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Groo was one of the first widely successful creator-owned comics, one of the few successful humorous comic books in the United States outside Archie Comics during its time, and one of the longest-running collaborations grpo comic book history.

Groo the epithet “the Wanderer” is informal and rarely mentioned within the stories first appeared as a parody of the brutal sword and sorcery heroes who were popular at the time of his creation in the s, especially Conan the Barbarian as presented in Marvel Comics. Groo is a large-nosed buffoon of unsurpassed stupidity who constantly misunderstands his surroundings.

Possessed of superlative skills in swordsmanship the only task at which he is remotely competent he delights in combat but otherwise is a peaceable and honest fellow who tries to make his way through life as a mercenary or by working odd jobs. He is incredibly accident-prone, and despite generally good intentions causes mass destruction wherever he goes. Most of his adventures end with him either oblivious to the mayhem he has wrought or fleeing an angry mob.

His penchant for destruction has become so widely known that just the news of Groo approaching is sometimes enough to cause chaos among the population. Groo occasionally meets with respect and good fortune, but it does not last.

Businesses, towns, civilizations and cultures have all been unwittingly destroyed by Groo. Such is Groo’s incompetence that so much as his stepping onto a ship can cause it to sink. Groo has slain entire armies with nothing more than his swords, which appear to be a pair of katanas.

Groo the Wanderer – Wikipedia

Groo loves these frays, as wnaderer calls them, and often charges into the melee with a cry of “Now Groo does what Groo does best! Even when Groo does join battle intending to fight for a particular side, he is prone to forget which side he is on or be tricked into fighting his unfortunate allies, often causing him to utter “Did I err? Groo’s adventures take place in an environment that generally resembles Medieval Europe, although his travels have also taken him to places that resemble AfricaIndonesiaJapanthe Middle Eastand elsewhere.


In addition to regular flora and fauna, dragons and other legendary creatures occasionally appear, and several cultures use dinosaur -like creatures as beasts of burden.

Over the years, Groo has also encountered several “non-human” cultures such as the Kalelis and the Drazil. The currency in Groo’s world is usually the Kopin. Although many technologies and peoples in Groo appear ancient, more modern innovations such as the printing press can be found as well. Evanier also answers the letters page, something he takes special pride in, since the practice in mainstream comics is to pass this task off to low-level assistants, something he did not know when his own teenage fan letters were published.

Evanier tbe Sakai are also the role models for the characters Weaver and Scribe. Starting with issue 87 of Marvel’s ongoing Groo series issues of Wamderer ended with a wordless one page gag involving Groo’s dog Rufferto. In one instance Groo issue 9 from Image comics Rufferto’s brother Arfetto replaced Rufferto as the star of the backup story. A few months later, Groo appeared in a two-page preview ad and the back cover art in Starslayer 4, published by Pacific Comics. The second Groo story appearance was in a five-page back-up story in Starslayer 5.

Groo the Wanderer

Pacific faced various financial difficulties and was only able to publish eight issues of the title. With Pacific unable to publish new material, a one-shot issue of material that wnaderer originally written for them titled the Groo Special was instead published by Eclipse.

When Groo was published by Pacific, he was not portrayed as a bumbling idiot. In fact, one issue had him use his brains to create sophisticated traps and his speech was similar to Conan the Barbarian ‘s. This resulted in the longest run of Groo the Wanderer with issues. Inwith Marvel facing financial difficulties, the title switched to Image Comics [4] and was retitled Groo. In the first issue Groo remarks “The marvels of the world are but images before me. When Image in turn faced legal problems after publishing twelve issues, the title switched to Dark Horse Comics in Dark Horse is not publishing the title as a regular series, but is periodically releasing new material and reprints as miniseries and collections.


The parody was a pun on her name adding one letter-an ‘o’. The comic protagonist of the same name has also received positive reviews.

Tthe ranked him as the th greatest comic book character of all time [14] while IGN ranked Groo as the th greatest comic book hero of all time stating that “while he may not be the brightest bulb on the battlefield, Groo is an earnest and kind-hearted adventurer whose travels are never short on laughs and adventure.

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Groo the Wanderer Vol 1

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