Light creases to the front cover. Book 16 of the Gor series. Rediscover this brilliantly imagined world where men are masters and women live to serve their every desire. Guardsman of Gor is the 16th. Read Guardsman of Gor by John Norman by John Norman by John Norman for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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The series is inspired particularly by the Barsoom series and Almuricbut is also known for its content combining philosophyerotica and science fantasy.

The series is known for its repeated depiction of sexual fantasies involving men abducting and physically and sexually brutalizing women, who grow to enjoy their submissive state. According to The Encyclopedia of Science FictionNorman’s “sexual philosophy” is “widely detested”, [1] but the books have inspired a Gorean subculture. In an interview with the speculative fiction anthology Polygraff[3] John Norman spoke at length about the creation of the Gor universe and his influences.

Speculation on such a world, you see, is ancient. One of the premises of the Gorean series is that a race of aliens, whom we might speak of as the Priest-Kings, have a technology at their disposal compared to which ours would be something like that in the Bronze Age.

Interestingly, however obvious this influence might be, few, if any, critics, commentators, or such, have called attention to it. In the same interview, he said “one of the pleasures of writing science fiction is the development of, and characterization of, alien life forms”.

Gor is described as a habitable planet guardxman the Solar System that shares the same orbit as Earthguadrsman it is linearly opposed to Earth and consequently always hidden by the Sunmaking direct observation of it from Earth impossible. The flora, fauna and customs of Gor are intricately detailed. Norman populates his planet with the equivalents of RomanGreekNative AmericanViking and other cultures.

In the novels, these various population groups are transplants from Earth guardssman there by space-craft through the behind-the-scenes rulers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, an extraterrestrial species of insectoid appearance. The Gorean humans are permitted advanced architectural, agricultural and medical skills including life extensionbut are forced to remain primitive in the fields of transportation, communication and weaponry at approximately the level of Classical Mediterranean civilization due to restrictions on technology imposed by the Priest-Kings.

The most advanced form of transportation is the riding of large predatory birds called tarns by masterful men known as tarnsmen. The limitation of technology is imposed to ensure the safety of both the Priest-Kings and the other indigenous and transplanted beings on Gor, who would otherwise possibly come to harm due to humans’ belligerent tendencies.

The planet Gor has lower gravity than guarfsman Earth which allows for the existence of large flying creatures, and tall towers connected by aerial bridges in the vor and would have an even lower gravity if not for the technology of the Priest-Kings.

The known geography of Gor consists mainly of the western seaboard of a continent that runs from the Arctic in the north to south of the equator, with the Thassa ocean to the west, and the Voltai mountain range forming an eastern boundary at many latitudes. There are also offshore islands in the ocean and some gog sparsely settled plains to the east of the Voltai.


The word “Gor” itself means guardsmsn stone” in the Gorean language, the native language of the “northern civilized cities of known Gor” which resemble ancient Greco-Roman city-states in many respectsand a widely guardeman lingua franca in many other areas.

Most of the novels in the series are action and sexual adventures, with many of the military engagements borrowing liberally from historic ones, such as the trireme battles of ancient Greece and the castle sieges of medieval Europe. Ar, the largest city in known Gor, has resemblances to the ancient city of Romeand its land empire is opposed by the sea-power god the island of Cos.

The series is an overlapping of planetary romance and sword and planet. The first book, Tarnsman of Goropens with scenes reminiscent of scenes in the first book of the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs ; both feature the protagonist narrating his adventures after being transported to another world.

These parallels end after the first few books, when the stories of the books begin to be structured along a loose plot arc involving the struggles of the city-state of Ar and the island of Cos to control the Vosk river area, as well as the struggles at a higher level between the non-human Priest-Kings and Kurii another alien race to control the solar system. Most of the books are narrated by transplanted British professor Tarl Cabotmaster swordsman, as he engages in adventures involving Priest-Kings, Kurii, and humans.

Books 7, 11, 19, 22, 26, 27, 31, 34 and parts of 32 are narrated by abducted Earth women who are made slaves.

Books 14, 15, and 16 are narrated by male abductee Jason Marshall. Book 28 is narrated by an unknown Kur, but features Tarl Cabot.

Book 30 and parts of 32 are narrated by three Gorean men: The series features several sentient alien races. The most important to the books are the insectoid Ghardsman and the huge sharp-clawed predatory Kurii, both space-farers from foreign star systems. The Priest-Kings rule Gor as disinterested custodians, leaving humans to their own affairs as long as they abide by certain restrictions on technology.

Guardsman of Gor

The Kurii are an aggressive, invasive race with advanced technology but less so than that of the Priest-Kings who wish to colonize both Gor and Earth. The power of the Priest-Kings is diminished after the “Nest War” described in the third book and the Priest-Kings and Kurii struggle against each other via their respective human agents and spies. Early entries in the series were plot-driven space opera adventures, but later entries grew more philosophical and sexual. Many gpr run the course of gro books and tie back to the main plot in later books.

Some of these plots begin in the first book, but most are underway in the first ten books. DAW Bookswhich published giardsman Gor series from the 8th volume Hunters of Gor through the 25th volume Magicians of Gorsubsequently decided to cease publication of the books, citing low sales; [8] Norman attributes the decision to feminist influences, saying in Tarnsman of Gor was published in late It has been reprinted 22 times I have recently signed contracts for fresh Goor and German sales, and have recently been published for the first time in Czechoslovakia.


There have been recent Spanish and Italian sales. There’s no evidence that my books no longer sell The first book, The Chieftainhad a tuardsman percent sell-through. The second, The Captainhad a 91 percent sell-through, which guardsamn the sort of thing that would make Stephen King rush over to shake your hand Brian Thomsen, my Warner editor for the Telnarian series That new editor canceled the series despite its success and without waiting to see how the third book, The Kingwould do.

Guardsman of Gor

That way things are made nicely clear With such a group, a blacklist need not be an explicit, formal written or oral agreement subscribed to by a gathered cabal pledged to secrecy. It is an understanding that a certain individual is to be ostracized, excluded, methodologically overlooked or such. All of John Norman’s books are now published by E-Reads as ebooks and print copies.

A gjardsman of Gor books’ first glr. Narrators other than Tarl Cabot are named after the off. Two films have been made, Gor [11] and Outlaw of Gor [12] also known as Outlaw. While not officially connected to John Norman’s work, Fencer of Minerva is a Japanese animated series containing many of the elements and ideas discussed in Gorean Philosophy.

During the mids, an attempt was made to publish an authorized graphic novel adaptation of the Gor series under Vision Entertainment.

The project collapsed under a combination of financial issues and the nature of the imagery, which violated Canadian lawwhere the printer was located. In the Gor series was adapted into a role-playing game for Postmortem Studioswritten by James Desborough. The Gor novels have been criticized for their focus on relationships between dominant men and submissive womenthe latter often in positions of slavery.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy has stated that the first several books are “passable exercises” of Edgar Rice Burroughs style fiction while “later volumes degenerate into extremely guardskan, sadomasochistic pornography involving the ritual humiliation of women, and as a result have caused widespread offence”.

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