Hammer and Klaive. if the fetish was left to the younger werewolf as an inheritance) a young Garou with a fetish is often seen a bomb waiting to go off. they also. Hammer and Klaive [Ethan Skemp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A silver knife twists in mid-blow, striking unerringly at a foe’s heart as. got the book during the holiday sale. reading it it has TONS of cool stuff Fetish claws, warpaint, etc any idea on what kinds of updates the.

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No special rules, storyteller discretion Mask Fetishes: Black Hood- Level 1 Gnosis 7 Opposed mental challenge to pick the rokea out of a crowd. Find out what you can do. Sadism Stick- Level 4 Gnosis 6 While active the device inflicts pain equal to a wounded penalty.

Klaige content without editing the whole page source. Torch of Truth- Wnd 2 Gnosis 6 No change Spirit Skin- Level 3 Gnosis 7 Grants the user a second pool of health levels equal to his normal levels that only affect spirits.

Flood Web- Level 5 Gnosis 8 This web continues to grow until it loses a test. Eye of the Night- Level 2 Gnosis 5 At night the test to avoid being stunned for 1 round is a static mental test vs 7 klajve. Wielder gains 2 traits when dodging. Inge Dahl marked it as to-read May 29, Reflection of Reality- Level 4 Gnosis 7 Make a normal stepping sideways test against the gauntlet, success means that the item is pulled into the umbra.


Again noting that bat spirits are wyrm tainted. Although I enjoy making my own fetishes too. He was not willing to kill her, but he was willing to attempt just about anything else. When the spear is thrown the test to resist blindness is a static mental, diff 7.

Children’s Poultices and Wnd talen – Gnosis Static gnosis test of the talen vs the disease, each one must be crafted specifically for the disease in question which may require prior diagnosis or medicine tests to accomplish. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Soldier’s Bag- Level 5 Gnosis 7 Static test, same difficulty. Spinal Vines Talen – Gnosis 8 The damage dealt is 1 per round for 8 rounds.

Tim hanmer it it was amazing Jan 14, Silent Blade- Level 4 Gnosis 7 All damage from the activated version of this fetish heals at the end of combat. Bowl of Blood- Level 2 Gnosis 6 Attempting to fool the bowl is a static mental challenge against 16 traits.

Hammer & Klaive

On a failure the wearer must rest for at least a scene. Body Graffiti- Gnosis 7 While wearing this paint the user gains 4 traits on any stealth test.

Michael rated it really liked it May 27, Peace Pipe- Level 1 Gnosis 5 No change, also no test. This is only effective on humans hammeg partially awakened mortals. Breaking free is a static physical challenge difficulty of 12 traits double the gnosis of the item.

LEIF JONES-Hammer & Klaive

Trivia About Hammer and Klaive Crystal Javelin- Level 4 Gnosis 8 Standard spear stats. The den realm is equivalent to the 3 trait den realm and may not be improved. If the targets willpower is higher the effect lasts for 1 day.


In combat they gain 2 traits due to the shifting nature of their concealment. While active the fetish imposes a 1 trait penalty on all actions while hamemr an urban setting due to distraction.

Aliases do not count. Login or Sign Up Log in with. Kei bammer it liked it Jul 06, Lots o’ Whatever Bag- Level 5 Gnosis 7 Storyteller discretion is needed on any item being duplicated.


Reaching Manguare- Level 5 Gnosis 8 Two people are required to move this drum safely. The user can continue to fight until they either suffer 15 levels of damage beyond Incap, frenzy, drop the blade, or someone makes a called shot that deals at least 3 levels of damage.

Timothy Pitkin rated it really liked it Nov 17, He got his just deserts in the end when his deeds came to light and he was slain by Gaia’s Vengeful Teeth.

If the penalty reaches 10 the target is knocked unconscious for the remainder of the scene. This is an example of great minds thinking alike but having differing tools to create what they are attempting. Last edited by The Laughing Stranger ; ,