Objetivo. El propósito de este trabajo es comparar el resultado final entre pacientes con fractura de olécranon asociada a fractura de cabeza de radio y. Olecranon fractures can be complex injuries presenting the treating physician with a wide array of surgical and non-surgical options. Olecranon fractures are clinically and radiographically obvious, and usually require open reduction and internal fixation. Mechanism Olecranon fractures occur.

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Olecranon fracture

Thank you for rating! Please vote below and help us build the most advanced adaptive learning platform in medicine. He has pain and swelling at the elbow without evidence of instability.

Which of the following treatment options has a low risk of complications and a high likelihood of a functional elbow outcome? What surgical treatment is recommended for this fracture?

Olecranon fracture | Radiology Reference Article |

Radiographs are shown in Figures A and B. Which treatment modality will optimize internal stability of the elbow? Protrusion of Kirschner wire fixation through the volar cortex of the proximal ulna.


What is the most common complication for this type of fixation?

Olecranon Fracture

A radiograph is provided in Figure A. Which of the following is the best treatment? Fixation of an olecranon osteotomy used for distal humerus surgery in a year-old male. Severely comminuted proximal olecranon fracture in an osteoporotic year-old female. Which of the following represents the most appropriate surgical treatment? He is subsequently treated as olecrxnon in Figure B. When utilizing this technique, what forces are generated at the articular surface?

Olrcranon would like to create a post to discuss the pros and cons of Tension Band Example of internal fixation for a comminuted olecranon fracture. HPI – Fall from bicycle onto elbow. HPI – case of capitellar trochlear fracture operated orif 2 weeks ago thru olecranon osteotmy.

What would be your next step in managment? American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons. Please vote below and help us build the most advanced adaptive learning platform in medicine The complexity of this topic is appropriate for?


Clinical Practice Guidelines : Olecranon fracture – Emergency Department

L6 – years in practice. L7 – years in practice.

L8 – 10 years in practice. How important is this topic for board examinations? How important is this topic for clinical practice?

Core Tested Community All. Outcomes of Tension Band Wiring vs. How I treated, Olecranon gustilo type I Open fracture. Olecranon fracture fixation with plate and screws Trauma – Olecranon Fractures – Surgical Techniques Example of internal fixation for a comminuted olecranon fracture.

Please login to add comment. Nondisplaced – Displacement does not increase with elbow flexion. Intra-articular fractures of both the radial head and olecranon. Symptoms pain well localized to posterior elbow Physical exam palpable defect indicates displaced fracture or severe comminution inability to extend elbow indicates discontinuity of triceps extensor mechanism.