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Enelow is the founder and past president of the Career Masters Institute, a prestigious training and development organization of career professionals worldwide. Previously, as President of The Advantage, Inc. She is the author of more than 20 career books.

She is a founding member of the Career Masters Institute. In this book, professional resume writers Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark give you the help you need to start—and pull together a stunning resume with ease! Hundreds of the best resume writers submitted resumes for this collection, and only the very best were chosen. The resumes represent a wide diversity of style, design, and technique.

This collection is the best ever assembled for technology professionals at all levels. To take advantage of all of these opportunities, you must develop a powerful, performance-based resume and a prg cover letter that communicate your qualifications effectively. This book shows you how to do both! Enelow and Louise M.

For free information on 14, job titles, visit www. Quantity discounts are available for JIST books. Please call our Sales Department at for a free catalog and more information.

Acquisitions and Development Editor: Lori Cates Hand Cover Designer: Linda Seifert and Jeanne Clark Indexer: Electronic data processing personnel–Employment. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior written permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews.

Making copies of any part of this book for any purpose other than your own personal use is a violation of United States copyright laws.

For permission requests, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at www. We have been careful to provide accurate information in this book, but it is possible that errors and omissions have been introduced. Please consider this in making any career plans or other important decisions. Trust your own judgment above all else and in all things.

All brand names and product names used in this book are trade names, service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Resume Writing, Strategy, and Formats Resume Writing Strategies for Technology Professionals Eliminate Confusion with Structure and Context Use Function to Demonstrate Achievement Remain in the Realm of Reality Writing the Perfect Resume Printed, Scannable, Electronic, and Web Resumes Sample Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs Resumes for Computer Operators and Technicians Resumes for Computer Systems Professionals Resumes for Technology Support Professionals Resumes for Network and Systems Technologists Resumes for Project Managers and Technology Consultants Resumes for Technology Managers and Executives Cover Letters for Computer and Web Jobs Writing a Winning Cover Letter Identify Your Key Selling Points Write the Opening Paragraph Polish, Proofread, and Finalize Everything about work is different today and will be forever!


As a result of these dramatic technological advances, three remarkable things have happened: There are now thousands of new careers in technology. Now, there is a wealth of new career opportunities, and every economic projection indicates tremendous and continuous growth in the demand for technology professionals. Hundreds of new professions have emerged, from Internet Web site hosting to the design and manufacture of advanced telecommunications and networking technologies.

Most of these professions did not exist 10—15 years ago.

Expert Resumes For Computer And Web Jobs – PDF Free Download

In turn, they are further adding to the number and diversity of careers that are now available within the technology industries.

It is critical to note that these new occupations and professions are not restricted to the technology industry. In fact, they exist in virtually every industry, from oldline manufacturing to emerging health-care ventures; from hundred-year-old utility companies to your local grocery chain; from major retail conglomerates to small real-estate brokerages; and every other industry imaginable.

To take advantage of all of these opportunities, you must first develop a powerful, performance-based resume. To be a savvy and successful job seeker, you must know how to communicate your qualifications in a strong and effective written presentation.

But a powerful resume hightefhjobs much more than just a list of ch6 competencies; it is a concise yet comprehensive document that gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Creating such a powerful document is what this book is all about. In years past, resumes were almost always printed on paper and mailed.

Today, e-mail has become the chosen method for resume distribution in many hightechjobbs. This book will instruct you in the methods for preparing resumes for e-mail, scanning, and Web site posting, as well as the traditional printed resume. By using Expert Resumes for Computer hightechiobs Web Jobs as your professional guide, you will succeed in developing a powerful and effective resume that opens doors, gets interviews, and helps you land your next great opportunity!

Department of Labor, technology is the fastest-growing industry and fastest-growing segment of the employment market. It is anticipated that this trend higutechjobs continue for years to come—through at least.

We are in the midst of a Technology Revolution that has clearly surpassed the Industrial Revolution in terms of the volume of change, the speed of change, and the longterm results of those changes. In turn, this revolution has created a wealth of new career opportunities for the following types of workers: Hightecnjobs means you must know what you want in your career, where the hiring action is, what technical skills you need to attain your desired career goals, and how best to market your qualifications.

It rog no longer enough to be a talented technologist! Now, you must be hightecjobs strategic marketer, able to package and promote your experience to take advantage of this wave of employment opportunity. According to the U.


Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games (Career Series)

Department of Laboryou should expect to hold between 10 and 20 different jobs during your career. No longer is stability the status quo. Today, the norm is movement, onward and upward, in a fast-paced and intense technology market. And to stay on top of all the changes and opportunities, you must proactively control and manage your career. As with any other industry, education, credentials, and experience are the keys to entry and long-term success. It is difficult to obtain a position in the technology industry without some related work experience, relevant education, or technical credentials.

Here are a few pointers: Be advised, however, that you must stay current on new technical certification programs and how they are accepted in the market.

Place the emphasis on you and your performance, not unrelated products or services. Your resume is a marketing tool written to sell YOU!

The jobs are everywhere—from the technology giants such as IBM, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard seeking well-qualified hardware, software, and network engineers hightechjkbs the small manufacturing company recruiting a Webmaster and an MIS director. The jobs are in every market sector, every industry, and every profession. To answer this question, we need to review the basic principle underlying job search: Job search is marketing! You have a product to sell—yourself—and the best way to sell it is to use all appropriate marketing channels just as you would for any other product.

Suppose you wanted to sell televisions.

nyantica (search)

What would you do? The same is true for job search. Unfortunately, there is no single formula. Following are the most valuable marketing channels for a successful job search within the technology industry. Hihtechjobs are ordered from most effective to least effective. There is nothing better than a personal referral to a company, either in general or for a ogr position.

Referrals can open doors that, in most instances, would never be accessible any other way. If you know anyone who could possibly refer you to a specific company, contact that person immediately and ask for his or her assistance. Networking is the backbone of every successful job search.

Although you may consider it a chore, it is essential that you network effectively with your professional colleagues and associates, past employers, past co-workers, suppliers, neighbors, friends, and others who may know of opportunities that are right for you.

Another good strategy is to attend meetings of professional associations in your area to make new contacts and expand your professional network. Responses to online job postings. It can consume a huge amount of your time that you should spend on other job search marketing efforts. To expedite c0h6 search, here are a few of the hibhtechjobs and most widely used online job posting sites—presented alphabetically, not necessarily in order of effectiveness or value: