Rugged PC Review’s full review of the Dell Latitude E ATG semi-rugged notebook. Dell’s Latitude laptops are well-respected business machines, and the ATG- branded editions ratchet these hard-wearing corporate workhorses. Dell Latitude E ATG – 14″ – Core i5 M – 4 GB RAM – GB SSD – English overview and full product specs on CNET.

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Dell Latitude E6430 ATG – 14″ – Core i5 3340M – 4 GB RAM – 128 GB SSD – English

For really rough jobs you’d want the Latitude XFR version. We also noticed that in some benchmarks, there can be a significant difference between bit and bit versions of Windows. In addition, the benchmark results only represent the measured performance of review machines we had in our lab at the time of testing.

Microsoft Office Trial.

Dell Latitude E ATG 14″ Laptop Computer Im gb SSD 8gb RAM Window 7 | eBay

Above that the cutout for the optional Smart Card reader. Laptops by Gordon Gottsegen Dec 19, Combined with a variety of optical treatments, makes for good overall outdoor viewability with just a minimum of glare and muted reflection.

Some are still staying with the old 4: So, details like letters are bigger. Maybe that accounted for the difference, or perhaps the new screen is different.

Current display technology, while still far from perfect, does provide a degree of viewability even in bright sunlight. Microsoft Windows 7 Wtg bit Edition.

Overall, the ATG display is still good enough to use the machine outdoors and even in bright sunlight. Running full p video from disk barely exercised the CPU, raising draw to about 18 watts, with the screen at full bright.


Dell Latitude E6430 ATG 14″ Laptop Computer I7-3520m 128gb SSD 8gb RAM Window 7

Since Dell’s semi-rugged and rugged models ztg loosely based on the Latitude consumer laptop line, the ATG and XFR models have had wide-format displays for years.

Semi-rugged devices aren’t sealed either. The ATG’s screen has a perfect horizontal viewing angle.

For those interested in how the semi-rugged ATG compares inside to the fully-rugged XFR, the picture below shows them side-by-side. Compared even to other semi-rugged laptops, the Dell Latitude E ATG leads the pack in terms of performance, durability, and battery life.

Lenovo’s top 2-in-1 perfected. Next we put some load on the ATG. There usually is a rigid magnesium or aluminum frame upon which the various components w6430 sub-components are mounted on. The E430 has soft rubber isolators on each side, adding further protection, and it’s externally accessible for quick removal upon undoing two small screws, something enterprises and government agencies increasingly demand for security reasons.

Standard 3-year next business day on-site service after remote diagnosis. HP’s tiny 2-in-1 ain’t perfect — but it’s getting close HP’s tiny 2-in-1 ain’t perfect — but it’s getting close by Lori Grunin.

And while glossy displays look wonderfully vibrant indoors, reflections can make them all but useless outdoors. Note, for example, f6430 some of the antenna wires have their own dedicated guides cast 6e430 into the magnesium chassis. But time hasn’t stood still, and by now outdoor-viewable displays are available from all of the major rugged laptop vendors.


So what differentiates the ATG model from a regular Latitudeand what makes it “all terrain grade?

Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: Dell Latitude E ATG

The Intel 3rd Generation Core i5 and i7 processors available in the ATG provide excellent performance as well as remarkable battery life, especially with the extended life 97 watt-hour battery that came with our test sample. Xtg XFR is heavier and sturdier and its inside is sealed, but the ATG benefits from many of the same ruggedness principles and the same meticulous execution. The system has a Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: It is a 9-cell affair that packed a full s6430 watt-hours and looked like another 3-cell extension had been grafted onto the also-available 60 watt-hour standard battery.

Manufacturers may have upgraded performance options since then. Samsung Notebook 9 E64330 for Even though the internal layout is complex, components such as RAM memory, WiFi ours had a Intel Centrino Ultimate-N half-cardGPS, and other wireless modules, w6430 well as the various antenna blocks, are easily accessible. Tablets by Joshua Goldman Dec 13, Some are offering screen brightness of up to 1, nits, and optical treatments are continually refined.

That’s a wider version of the x XGA standard still very common in vertical market custom software.