Guildpact (Magic: The Gathering: Ravnica Cycle, #2). Other editions . Shelves: owned. Another solid MTG book, but I think, not as good as the previous book. Before Ravnica was released, we tried to organize a review of the novel to accompany Salvation’s coverage of Ravnica’s release. We did this. Guildpact (Magic The Gathering: Ravnica Cycle, book 2) by Cory Herndon – book cover, description, publication history.

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Magic Market Index for Dec 28th, Magic Market Index for Dec 21st, Before Ravnica was released, we tried to organize a review of the novel to accompany Salvation’s coverage of Ravnica’s release. We did this as a means to cover the set as only the Storyline forum can and also possibly bring in some new posters to Storyline. Unfortunately, the idea never got off the ground. Though that’s no reason not to try again with the Guildpact novel. Anyone getting the book close to its release date I believe it’s available in around two weeks or so interested in volunteering his or her time to writing up a review for us?

Last edited by mikeyG: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. It might be best to run this through the Writer’s Forum. Do you guys want this run as an actual article or just a forum sticky?

Guildpacct if you want it as an article that would be the way you have to do it. If I read the books I would but I do not. Regardless I support this and will help in any way I can. I’ll gladly offer my services. If you look at my history, i have one of getting the books earlier than others and having the Spoilers of up first ie- I had the Heretic spoilers on 29th posted when i got it on the 28th, and Amazon.


This year it’s the 10th, and believe me i’ve already begun my prowl I pretty much have tons of time to do it anyhow. I was learning how to use Wikipedia so for the new Year i could give a book review of Ravnica, as well as character descriptions, important locations and plots points, as well as Guild overviews.

I was planning to do the same for Guildpact, and have them both up by January 8th my birthdayat guoldpact point i’ll nook working backwards through CHK and so on. Guildpac drop by my clan thread at the GA or PM me altho i rarely check it: My blog dedicated to reviews of Magic the Gathering storyline. Banner made by Traprootkami.

Guildpact: Ravnica Cycle – Cory Herndon – Google Books

According to a new thread in the Rumor Mill, Guildpact is out in some areas now. I’ll see if I can’t find a few volunteers who are getting the novel in the next few days.

Its good to be the original NecroSliver. I’ll check some places tonight, Barnes and noble and such. This title is custom! Ixidorsdreams has found the book and is working on it. Unfortunately due to his suspension he will have to post it elsewhere and we’ll copy it here It seems Ix had some problems geting the book,even though it’s in stock that was yesterday when we spoke ,i haven’t spoke to him today so i’m not sure if the store-owner decided to sell the book guildapct not,i’ll try and update when i have news The place I went to had the books guuildpact crate, but wouldn’t sell it to me until tuesday.

That’s Ix’s problem as well.


His local retailer has the books, but wouldn’t guildpat them to him because he thought they weren’t allowed to yet. Retailers can get in trouble for doing that.


Altough I don’t think the sanctions for selling Magic novels before the official release date has penalties quite as severe as doing the same thing with Harry Potter books.

The Mod Help Desk “Sufficiently advanced experience is indistinguishable from clairvoyance. I know only what the Vec teach: I am tuildpact of the three authors of Cranial Insertion. But seriously, if you can’t remember “Woapalanne”, just call me Eli.

I’m about half way through Guildpact at the minute. I’ll post a summary but for now I’ll leave you with a quote you may find intriguing: But strangely, you were telling the truth when you said guildpactt Simic Combine had nothing to do with guildpwct the plague. Former Fact Prospector of the Greek Alliance. Let this great clan rest in peace I just finished the book, I can write a review if needed. Want me to save your world? More opinion is always good. I agree, i wasn’t able to actually finish my bolk review Squirle should shoot me because that’s 2 straight books i was able to Spoil, but not able to review Had a near death experience when it was being written, and i never quite got back on course.

I would love to see a review by a different user to see what they bok Mmm, I’ll get a review up within I just wrote a page [in word] short story I’m a bit burned out, given how the story’s about 5 times longer than anything I’ve written seriously, and yet is serious.