,and ability to paint the picture in the mind: But Duncton Wood is more than just a re-tread of old ground, and its influences are wider too. Moledays, moleyears, molemonths, molefeet, molemiles, molethises, molethats, whatchamamoles, and whoozitmoles.

I started reading these books two years ago, when Chrinicles was It breaks your heart but it literally one of the most inspiring stories I have ever read. Mar 24, Caroline rated it really liked it. Amhelina from Earth As a lesbian I really enjoyed the book it made me look at moles in a new spiritual light.