Fresenius Renal Technologies offers a wide range of biocompatible, polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types. Proven. Hollow Fiber Dialyzer. GENERAL INFORMATION. Indications: Hemoflow/Optiflux dialyzers are designed for acute and chronic hemodialysis and are appropriate. The FX-class® dialysers are sterilised by the unique. INLINE steam sterilisation process specifically developed by Fresenius Medical Care. During the INLINE.

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FX dialyzers – Fresenius Medical Care

The medical device and therapy related information on this website is aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals. By clicking on the button “Accepted and Confirmed” you assure that you have taken note of this information and that you are a healthcare professional. The fibre bundle geometry, the membrane nanostructure, the flow port and the housing design all provide advantages in terms of performance, hemodynamics, dialyzate flow, as well as safety and handling. Nano-controlled membrane spinning technology: Regulation of pore size, distribution and morphology of a new polysulfone dialysis membrane.


In Hemodialysis Technology eds: Contributions to Nephrology, Vol. Does nanotechnology apply to dialysis?

Attention The medical device and therapy related information on this website is aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals. Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all Asia Pacific countries.

Dialyzers for hemodialysis – Fresenius Medical Care

FX high-flux and FX low-flux dialyzers. Improved design and refined hemodynamics The lateral blood-inlet port provides a homogenous blood-flow path, avoiding low velocity stagnation zones in the header region The risk of accidental kinking of bloodlines is very low.

Lateral blood-inlet ports provide a homogenous blood-flow path. Radial dialyzate flow The pinnacle structure of the polypropylene housing ensures a uniform dialyzate flow around the entire fiber bundle A high packing density of the fiber bundle and a special wavy fiber structure to avoid dialyzate channeling Combined these features enable the constant performance of all FX dialyzers.

Dialyzer weight Dialyzer dislyzers is a crucial factor not only in logistics but also in waste management The housing of FX dialyzers is made of polypropylene.

In comparison to the widely used polycarbonate it is much lighter The result: FX dialyzers weigh around half as much as most dialyzers. More even distribution of pores Estimated increased average pore size of 1.


FX CorDiax

NCS TM results in optimized pore size distribution and larger average pore size. The dialyzer is rinsed with sterile water Every dialyzer is tested for fiber integrity using a bubble-point test The dialyzers are dried with warm, sterile air Finally, after drying the blood inlet and outlet ports are closed.

Highly pure, sterile and pyrogen-free dialyzers without any potentially harmful residuals from sterilization Biocompatibility of membranes remains unaffected from sterilization Optimized use of resources due to low rinsing volumes: All dialyzers have to pass the bubble point test as part of the INLINE steam sterilization process Sterile air is pressed into the dialyzate compartment while the blood compartment contains sterile water If any leakages were present in the membrane, air would pass through the membrane and create bubbles Dialyzers failing the integrity test are discarded This integrity test minimizes the risk of fibre ruptures and the risk of blood leakages.

FX CorDiax dialyzers Designed to dialyze.