Author: Ray Fisman, Book: Ekonomikos gangsteriai: korupcija, smurtas ir valstybių skurdas () in PDF,EPUB. review 1: Pretty good read, found my mind. ekonomikos gangsteriai pdf July 17, [LHBC SUNDAY BIBLE CLASS: PHILIPPIANS 2: affirmed that in the person of Christ the human nature retains its. ekonomikos gangsteriai pdf Front cooking has great potential. Experience dining can pave the way for new sales opportunities in other sectors, where customers.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Economic Gangsters by Ray Fisman. Meet the economic gangster.

Viktorija Andraitytė

He’s the United Nations diplomat who double-parks his Mercedes on New York City streets at rush hour because the cops can’t touch him–he has diplomatic immunity. He’s the Chinese smuggler who dodges tariffs by magically transforming frozen chickens into frozen turkeys. The dictator, the warlord, the unscrupulous bureaucrat who bilks the develop Meet the economic gangster. The dictator, the gangseriai, the unscrupulous bureaucrat who bilks the developing world of billions in aid.

The calculating crook who views stealing and murder as just another part of his business strategy. And, in ekohomikos wrong set of circumstances, he might just be you. In Economic GangstersRaymond Fisman and Edward Miguel take readers into the secretive, chaotic, and brutal worlds inhabited by these lawless and violent thugs. Join these two sleuthing economists as they follow the foreign aid money trail into the grasping hands of corrupt governments and shady underworld characters.

Spend time with ingenious black marketeers as they game the international system. Follow the steep rise and fall of stock prices of companies with unseemly connections to Indonesia’s former dictator. See for yourself what rainfall has to do with witch killings in Tanzania–and more. Fisman and Miguel use economics to get inside the heads of these “gangsters,” and propose solutions that can make a difference to the world’s poor–including cash infusions to defuse violence in times of drought, and steering the World Bank away from aid programs most susceptible to corruption.

Take an entertaining walk on the dark side of global ekonomikps development with Economic Gangsters. Hardcoverpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Economic Gangstersplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. Feb 10, Nils rated it liked it Shelves: Written by a protege of Jeff Sachs, this book adopts a quasi-travelogue “you are there” approach to reporting on the economic underpinnings and implications of the various seemingly noneconomic challenges facing the poor in the Global South. It’s not really a book about development, so much as it us a book about global poverty, and it’s basic thesis is right there in the title: It’s a crypto-Marxist hermeneutic of suspicion — at bottom, the world’s evils are caused by base economic motives — repackaged as a set of micro-policy prescriptions rooted in a disconcertingly cheerful and sometimes almost sententious neoliberal nostrums e.

Not that the ultimate conclusions lack any merit, but the writing and analytic level appears designed for earnest and bright high school juniors. Jul 16, Vince rated it liked it. I might be a little unkind in my rating as I went into the book with high expectations, an internation freakonomics, and the book falls short. Some of the data is mis interperted. For example the writers go on how when Indonesia’s ruler was sick certain stocks went down.


They assumed that this meant that these companies were involved with corruption to a greater level than others.

That could be true or it could be that the markets just assume new leadership might make changes that would impact d I might be a little unkind in my rating as I went into the book with high expectations, an internation freakonomics, and the book falls short.

That could be true or it could be that the markets just assume new leadership might make changes that would impact different companies in different ways. For example a John McCain victory in this country would certainlly have been a boon to the military industrial complex.

However I am happy that I read it at this juncture in time after moving gahgsteriai Kenya, because it has many historical references about this country. The book makes a good case for the thesis that development is possible wherever governance is generally good and free of corruption.

It cites many examples about the effect of corruption in Asia and Africa and gives examples of places where development and change worked despite the scourges of poverty and war Vietnam and Botswana. Ekonomikkos are also many examples of failure, like Iraq. The authors also give some evidence that economic hardships may be one of the underlying reasons gangsterkai civil wars, witch killings and even genocide.

I found the history, the stories and the economic experiments fascinating. This book, however would be more useful as reading material, as it often cites numbers and statistics that I would like to see and ponder black and white. These are hard to grasp fully when listened to. Dec 15, Curt Buchmeier rated it liked it Gangsterai Pretty good read, found my mind wandering after about 5 pages or thereabouts so it took me awhile to get thru this one.

