I did some research on Enshin Ryu, so if I got it right, it’s branched off of Kyokushin and added in more throws/grapplling. Is there anything else. If you guys are gonna go and “slap him silly” you better be prepared. In one of his episodes he is slapped around by wooden planks and it didnt. Koden Enshin Ryu is a school of swordsmanship that originated as Hyoho Kumiuchi Kenden Enshin Ryu, which was a combination of kenjutsu.

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Discussion in ‘ Karate ‘ started by Kenko EnsoJan 25, Log in or Sign up. I found these two dojos that are somewhat nearby and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with these two styles.

Is there anything else that makes it different from Kyokushin? Is there anything else different about it? Kenko EnsoJan 25, I trained in Enshin for a while and loved it. It has its’ own kata which are all based on the sparring movements of the style.

Koden Enshin Ryu Kenjutsu – days to 5th Dan

You practice them solo, against a partner holding pads and against a partner, so there is near seamless integration of kata to sparring. The sparring is knockdown, similar to Kyokushin, but allows grabs on one side of an opponent.


So you can’t grab both sides of the neck as in Muay Thai, but you can grab the left sleeve and left side of the neck dyu example. Throws, sweeps, trips etc are all allowed, along with knees, elbows and the usual punches and kicks.

Kuma can fill you in re Kyokushin sparring much better than I can.

Eshin up the Sabaki challenge on YouTube for some ideas. I’m sure it varies with senses as all styles do, and I was lucky with mine, but I was very impressed with Enshin. MitchJan 25, I think Mitch used to train Enshin from memory. No knowledge of ShinKyokushin through.

Fumon Tanaka – Wikipedia

Dan93Jan 25, Here’s an example of a kata, just the first one that popped up on YouTube. You can put an attacker in at all points with pads, so the student strikes and throws them. You can see that the grappling changes it’s nature from Kyokushin style quite a esnhin, but my sensei was former Kyokushin and his students competed under Kyokushin rules too.

Sounds like practical training! I really like that kata ru you posted. Are elbow and knee strikes common across karate? Or just certain styles? Fair enough, in any case, I’m convinced enough to take a serious look at the Enshin Ryu dojo. Really appreciate your input! Oh, I do have a question.


Questions about Enshin Ryu & Shinkyokushin Ryu

What is the reason that they only allow grabbing on one side of the opponent? On a geeky note, I originally heard and had an interest in Enshin Ryu because the character Ein, in the Dead or Alive fighting game series, was slated to use that style.

I wouldn’t want to say for sure, but Enshin is very big on moving to the blindspot to strike and circular movement in sparring.

I think the single side grab encourages this rather than a straight on front grab. That’s purely a theory though. That looked cool, and I don’t even like kata!

Koden Enshin Ryu Kenjutsu

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