Håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk (Norsk for innvandrere)_ ( OrdklasserAdverb’ gruppen adverb finner vi ord som har mange). sep Til Håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk er det laget en nettressurs med oppgaver som følger oppbygningen i boka. Her finnes en mengde. Håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk (Norsk for innvandrere). Download Enkel norsk grammatikk Spørsmål Om Grammatikk (norwegian).

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Prices were correct in May but may have changed since. This list includes recommended books and others you may come across, with comments; it is not exhaustive. You can buy the Srkbruk Language Centre’s recommended course books at Reception or via the links given. Other books and CDs are worth buying as supplementary material and for extra reading and listening practice.

Håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk. Arbeidsbok (Book, ) []

sprkhruk Click on ‘Din side’ to register your customer details and start placing your order. The exchange rate has been very poor inso it’s best to monitor the standard rate not tourist rate at your bank’s web site over a period of a few weeks and order on a day when the rate is more favourable.

Some of the URLs for web sites given in this document are longer than one line. You may have to edit out carriage-returns or brammatikk and paste the separate lines into your browser’s address field.

Website with additional exercises: Med tusen ord BLC supplementary coursebook: Fagbokforlaget Tekst- og arbeidsbok: Builds vocabulary progressively with spoken emphasis, comprehensive grammar summary and word list. Fag og kultur Published: Exercises on written and oral texts in the anthology No. Texts from Antologi 1. Texts from Antologi 2. Speaking practice, oral comprehension, written exercises, grammar Price: Cappelen Tekstbok 1 No.

Texts from tekstbok Published: Ellen Hanssen, Lise Gummesen Publisher: Fag og kultur Bildeordbok 1 No. Reading texts and grammar based on themes in bildeordbok Price: Five reading booklets Price: Fag og kultur Tekstbok 1 Authors: Texts and exercises for higher level Bergenstesten ekst Publisher: Fag og kultur Kropp og sjel: Hilde Havgar; Gro Knive No. Guide to writing well in Norwegian Price: Fag og kultur Nytt liv i Norge No.


Reading texts and exercises Price: Further exercises in reading comprehension, sentence structure and simple grammar. Forlaget Fag og Kultur a. CD with lesson texts Website resource in preparation. Tapir akademisk forlag Grunnbok: Kirsti Mac Donald Publisher: Cappelen Praktisk norsk 1: Fag og kultur No. Spoken Norwegian for beginners: Cappelen Ta ordet 1 Bound No. Ta ordet 2 Bound No.

Ta ordet 3 Bound No. Margaretha Danbolt Simons Publisher: Audio support 2 x CD min: A good supplement to Brasshouse courses with ov extra listening practice. The spoken dialogues are very clear with little elision and no confusing regional accents.

Copy of edition for loan in Birmingham Central Library. Get Talking Norwegian in 10 Days Details. Margaretha Danbolt Simons CD mins: New edition due Reading texts, min.

A very good course to supplement Brasshouse studies – all points explained very clearly. Concise, but covers all major grammar points systematically – it’s quite fast-paced. CDs are also very well produced and great for extra listening practice.

Copy of previous edition for loan in Birmingham Central Library. Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge 1: University of Wisconsin Press e-books from: Kathleen Stokker Collection of writings by selected Norwegian authors, vocabulary lists promote discussions grammattikk Norwegian history, culture, geography and literature.


I bought it when I first started Norwegian as it was wellliked by self-learners. The extensive pronunciation guide is good on exceptions and includes stress, pitch and intonation for phrases and sentences. A little dated but a very good supplement to other course books. Norwegian in 10 Minutes a Day Author: Simple beginner’s guide with sticky labels of household objects, grammatukk cards, pronunciation guide and quizes. Lacks explanation of some grammar. Transparent Language Byki mobile for ipad, ipod, iphone and Android: Eurotalk Talk Now – Beginner level with basic vocabulary Download price: Talk the Talk – Beginner plus level, under vocabulary Download price: Talk More – Beginner plus level, adult vocabulary Download price: Talk Business – Intermediate level, business vocabulary Download price: Vocabulary Builder CD – for children aged Price: Vocabulary and phrases for beginner and intermediate levels.

Native speaker listening comprehension, record your own speech, video clips, quizes, vocabulary memory games, printable dictionary, phrasebook and worksheets, ipod integration.

Personalised learning system tracks progress. Copy for loan in Birmingham Central Library. Teaches spoken Norwegian by repetitive listening comprehension and imitation of native speakers; no written text.


Velkommen til Norsk grammatikk – norsk som andrespråk

Builds gradually to continuous conversation. This can make grammaitkk things up difficult as the different tenses for regular verbs, irregular verbs and other exceptions are all in different places. This book is not a language learning book although you could use it that way ; it is a reference in English for all Norwegian grammar grouped logically, so that everything about adjectives, for example, is together.

The several sections on verbs occur one after the other for each tense, making lookup very easy. There is a chapter on common errors and the appendices include lists of common verbs, prefixes and suffixes. Highly rated by users; clearly laid out and accessible; useful and excellent value for the beginner. I bought it as a beginner but have now moved on to the Strandskogen book. An Essential Grammar Authors: Highly rated by users; well laid out; easy lookup; excellent for learners beyond the beginner stage.

I can recommend it too, as it gives some really clear explanations of each point. This is a facsimile reproduction of an out-of-print book with pronunciation guide, extensive grammar, 50 reading texts from Norwegian literature, vocabulary list, irregular verb list.

This is a facsimile reproduction of an out-of-print book with pronunciation guide and grammar summary. However, the original is probably over 70 years old and uses a difficult-to-read Gothic font and pre spellings. Pronunciation of Norwegian Author: Out of print; new edition in preparation Net resources with exercises: Kontrastiv grammatikk – med norsk i sentrum Author: Kirsti Mac Donald Published: Word order in sentences with exercises and answers. Cappelen Book a No. Kirsti Mac Donald Hhdbok.

Workbook for Norsk, nordmenn hjdbok Norge 1 Download: Table of To the Student Winner of 13 awards for educational excellence, Let s Go is a multimedia program designed. Hooray for Holidays Hooray for Holidays!!