products “essemtec expert price” search results in the NEW SMT Equipment. Fox – Compact Automatic Pick-and-Place System Essemtec Fox can have. Essemtec Expert-SAFP sold Essemtec Expert-SAFP Essemtec Expert- SAFP has been sold. Essemtec Expert-SAFP Next-day delivery! Buy SMD Assembly Machine for Fine-Pitch in the Distrelec Online Shop | We love electronics.

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Wildlife consistently shows us with breathtaking flexibility how nature can adapt itself to the many different demands of its environment; that is what inspires us! Essemtec AG is a privately owned company with its development and production site in Switzerland.

The product portfolio comprises of production equipment for electronic assembly and more.

EXPERT-FP – SMD Assembly Machine for Fine-Pitch – Essemtec

Our high tech solutions can be adjusted quickly and easily to meet wide ranging requirements; we are therefore able to respond to all manner essfmtec customer requests. SMD Placement of various components in real-time. Paste Dispensing and SMT assembly on molded lead frames.


High Speed Jetting of multiple fluids in one pass through. High aspect ration dam and fill in one single pass through.

Essemtec Expert Prototyping Pick and Place – IBE ID:

Jetting of various line widths and patterns with one setup. Jet Encapsulation of LED packages with phosphor silicone. Automatic SMD Storage and humidity control experf all reel sizes. Learn more about Essemtec’s LED assembly solutions.

Essemtec Expert-Line

Essemtec believes espert the real boss of our company is you, the customer. We strive to earn your confidence with our quality work and constant support on all levels.

Additionally, we work together with 30 top distributors. Essemtec products are fully expandable in any direction. Our versatile equipment is designed for small engineering offices as well as multinational companies; it grows with you.

Top notch service support integrated with state of the art on-line support. Cutting edge engineering support, to help you to design your high quality processes. SMD equipment; Swiss financed, designed, developed and produced essentec quality in mind.


The principle in sensor technology is to pack more and more intelligence in spaces that become progressively smaller. Balluff is a market leader in Fully Integrated Line Solution.

We care for you Essemtec believes that the real boss of our company is you, the customer.

Always here for you Top notch service support integrated with state of the art on-line support. Essemtec wishes you a merry christmas and all the best for Get in Touch with us.