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Emma Goldman was born in Kovno, Russia and emigrated to live with a sister in Rochester, New York when she was fifteen.

From untilshe and her partner, Alexander Holdman, edited and published their own paper, Mother Earth. She wrote five books: In her writing and public speaking Goldman was a gadfly. Another of her bold statements still resonates today: Inshe and Berkman were deported to Russia where she was able to witness the aftermath of the Revolution.


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At odds with Bolshevik dictatorship, she left again in She was permitted to re-enter the United States on a speaking tour in Marriage to a Welshman gained her English citizenship, and she goldkan in London during the Spanish Civil War Goldman visited Spain several times during the conflict, where she sought refuge for women and children displaced by the war and spoke out against the forces of Fascism. She died in Toronto in and is buried in Emmw, not far from Haymarket Square.

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Emma Goldman

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