Telekom Eumex (8xa/b +TFE Anschluss) – ISDN Telefon Anlage mit USB Elmeg analog Modul 8a/b V.1 Eumex T-Concept XI C46xe C88m. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Clamping Stone, Terminal Block, Terminal for eumex , v, , Elmeg serielles Programmier + Daten Kabel für Elmeg C CS T§Deutsche Telekom T-Eumex PC SE The Communications Read more about external, eumex, dialling, T-BERD Communications Analyzer.

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I know somone did this thread quite early in the year, but I know most of your systems aren’t going to be the same by now, so lets post our eumwx system stats. Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Come one show off the awsomeness or not of your box. I eumwx it hooked up to both my computer and my server with a built in switch. Some pretty nice Harmon-Kardon speakers. I’ve got win98 running on it, works great. Wishing to Santa for a pair of new 75GXP hard drives and a nice new sound card.

Finished it about 1 month ago. I’m realy proud of this box, all components have been very carefully chosen this time.

PIII 1. Matrox G 32MB dual-head Soundcard: Diamond Fireport 40 old, but it does the job NIC: Just responding since I finished a mni-mod today: I have a couple additional knick-knacks hooked up to this machine, and right now it’s where I’m playing Combat Flight Simulator 2, Need For Speed: I say loudly for emphasis: But really, I put this up ’cause I saw a few other people housing their lovin’ in the InWin Q, which I just moved Station 2 into today.

I like this enclosure even better than Station One’s SuperMicro SC tower, despite the fact that it came out two years ago. It’s the roomiest case I’ve ever worked in and provides easy access providing you leave off the panel screws. I think I did pretty good for a first timer: Not much to lose if I do get pizza sauce in the KB or hand lotion on the mouse.

Unfortunately, some of this is sitting at the UPS warehouse right now, but I can’t wait to piece it together! My box which I cant even think of anything else I need to buy for it: KDS Trinitron 17 in. Altec Lansing ACS As my box currently stands.


Adaptec 2nd IDE: Generic keyboard and floppy Modem: All running flawlessly on Windows Pro SP1. But I’m too poor at the moment to dwell on it too much. Added some stuff as I’m being a ‘tard today.

Things that I may get next as interim upgrades: Well, I never posted in one of these threads before, because, frankly, my box sucked. Now, though, I think I have a few bragging rights.

türsprechstelle collection on eBay!

Voltage is only 1. HW 56k modem For emergencies, and, eventually, to make my computer my answering machine. Creative Dxr2 decoder Hardly used anymore. Genuis wireless mouse I don’t use it all the time, because it eumdx batteries. A very nice and solid HP keyboard from a Pavillion. Logitech QuickCam Express Not exactly high-end, but does the job nicely for the price.

Dual-booting 9x and 2k. Using 2k almost exclusively. In the future, I see a few upgrades, not the least of which is a real vidcard. I’m sure it will be one nVidia flavor or another, unless Matrox gets that G out before I make a purchase. I’m not really in eumexx hurry to upgrade it, since I don’t really game that much, and besides, you’d be surprised how decent a G is when you’ve got MHz of CPU. What I’m really looking forward to getting, though, is a WinTV card.

I intend to give this box TiVo functionality.

Well, with this card and PowerVCR2, that won’t be a problem anymore. This purchase will also necessitate more HDD space. However, rather than adding more drives to this box, I’m going to use this old VX board, p, RAM, El Crapo 5-year-old Trident vidcard and case I’ve got lying around, and build a storage box, to be networked to.

This second box won’t even have its own monitor, mouse, or KB. It’ll just sit there being a server. I didn’t realize how many I was putting in there.

My main workstation, and all the rest of the crap hooked up to it: Win2K Pro, my alternative and in my case, mostly toy OS. My system is not bad considering i’m wumex 15 years old.


Lucent LT Hard Drive: Microsoft Internet Keyboard Monitor: Lexmark Z11 Ok its the cheapest of the cheapest but I dont print much anyway How the hell did I afford this at my age? Sell your old parts for more than the new ones cost. Thats what I call upgrading: DVDrom floppy why not? Overall system performance rocks though.

That does not include my Mom’s or Dad’s computers Anyone care to send me leftover parts? I’m blazin’ along with a PMMX!

How Bitchin is your box Part II.

This is definately the best Xmas present I’ve gotten. So it ain’t purty, it smells kinda funny, but it screams! Runs at but overheats due ot crap heatsink. Abit KA7 Athlon Classic x 7. I’m leaving my old P with 96 megs of memory andd 8gig harddrive for my wife I can’t wait to put it togethor. Here’s my main box, to much space to list the other 4 desktops and 2 laptops: Heh, I just can’t pass up an opportunity to show off my system however humble it may beso here it is It started out as a P originally.

Not a single part from the old system still remains though not even the case. Ahh, the life of a Buildaholic. How Bitchin is your box Part II. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. DLoken Ars Praefectus Tribus: Jan 25, Posts: Fri Dec 22, Aug 17, Posts: Sat Dec 23, 3: Maniac Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: May 15, Posts: Sat Dec 23, 4: Aug 22, Posts: Aug 3, Posts: Sat Dec 23, 8: Sep 17, Posts: Sat Dec 23, Belmont Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Feb 25, Posts: Sat Dec 23, 6: Oct 12, Posts: Sun Dec 24, Nov 24, Posts: Sun Dec 24, 1: Todd Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: