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Light bomber crew point.

Marine Raider template points. Japanese WW2 Small Arms.

I had originally created this character to run as a PC in a friend’s adventure which I was also going to gurpe to convince him to run. Nothing ever panned out and the character was never run.

The main problem was that all the TS values were subjective. Since then, I think I may have come up with a reasonably objective system that allows one to derive the TS value of a ground vehicle by formula. I decided to break the TS into three components: I would have liked these to have been equal components, but as things turned out, the first two are generally weighted a bit more heavily in the formula.

Here is how each component breaks down: Find the average damage of the main gun; if the gun has both an armor-piercing and high-explosive component, only use the AP portion of the damage.

GURPS World War 2 – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Divide this by ten. If the main gun is not in a fully rotating mount eg, a Hetzer or StuGdivide that result by two. Divide the front turret DR by ten.


If the main gun is not located in the turret, or the main gun is a MG, use the front body DR, divided by ten. Find the off-road speed in MPH. This is the mobility component.

Add the firepower, armor and mobility components, then divide by two. The result is the TS of the vehicle. This seems to work reasonably well for tanks and tank destroyers. I have not tested it for SP artillery, and it probably doesn’t work for them. Random Notes An anti-tank team would probably best be handled as artillery that can only neutralize an armor advantage although some infantry AT weapons did have an HE capability.

GURPS WWII Core Rulebook

I’m not sure about what modifiers to make for soldiers with SMGs or assault rifles. This would just be for the MG gunner; anyone else in the crew has their TS figured as above. As for artillery, it’s given a flat TS of under mass combat rules. Since that’s probably for a mm piece, it might be reasonable to assign a TS to artillery equal to it’s bore.

Mortars, being much shorter ranged than howitzers and cannons, would probably have a TS of half bore.

I’m not sure what to do about rockets. I probably would not make a distinction between towed and SP artillery for mass combat — that’s more of a strategic distinction than tactical one.

Anti-tank and infantry guns, which are normally fired directly, are a different situation, which I haven’t my up my mind on yet. Also, I’m simply treating “tracks” as “skirts. This only covers the Very Small to Colossal tank chassis. Www2 weight calculation is a quick and dirty average I figured new weights exactly when fiddling around.


Warehouse 23 – GURPS WWII Core Rulebook

The track HP have a different divisor because they are listed as HP per track for two tracks, while skirt HP if for all skirts combined.

Top area should probably be reduced because of lift fan placement, but I’m not sure how much at a guess, halved. Lift and thrust fans: If used as a lift fan, it provides 20 lbs of lift per kW.

As a thrust fan, this drops to 4 lbs per kW. Lift fans must be mounted in the body, thrust fans in the body or pods. Note that aerial propellers old and standard can be used as thrust fans. Part II – Performance Hovercraft use the rules for aircraft, with some differences. Performance statistics are prefaced with a “h” rather than “a”. A hovercraft may accelerate in reverse or sideways at half hAccel.

If a hovercraft’s lift is not greater than loaded weight, it can’t move. Otherwise, stall speed is 0. This list is by no means exhaustive. An International Encyclopedia from B. The material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.