Hastur Lord has ratings and 53 reviews. Shira said: It had been so many years since I last read the Darkover series, I had lost touch and didn’t even. Hastur Lord (English). 0 references. series · Darkover series. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · English Wikipedia · genre · science fiction novel. A gripping fantasy novel set in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover universe. Regis Hastur was the heir to the most powerful domain on Darkover. When.

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Hastur Lord by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. Ross on Apple Books

Return to Book Page. Preview — Hastur Lord by Deborah J. Ross Goodreads Author. A never-before-published fantasy novel set in Lodd Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover universe.

Hastur Lord

The world of Darkover, a unique, isolated, and protected world, has long avoided becoming part of the technologically advanced Terran Empire. But things are about to change. Regis Hastur, lord of the most powerful of the seven Domains in Darkover, learns that the Empire is about to b. Regis Hastur, lord of the most powerful hastir the seven Domains in Darkover, learns that the Empire is about to become a Federation, and is extending an invitation for all of the worlds to join.

While the offer seems tempting to his people, Regis knows that Darkover would become little more than a military base, used for its unique planetary position, and will be sapped hasfur its resources.

He must now stop at nothing to save his world. Hardcoverpages. Published January 5th by DAW first published Darkover – Chronological OrderSecond Age: After the Comyn 6Darkover – Publication Order 39more.

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Apr 01, Shira Anthony rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It had been so many years since I last read the Darkover series, I had lost touch and didn’t even realize this new book would be coming haetur. I am SO glad I found it. First off, I have to admit it’s not another “Heritage of Hastur,” arguably the best Darkover book ever, but it is a wonderfully written book and fills in some important gaps in the series covering the 2nd contact with the Terrans.

Most importantly this book explores the relationships between Regis, Linnea and Danilo, something I’ve It had been so many years since I last read the Hastuur series, I had lost touch and didn’t even realize this new book would be coming out. Most importantly this book explores the relationships between Regis, Linnea and Danilo, llrd I’ve always wanted to learn more about. True, hasstur plot isn’t exactly exciting or unexpected, but the plot is not the main thrust of the book itself.

As a young reader of these hzstur in the 80’s, it’s nice to see how much lorf of the haztur physical and otherwise between Regis and Danilo is explored, with loving care and sensitivity. I can hardly imagine this book, which is in part a love story between two men, might have fared in the 80’s. Thank goodness for the 21st century, which allows the book to expand upon the relationship between these two wonderfully hastkr men in a way which is quite touching and beautiful.

I found myself moved by the strength and sacrifice Regis, as well as the serene and intelligent beauty of Linnea, the woman Regis loves yes, he loves BOTH a woman and a man. If any of you have read Ann Rice’s “Cry to Heaven,” you’ll hasthr this ahstur similarly moving. All this said, there were flaws with this book the contrived plot being the most glaring. Still, I am so desperate for more of Regis and Dani’s story, that I’m more than willing to overlook this.


I’ve already re-read this book about 4 times! This book is, first and foremost, about relationships between these strong characters, and for that, I am more than grateful! Truly a gem for any hardcore Darkover fan. I hope there are many more such books to come. Mar 28, Aviva rated it liked it.

I love Darkover books. I didn’t discover them until the mid to late ’90s, when I was bored at my then-boyfriend’s apartment and went digging through his bookshelves for something to read.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop, going through his collection and then buying or borrowing the rest. I’m not sure if I would have developed that passion if this had been the first book of the series I read. But there’s still so much I like about Darkover that’s in this one: I’ve always liked Regency type romance books, so I don’t have a problem with the class system on Darkover or even the way women are valued less in that society if not by the various protagonists.

It’s unclear to me whether it’s the length of time since the last Darkover book I read, or if this one did a poor job in reminding me where in the series this fit timewise. But it was hard to get immersed in this novel the way I often did with others in hasturr series. I still stayed up later than I should have to finish it, hzstur I feel fondly toward it if only because it reminds hastuur of so many other Darkover books I loved and need to re-read.

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Mar 09, Morgan Dhu rated it it was ok. Ross, but published ten years after Bradley’s death, is perhaps the weakest of all the Darkover novels, at least in my opinion.

It introduces a few new characters who will be important later on, and sets up the next major conflict between Terrans and Darkovans, but the main plotline is totally unnecessary and relies on a great deal of out-of character behaviour on the part of both Regis Hastur and Danilo Syrtis.

First, hatsur important Hastur Lord pub. First, the important stuff. It’s been about ten years since the events of The World Wreckers.

