At Lomography, we absolutely love creative photography. Join our community, share your photos and read the latest photography tips and features. Der Fomapan ist auch als Mittelformatfilm erhältlich. you might want to try the Lomography Redscale XR , a 35mm art film for you. Fomapan Creative from Foma is a panchromatic black and white negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO /24°. Its wide exposure latitude permits.

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Fomapan is known for being cheap, and I was curious to see whether this was for a reason, or whether this would be my next film of choice. With winter still in full force here in the UK, the weather was once again grey, overcast and not very pleasant, so I chose two rolls of Fomapan for my shoot, as the weather promised some sun later on in the day. I acquired the same model last year and have to tell you that this is the best meter I have ever use.

Well worth the investment! The spot meter made sense to make my life a little easier. Fortunately, the resulting shots were much better exposed than before, so I am extra pleased with the decision. Feeling uninspired, and with a new spot meter to try, my first strategy was to head to my beach of choice, Cromer, to see if there was anything there I could shoot.

I often tend to find something good there when I am feeling uninspired.

CCR:FRB – Review 14 – Fomapan 200

The tide was in, and there was a biting wind coming in from the North that was well below freezing. So in the biting cold I just about managed to unwrap the first roll of Fomapan with my frozen fingers and loaded it into the camera. Having not used Fomapan before I took this to be the starting arrows that I had to align on the film.

I looked at fomxpan spool at the bottom and there were no signs of an arrow. There is an arrow, but much, much further down on the backing paper. This still frustrates me, even after my shoot, as I cannot see the logic in Fomapan putting the word START so far away from the arrows.


FOMAPAN 200 Creative

How hard can it be to move it further down the backing paper?! I know this is my own fomaoan fault, but surely you would consider first time users when designing this sort of thing? Both rolls were shot on the same day at box speed, using my Yashica MatG.

By the time I got home, I was a little pressed for time, so both rolls were developed in the same tank, at the same time. The films were agitated five times every minute. Development went fine in fomapzn same tank another first for me. For those who are not aware I had already read thisFomapan comes out a bright colour when you throw away the developer.

Mine was a rather intense shade of fluorescent green. I dried the film in the usual conditions, yet when I cut it into strips for scanning, the film curled…a lot. Even 24 hours under some very heavy books did very little to fix the curl. Despite this, I managed to scan the film fine, unlike my previous articlewhere I ran into issues with the Tri-X. Here are a couple of shots from the first roll.

Finding film part 3: Czeching out Fomapan « EMULSIVE

Still, some of the images turned out OK, with good tonality, deep blacks and smooth whites. I do like the contrast in this shot, even if compositionally it is far from my best work. Some of the shots on this roll had huge marks on them seen on the cropped images above.

These must have been there from the factory, as many of the others turned out fine. Fortunately, roll 2 did not turn out as bad, so I am presuming this was a case of a bad roll. Following my frozen adventure at the beach, I headed home, stopping off at a woodland not too far from my house. At this stage I was feeling a little more inspired, and there is always something to shoot there, so I figured this would be a good contrast to the coast earlier in the day. At this point the sun had come out, and was starting to poke through the trees.

Similar to the earlier roll, there were some shots with good tonality, excellent blacks and smooth whites. Some of the other shots on the roll came out well, with a much better success rate than roll 1. There were no marks on any of the frames from roll two, which leads me to think roll 1 must have been a bad example. Out of the 22 shots I ended up with, this last one is my favourite from the day.


I love the contrast and detail in the shot, and am generally pleased with how it turned out. I still love Rodinal as a developer, and developing both films in the same tank at the same time was a massive time saver.

Some shots would turn out fine, and others would look awful. There was a lot of film curl, and the confusing start line was unacceptable. Will I shoot Fomapan again? Yes, because I still have 4 more rolls of it. I would much rather my film was predictable, safe and I knew what I was going to get at the end.

Based on this experience with Fomapan this is definitely not the case. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

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Consider using a quick dip in Kodak Photo-Flo, or other wetting solution as the last step in processing after the wash. Prevents water spots and helps curling with some films.

Foma Fomapan Creative Black and White Negative Film

Have shot Fomapan 20 a lot, never had this issue. Rodinal is definitely not recommended for it though. Ilfotec HC is pretty good, Xtol even better. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. About Submit Contact Sitemap. Build a photography website in …what you need to….

I am Ezequiel Grimaldi and this is why I…. I am Lee Gavin and this is fonapan. I am Maxime Evangelista and this is why…. All format 35mm format 65mm format Large format Medium format. Home Articles Finding film part 3: What a coincidence, me uploading some Fomapan shots now.

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