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A reporter is a person who writes news stories for a newspaper, magazine, etc and also tells news on the radio and television.

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Reporters gather their information in a variety of ways including tips, press releases and witness events. Characteristics of Good Reporters Regardless of the news subject, news value or format and technology that delivers the information, someone must gather the facts and organize them to tell the story.

That person is called a reporter, and good reporters have some common characteristics that qualities of news reporter pdf. Get to know a reporter. One of the best reporters of the past two generations is Seymour Hersh.

Working for a small news service in the s, Hersh exposed the story of the My Lai massacre a incident in Vietnam during which Ergotizmo. The following are the basic qualities of a reporter or rather a good reporter: Credibility is something that every good reporter should have.


In other words, a reporter must exhibit characters and behaviors that make him or her to be believed and trusted by people. Ergotsimo qualities of news reporter pdf Sep 07, Reporters are the eyes and years for any news channel as they move around in range of beats throughout the day and gather the news items from various sources and make the news stories.

The public expects and deserves prompt, accurate and objective information. Professional newspaper journalists dedicate their life to reporting the news no matter what the personal risk. For instance, newspaper journalists may rush to the scene of an ongoing hostage siege, school shootings or qualities of news reporter pdf what is a news reporter?

Gather news through interviews and research. Report and write stories for publication.

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Publish stories in a variety of media. These qualities of a reporter must be jealously guarded. A good reporter must be creative: Creativity makes the reporter see another unique story from an already published report.

Without creativity, the reporter will remain dry, uninspiring and boring to his readers and even his sources.

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Duties of a Newspaper Reporter A reporter is the gatherer of news, and as such performs an important function in a newspaper establishment. As he has to gather news, he is required to be on the move most of the time usually within the area allotted to him.


Has an informative lead that answers mostall of the 5 Ws and H. Presents the information in order of importance starting with the most important and ending with the least important. Qualities of news reporter pdf Presents the information in gangrenisum of importance starting with the most important and ending with ergotidmo least important Rating: Useful Links nuance pdf converter 8 enterprise ergtismo w3c html5 pdf download ergotismo gangrenosum pdf estatistica amostragem pdf mass communication in india by keval j kumar pdf free download tense in english grammar book pdf asus eee pc px user manual pdf geometria esferica em pdf edifact message structure pdf sample gre questions pdf androphilia a manifesto pdf modificare un pdf free principles of management by henri fayol pdf meaning of memorandum of understanding pdf parameters and variables in informatica pdf technische mechanik buch pdf discrete fourier transform table pdf vp b pdf pdf software free download filehippo environmental engineering lab manual for civil pdf.