The GujCOC was returned to Gujarat on June 25, , with the President’s suggestions. The state assembly reconsidered the Bill and passed. The new Bill is a re-worked version of the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime Bill (GUJCOC), , which was earlier rejected twice by the. Latest news – Gujcoc Bill, Photos – Gujcoc Bill, Videos – Gujcoc Bill updates on Rediff News.

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A constable from Nirmal Nagar police station was arrested on Monday for guujcoc submitting fake medical bills amounting to over Rs 5 lakh that he claimed he had incurred towards his wife’s cancer treatment in During interrogation, Sunil Thorve said he committed the forgery because he was in need of money.

A woman related to Bill Gates how she had hidden the fact that she was a sex worker from her daughter. When her classmates bil out the truth, they relentlessly teased, harassed and ostracised the girl.

Gujarat House vetoes Prez, passes crime bill again – India News

One day her mother came home to find her child hanging from the ceiling fan. Upon hearing the woman’s story, Bill had his head down and was crying quietly. Some 60 years ago, Dharambir Lall moved to England from India and the eventful journey that followed finds elaborate mention in his upcoming book ‘England, My Love’.


As soon as the House met at 2 pm after an adjournment to take up the Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill, Leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said that it be referred to a joint select committee of the two Houses for greater scrutiny.

He said several provisions of the bill were “unconstitutional”. The one-time settlement scheme will benefit over 6 lakh people living in rural parts of the state. Under the scheme, irrespective of the due amount, people living in rural areas can get back their electricity connection by paying just Rs The move comes a day after the newly-formed Congress governments in MP and Chhattisgarh announced farm loan waivers. It’s well known that Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is an avid reader.

Infact, he reads almost 50 books a year and shares his annual list of book recommendations which is quite anticipated among readers.

One of the books in the list includes ‘Sapiens: Amid rising concerns about the ‘bail-in’ clause and “various reasons”, the government on Tuesday decided to withdraw the Bill from the lower house of Parliament. The government on Monday introduced Juvenile Justice care and protection of children amendment bill, in Lok Sabha biol seeks to empower district magistrates to pass gujcox for adoption of children to reduce the time taken for issuing such directions.

Members of the transgender community and civil rights groups here on Friday staged a protest against the Transgender Protection of Rights Bill which has been passed in the Lok Sabha recently.


The protest was a part of a nationwide stir demanding that the bill is immediately repealed. Transgender activists have been up in arms against the bill which proposes giving gujoc power to district screening com. Mon, Dec 31, Updated Mumbai constable submits fake cancer bills of over Rs 5 lakh, held. When an Indian sex worker’s tale brought Bill Gates to tears! What India needs is a love-sex revolution. Flashpoints between government, opposition.

Opposition demands talaq bill be referred to joint select committee. House to take up change in court nomenclature guucoc in winter session. Why the Transgender Persons Bill fails the community.

No more faulty bills, pay what you use with smart meters.

Gujcoc Bill

Gujarat government waives Rs crore energy bill dues of rural users. Line of No Control. Gurugram consumer gets inflated power bill, Rs 95k for units.

Bill that had bank customers jittery withdrawn: New water bills dispute panel holds first meeting. Bogus Eway bill scam worth Rs crore unearthed.

Stir in Guwahati against transgender bill. Rahul Gandhi listed as ‘non-Hindu’. From around the Web.