Tough subject; trying to scientifically measure corruption in various parts of the world. I commend the authors for a noble effort. Economists are not known for page-turners. I would recommend to others interested in social justice. However, the ‘solutions’ gangxteriai as unlikely as taking money out of the election process in the US. Jun 15, Ami Ekobomikos rated it liked it Recommends it for: This book gansgteriai useful to think about the economic incentives. Jun 20, M rated it liked it.

Coming from Kenya and reading this nine years after it was written, there’s still a direct variation between economic growth and the ‘Economic Gangsters’, both ekomomikos on the rise. Otherwise, it was a good read and insightful. Jun 09, Federico Romero rated it really liked it. It’s a ekoonmikos attempt of providing information about corruption and poverty. It throws interesting information and data. Dec 10, Chunchun rated it really liked ekononikos. Jul 17, Dylan Groves rated it it was ok.

Jan 23, Nicole added it. Fisman and Miguel aim to “As Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel explain at the beginning of their book, there are two main currents of thinking among those who opine on the wisdom of foreign aid: Fisman and Miguel aim to look at corruption and violence in developing countries to determine how prevalent such evils are, how they are caused, and how they can be prevented–and, therefore, what the best way, non-ideologically-speaking, of raising up poor nations might be.

No one reports the bribes he takes on his income tax returns. Gangsterriai Fisman and Miguel have to come up with creative means of measuring corruption of various types, and this is the most fun part of their book.

Economic Gangsters is completely accessible to the general reader, with virtually no economic jargon or concepts more difficult than “”incentives matter,”” but it perfectly captures the exciting, puzzle-solving nature of this kind of academic research. Without experimental data it’s very difficult to determine whether a particular program is actually effective or not or cost-effective or not.


Randomized trials, like those carried out for developing medicines, are rare in the field of poverty reduction.

Ekonomikos gangsteriai pdf

But sometimes they are carried out. For example, local democratic control of public works projects is often touted as an antidote to corruption and skimming of funds.

But in Indonesia a test was conducted to compare road building under local control, the thread of a federal audit, and no corruption prevention. Local control did little better than the control group, while those projects that were audited involved significantly less stolen money.

Unfortunately, large-scale economic experiments are often impossible and unethical, so some things can never be tested. But those interested in solutions that actually work should use what information they can. Economic Gangsters provides some of that information, and an interesting look at how to find it.

It also tells some great stories about the incentives economic gangsters respond to, the strange circumstances that sometimes create these incentives, and how governments and other groups can play with them to aim for better outcomes. Oct 07, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: The promo that got me was an interview with the charismatic authors who discussed how mimes were used in Columbia to curb traffic violations.

This is by far the most novel detail based on their central premise — and turned out to be like movie previews delivering the only funny lin Economic Gangsters by Raymond Fisman and Raymond Miguel pp. This is by far the most novel detail based on their central premise — and turned out to be like movie previews delivering the only funny line of the comedy.

There is a lot of interesting content. But you have to dig more than Gladwell or Levitt. Fisman and Miguel present a lot of tables and data that could be footnoted.

The narrative and the ideas should have be concise and memorable, but their writing style makes it too easy to drift before they can fully realize their point. They are clearly academics and not storytellers. But ekonomokos authors have covered gangs, prostitution and gamgsteriai and succeeded in making it compelling.

Their discussion of parking scofflaws in New Gagnsteriai international diplomats as a measure of political corruption is novel and worth reading. When the authors are actually ekonomikoz to frame complex problems in accessible and manageable chunks, the book works and can be thought provoking. The big questions that Fisman and Miguel tackle: With some more effort and looking beyond the scope of their personal research world, they may have mined better content by taking a similar approach as the book, Super Crunchers.

Fisman and Miguel barely ripple the surface of opportunity in the subject matter they explore. The issues presented by the authors are very important and deserve a bigger voice in the public consciousness.

Unfortunately, Economic Gangsters is a few dry bites in what could have been and needs to be a memorable multi-course meal. Apr 03, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: Their conclusions aren’t anything new and some of them are wrongheaded.