The essential guitar patterns that all the pros know and use! Play lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key. Play a variety of lead guitar styles. Fred Sokolow – Fretboard Roadmaps Rock Guitar – – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Fred Sokolow – Fretboard Roadmaps Rock Guitar – The essential guitar patterns that all the pros know and use. CD includes 39 full- demo tracks. Play lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key. Play a .

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Donate Register Login Main Site. Book – Fretboard Roadmaps, by Fred Sokolow.

Published by Hal Leonard. This book is part of a series of Fretboard Roadmaps books, all written by Fred Sokolow. As I bought the book from Amazon, I did not see it before it arrived in the mail.

Fretboard Roadmaps for the Beginning Guitarist, Guitar Educational – Hal Leonard Online

Having had the book for more than a year I can say it has not been much use to me. It is the first book in the series following Fred Sokolow’s guitar method, and I found it to be a bit of a let down. Well, maybe I thought that was a lot to expect, but I did hope that the book would help me to find my way around the fretboard at least.


Nothing of the kind. I do not see a well thought out method in this book at all. It seems to be a hodge podge of tips and tricks that the author has picked up during his career rooadmaps a musician.

He may be a good musician for all I know, I have never heard him, but he is not up to much as a teacher. I would be willing to follow up this review with a chapter listing from the book, and a short synopsis of the chapters, if fretoard feels they would benefit from further information. This is just a short review for now, and I will see if there is any need for follow up before I write more.

Fretboard Roadmaps Rock Guitar (Guitar Tablature)

In short this book would be confusing for beginners, as there is not a clear structure to the system it describes, and some of the information is just plain wrong. More experienced guitarists would probably know most of the practical theory in this book already, so I don’t see the book as being of much use to either beginning or more advanced guitarists.


I am trying to be kind and find something worthwhile in the book, just leafing through it right now, but there is nothing of note. In my experience the best method to follow is to learn all the notes on the fretboard, learn the major scales using the CAGED method, and then go on from there.

Book – Fretboard Roadmaps, by Fred Sokolow.

The method in this book is just confusing and a bit of a gimmick. Ragz Stadium Superstar Posts: You can go to amazon and look inside the book: Ragz on May 04, It looks like everything else i’ve bought pretty much covered what this one tries to cover. But the others were much more frtboard and held a lot more use for me.

I seen this book and was a little weary about it’s content. It definately pays to check out a books content if possible and I think books that allow this is a great idea. Page created in 0.