The Terran Empire is going through a major sea change in structure, leadership and philosophy. Now called the Terran Federation, it seeks to end the days of protected planets. You will undoubtedly hear propaganda about how the new Federation will extend autonomy to all member worlds, increase interstellar cooperation, and promote free trade—all the persuasive phrases that people want to hear. Even people on Darkover.

Hasgur fall for it, Regis. This whole process is a power grab by the Expansionist party. They want free access to developing worlds, and they’ve as much as admitted that their goal hastud to bring an end to what lorc call special privileges and protected status.

The political situation on Darkover is not promising. Between Sharra and the World Wreckers, the Comyn are nearly olrd those who survive are divided between those who want to become full members of the Terran Federation – hastkr by Valdir Ridenow – and those who want as little contact as possible. The Telepath Council set up by Regis is unable to function as a governing body. If there is any real governing authority anywhere on Darkover, it is Regis himself.

On to the plot. The dying Danvan Hastur reveals that Regis has an older, illegitimate brother named Rinaldo who was shipped off to the Nevarsin monks at the age of three. Regis visits him, and despite the fact that Rinaldo is clearly the most unctuous and hypocritical creature you can imagine, oozing with jealousy and envy and spite, brings him home to Thendara and has him legitimated.

Valdir Ridenow sees in Rinaldo an opportunity to mold Darkover’s future. Believing that he will be able to manipulate Rinaldo, Valdir plots with him to force Regis to abdicate by holding Danilo and Mikhail – Regis’ nephew and designated heir – hostage.


Regis agrees, and Mikhail is freed, but Llord remains a prisoner. Valdir has misjudged hasfur pawn, however. Rinaldo, seeing in his sudden accession to power the hand of God, embarks on a plan to purge sin and impurity from all of Darkover.

Hastur Lord (Darkover, book 23) by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J Ross

Forming an alliance with Dan Lawton’s wife Tiphani, a fanatical devotee of a religious group with links to the same church that was the foundation of the cristoforos, Rinaldo begins to enforce hasturr own religious beliefs across the Domains. He forces Regis to marry Linnea Storn – the mother of his daughter Kierestelli and his unborn son Danilo – by threatening to have Danilo Syrtis killed. As his fanaticism increases, he has Comyn children taken from their families to be raised in the “true” faith.

Regis finds and releases the children – a situation complicated by the arrival of Terran Spaceforce soldiers seeking to free Dan Lawton’s son Felix, who has been taken from the Terran Zone by Tiphani. Returning to Comyn Castle, he gathers whatever members of the Comyn he can find and challenges Rinaldo’s kingship, but before anything can be decided, Tiphani tries to assassinate Regis and Rinaldo sacrifices his own life to save lorv brother. End of silly plot, press reset button but political situation remains dire.

What annoyed me the most about Hastur Lord was the total inability of all these telepaths to communicate. Regis and Danilo have spent at least 20 years together as friends and lovers, but they still doubt each other’s love and haven’t really talked about the fact that some day Regis must marry, and it must be someone he lofd about or it’s going to be pointless?

Danilo still doesn’t know he’ll always be the one? And how is it that Regis is so blind to his brother’s faults – and discounts Danilo’s warnings as mere jealousy?

How do they not trust each other completely after being open to each other, mind to mind, all these years? And then there’s Regis’ blunders with Linnea, who he’s been in a relationship with before. None of this works, and that makes the book a grave disappointment. Okay, so there’s never going to be another Heritage of Hastur and I should stop looking for it.

Hastur Lord is the third in the ‘Regis and Danilo’ series within the greater Dorkover series, but it is vastly inferior to Heritage and Sharra’s Exile. I suspect that Deborah J. Ross just doesn’t write as well about Darkover as the planet’s creator did – after all, this is authorised fanfiction rather than ‘the real thing’.

But even reading the book with the leniency that fanfiction deserves, this is a Okay, so there’s never going to be another Heritage of Hastur and I should stop looking for it. But even reading the book with the leniency that fanfiction deserves, this is an irritating read. I need to do some further research, but I can’t remember Bradley ever using the term ‘homosexuality’ to describe the relationship between Regis and Danilo, or those of other ‘lovers of men’ and given that a major plot point is Regis marrying a woman who accepts and supports his same-sex relationship, wouldn’t ‘bisexuality’ be the Terran term used?

And in all its travels through time and space, did the cristoforo religion really cling to the theology of the American Religious Right. We get it, bigoted ‘Christians’ who condemn ‘homosexuality’ are bad.