If the interface pack doesn’t start downloading automatically in a few seconds, To use Flowol 3 with the Fischertechnik Robo interface, first install Flowol 3 from . This Fischertechnik ROBO Interface kit includes the usual motor outputs and digital inputs, plus two each of analog inputs for measuring resistance and volta. Find great deals for fischertechnik Fischer Technik Robo Interface Power Supply Nr. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Share buttons are a little bit lower. Published by Joanna Thurber Modified over 4 years ago. The first step when setting up and troubleshooting is to check to see that the Connection bar turns green and says running.

Next check to see if the port is actually working by plugging in another device. The Test Interface window provides several options for controlling the output and checking the status of the inputs. Outputs can be tested to see if they are connected at the correct speed or intensity and running in the proper direction.

Analog input values are displayed in the AX and AY boxes. This is where different types of sensors can be connected.

There are digital and analog sensors. You set the universal inputs depending on the type of sensor you would like to connect.

Digital sensors can only assume the states 0 and 1, or Yes and No. By default, both universal inputs are set to the input type Digital 5kOhm. Switches mini pushbutton-switchesas well as phototransistors light sensors or reed-switches magnetic sensorscan be connected to these digital inputs. You can check the functioning of these inputs by connecting a switch to the Interface, e. As soon as you press the button, a check-mark appears in the display of I1.


If you have connected the switch the other way around fischerechnik 1 and 2the check-mark will appear immediately and disappear when you press the button. Counter inputs C1-C4 These inputs allow you to count fast pulses with frequencies of up to pulses per second.

You can also use them as digital inputs for switches. This allows you, for example, to let a robot travel a specific distance. This is where what are called actuators are connected. These can be, e.

The 4 motor outputs can be controlled in speed and in direction. Speed is controlled using the slide control. You can choose between a coarse resolution with 8 different steps of speed or a fine resolution with steps.

The program elements in levels 1 and 2 only use the coarse resolution, but starting with level ribo, there are elements which allow you to use the fine resolution. The speed is displayed next to the slider control as a number. If you would like to test an output, you connect a motor to an output, e. Lamp outputs O1—O8 Each motor output can alternatively be used as a pair of individual outputs.

These can be used to control not only lamps, but also motors which only need to move in one direction e. If you would like to test one intetface these outputs, you connect one inferface contact to the output, e. You connect the other lamp contact with one of the ground sockets. They are located on the left-hand side of the screen. The image of the function block can be changed from a motor to an electromagnet, lamp, solenoid, or buzzer to match the physical component that it controls.


O1-O8 outputs only work in one direction. Unlike motor output, lamp outputs only take up one connection pin. With lamp outputs, you can control 8 outputs separately. This will be especially helpful during the simulated factory project. Multiple wires can be piggybacked in the ground socket. A time step can be set for seconds, minutes, or hours.


A digital input can only have one of two states, 0 or 1. Digital Inputs connect to I1-I8 on the interface. Notice the red side of the sensor. It plugs into the positive side of the Interface box.

Point out that the positive side of the interface box is the outside. Notice there are three holes on a switch. One wire always connects to the hole in the middle. The other wire goes in 3 for a normally open circuit, or 2 for a normally closed circuit.

Students should have switches that they can look at to see the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on them.

Download Fischertechnik Robo Interface Pack

The sequence will occur 10 times before the program ends. You can branch to the Yes Y or No N exit based upon the comparison. Set the condition and enter a comparison value. When it is, the light is turned off and the program ends. The Light function blocks display the analog value on your screen while the program is running. Vex Robotics Introduction to Sensors.

It introduces simple concepts in intrface design of interactive physical computing systems such. Records voltage, current, or circuit closing Environmental variables must be converted to electronic signal. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password? About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

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