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It was established for the purpose of exploitation, terror, and persecution of local Polish Jewsas well as the staging area for separating the “able workers” from those who would later be deemed unworthy of life. Jews were ordered to report for forced labour beginning in September In November, all Jews twelve years or older were required to wear identifying armbands. Massive deportations of Jews from the city were ordered. All other Jews were ordered out of the city, to be resettled into surrounding rural areas of the Generalgouvernement.

Jewish monuments and tombstones from the cemetery. The ghetto was populated by approximately 16, Jews when it was first formed. On 28 Novemberthe area that encompassed the ghetto was reduced. Ghetto “A” and Ghetto “B. Meanwhile, 15, Jews were crammed into an area previously inhabited by 3, people who used to live in a district consisting of 30 streets, residential buildings, and 3, rooms. As a result, one apartment was allocated to every four Jewish families, and many less fortunate lived on the street.

The Ghetto was surrounded by the newly built walls that kept it separated from the rest of the city. In a grim foreshadowing of the near future, these walls contained brick panels in the shape of tombstones. All windows and doors that opened onto the ” Aryan ” side were ordered to be bricked up.

Only four guarded entrances allowed traffic to pass in or out. Small sections of the wall still remain today, one part is fitted with a memorial plaque, which reads “”Here they lived, suffered and perished at the hands of Hitler’s executioners.

From here they began their final journey to the death camps. The group carried out a variety of resistance activities including the bombing of the Cyganeria cafe — a gathering place of Nazi officers.

Kraków Ghetto – Wikipedia

Unlike in Warsawtheir efforts did not lead to a general uprising before the ghetto was liquidated. From 30 May onward, the Nazis began systematic deportations from the Ghetto to surrounding concentration camps. Jews were assembled on Zgody Square first and then escorted to the railway station in Prokocim. Those deemed unfit for work — some 2, Jews — were killed in the streets of the ghetto on those days with the use of ” Trawniki men ” police auxiliaries.

The scarce medications and tranquillizers supplied to the ghetto’s residents florei free florfk charge — apart from health-care considerations — contributed to their survival. Pankiewicz passed around hair dyes to Flore compelled to cross the ghetto walls illegally. In recognition of his heroic deeds in helping countless Jews in the Ghetto during the Holocausthe was bestowed the title of the Righteous among the Nations by Yad Vashem on February 10, Pankiewicz is the author of a book describing, among other events, the ghetto ericu.


Some of its functions included overseeing labor and welfare, conducting a census and taxing erivh population. Each day dragged on, consistently becoming harder and harder to tolerate and survive.

There was not much incentive for the Jewish individuals to live for. The mood was somber, spirits were low and majority of the Jews remained lifeless and hopeless. Finally, there was a ghetto pharmacy, which was a place where eroch could go to discuss problems, read underground eric official newspapers and learn the realities of what was happening and what atrocities they were living through.

Many of the musicians were forced to watch the murder of their families and flore, due to the Nazi’s insistence that the prisoner-musicians play music while the other prisoners were marched to the gas chambers. They ultimately planned for action against the Nazis. Initially, rather than aligning with either communist or Zionist groups, the Iskra Resistance group aimed solely at combating and destroying the Nazis.

Heszek Bauminger fought for the Polish army at the beginning of the war, and despite participating in the Social Zionist Hashomer Hatzair group, he moved his allegiances to communism.

Historians will argue that the youth movements involved had significant, but realistic aims. It is suggested that Nazi intentions were evident to the youth and they consequently decided to fight the Nazis vision, even though they knew success would be limited.

Institutional Feedback

Aligning with Hahalutz Halochem motivated Akiva to transition to armed resistance. It was one of a series of attacks in a retaliatory response to the implementation of mass deportations. Furthermore, three attacks were planned for Dec. The relative success of the Resistance groups was hindered by Julek Appel and Natek Waisman who betrayed the resistance.

Hahalutz Halochem was quickly subdued by the Nazis — due to Appel and Waisman — but better security protocols protected Iskra for a limited time. Lucien Steinberg, the author of Jews Against Hitler, argues that this communicates the attack’s significance to Hitler. Publicly the identity of the attacks perpetrators were not revealed and it was rumored to be flotek Polish Underground or the Soviets.

This reflected a concern, within Hahalutz Halochem, of Nazi retaliation against the ghetto if the Jews were implicated.

The goal of Zegota was to aid the Jews on a day to day basis — rather than aiming for an overall solution. In Zegotahistorians assert that Polish — Jewish relations were strong before the war, and Zegota became involved to strengthen the organically arising aid. Moreover, led by Stanislaw Dobrowolski, food, medicine, funds, and means for fporek were provided. This succeeded through the safeguard of the Jewish police. The scene, however, was constructed on the memories of Zelig Burkhut, erch of Plaszow and other work camps.


When being interviewed by Spielberg before the making for the film, Burkhut told of a young girl wearing a pink coat, no older than four, who was shot by a Nazi officer right before his eyes.

In an especially dramatic event, of Schindler’s workers were deported to the Auschwitz death camp despite his efforts, and he personally intervened to return them to him. Other notable people include Mordechai Gebirtigwho was one of the most influential and popular writers of Yiddish songs and poems.

He was shot there in The certified letter she sent to the Regional Military Court in Warsaw was thrown out, along with the plea for presidential mercy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Map of the Holocaust in Poland including death camps marked with skulls, and Nazi-era Ghettos marked with red-gold stars. Captive Jews, assembled for slave labor, sit on an open field surrounded by new barbed wire fence.

One of two preserved segments of Ghetto wall, with a memorial plaque egich typical ghetto home in the background.


Each steel chair represents 1, victims. Archived from the original on March 10, — via Internet Archive. Accessed 21 June The destruction of the European Jews Third ed. Florida State University Press. Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa. Third edition updated and rev ed. Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia in Polish.

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Choice and Survival During the Holocaust. The Fighters of the Cracow Ghetto.

Jewish Resistance Facts, Omissions, and Distortions. United States Holocaust Museum. The War of the Doomed. Translated by Blaustein, Orah. Poland’s Ghettos at War.

Kraków Ghetto

Translated by Hunter, Marion. Price – Patterson Ltd. From the Flames Miracles and Wonders of Survival. Retrieved May 25, Poetry from the Holocaust. Institute of National Remembrance.

Retrieved 9 April The Holocaust in Eeich. Action T4 Grossaktion Warsaw Human medical experiments. Perpetrators, participants, organizations, and collaborators. Judenrat, victims, documentation and technical. Aftermath, trials and commemoration.