A Fannie Mae. Request for Verification of Employment. L = YY:: Privacy Act Notice: This information is to be used by the agency collecting it or its . This free mortgage training video discusses goal of obtaining verbal verification of employment, requirements on employment income and. package Legal forms: FNMA (loan application) FNMA (appraisal) FNMA (VOE-Verification of Employment) FNMA (VOD-Verification of.

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Income verification is not typically requested.

System Notification

Internet templates for pay stubs, high-quality printers, and payroll software programs are simple technologies available for fraudsters to present realistic looking proof of income and employment to originators.

Additionally, providers who rely on an automated database do not typically embrace a manual verification process with fnmma satisfying customer service experience to support the demand. As a result, the primary model used by most originators today for most applicants will no longer work if you desire the benefits of D1C.


We go beyond the expected in delivering quality manual processes with an experienced customer support and operations team who measure the success or failure of each process. Vof in years past.

Red Flag identification training throughout the organization must be robust and consistent in its vor to each loan. Take it one step further to enhance accuracy– the employer data is captured and validated into a contact database, pinged for each future verification, and regularly updated thereafter.

Internal policy makers must craft intuitive procedures to manage data quality, including steps to mitigate and document errors or potential fraud by an appropriate team member.

Verification of employment has evolved considerably in recent years. For example, a regional lender originating in 5 surrounding states could institute a database objective to capture employer information that indicates whether the employer participates in a database verification service.

Steps to enhance the accuracy of information. We welcome your feedback to continue enhancing our service offering and customer support.


These are the steps a quality third party service provider can perform for you, providing an accurate report on your lending footprint and the employers in your area. Given this information, the VOE process in any organization could be at risk. Employment and income misrepresentation has always been a driver of fraud in mortgage lending.

With the advent of D1C, lenders now have an opportunity to fully embrace independent verifications and use the corresponding data to enhance their lending footprint and increase the quality of their loans.