Howard Kaylan’s “Shell Shocked”. likes. Howard Kaylan’s life has been a dangerous ride that he is only too happy to report on shocking tales of. Howard Kaylan recalls his days as part of a hit-making band, a friend to a musical giant, and his tenacious grasp on his dream. —And Gives The Final Word On Six Legendary Rock ‘N Roll Myths! Words and Photos By Anne M. Raso. Howard Kaylan’s autobiography Shell Shocked.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want kaylqn Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Shell Shocked by Howard Kaylan. If Howard Kaylan had sung only one song, the Turtles’ No. But that recording, named in by BMI as one of the top 50 songs of the 20th century, with over five million radio plays, is only the tip of a rather eye-opening iceberg.

For nearly five decades, Howard Kaylan has Book. For nearly five decades, Howard Kaylan has been a player in the rock-and-roll revolution. Howard Kaylan’s life has been a dangerous ride that he is only too happy to report on, naming names and shedding shocking tales of sex, drugs, and creative excess.

Shell Shocked will stand alone as not only one of the best-told music-biz memoirs, but one with a truly candid and unmatchable story of rock-and-roll insanity and success from a man who glories in it all.

Paperbackpages. Kzylan see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Howard Kaylan’s ‘Shell Shocked’ Makes Readers, Turtles and Zappa Lovers Laugh

To ask other shelo questions about Shell Shockedplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Kayllan 28, Rog Harrison rated it liked it. I don’t buy many new books these days but when I heard about this one I ordered it right away. Indeed I only saw him perform once when he sang with the Mothers shockrd the Bath Festival in However Howard Kaylan has always struck me as an interesting person so I thought this would be an interesting book.

I found this an amusing and entertaining read though I did struggl I don’t buy many new books these days but when I heard about this one I ordered it right away. I found this an amusing and entertaining read though I did struggle a bit keeping up with all his relationships as he got married five times! He admits he made a lot of bad choices but he is a survivor. Jun 30, Marti rated it really liked it Shelves: I always thought The Turtles were an underrated band, but I did not know an ehocked lot about them personally and I never made the connection that Captain Cloud from Get Crazywas in fact Howard Kaylan aka “Eddie”.

And though there is a long story behind the Flo and Eddie moniker, I did not realize it came from their stint as Frank Zappa’s back-up singers. And yes, they were on stage at Montreux when “some stupid with a flare gun, burned the place to the ground.

This is for people who will read any book about the ’60s and ’70s because all the usual suspects are here. Because Kaylan kept a diary of those years, he has pretty good recall of events including the first time he met the Beatles and Hendrix at the Speakeasy Club a story so funny I do not want to ruin it. Apparently, this was made into a movie which I now need to track down.

What makes it sell is this is the story of a second tier group that achieved massive singles success, then broke up. They blew through that money quickly and were forced to keep the wolf from the door while keeping up the veneer of an A-list existence by doing many kaylaj projects with the likes howadd Alice Cooper, Marc Bolan, Harry Nilsson and Keith Moon and the cartoon character, “Strawberry Shortcake”.


Hence, while Kaylan was actually collecting unemployment, he still got to fly on other peoples’ private jets. Of course they could have managed their money a little better.

However, Flo and Eddie ended up owning The Turtles masters and thanks to hooking up with some honest management and Shepl records, they were not as badly ripped-off as most artists from this era.

Then again, if they hadn’t flaunted it when they had it, the story might have been a lot less crazy. Among a few anecdotes I recognized from Spinal Tap was one about a band whose album cover was deemed “sexist” and replaced with a generic yellow obelisk.

Jun 06, John rated it liked it. It’s a rock autobiography – a light read with lots of name dropping and rollicking accounts of the life. If you’re into Frank Zappa, The Turtles, 60’s pop and 70’s excess, it’s another Spinal-Tap tinted window on that world; on that level it’s well worth the time reading and it’ll go quickly. But that wouldn’t be rock and roll, would it? Oct 10, Allan Heron rated it really liked it. Hugely entertaining book by one of the most underrated vocalists in rock.

It helped knit together all the different relationships of a musical kind that I knew that Howard and partner Mark Volman have enjoyed over the years, and the friendships that underpinned them. Oddly enough, there is little on his relationship with Volman which seems strange given the length of time that they have been partners.

I had the immense pleasure of seeing The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie supporting Alice Cooper in G Hugely entertaining book by one of the most underrated vocalists in rock. Mar 22, Joab Jackson rated it it was amazing. The guy who sang harmony on “Happy Together” led a fascinating life. A little bit of disciplined high s The guy who sang harmony on “Happy Together” led a fascinating life.

I get the feeling Kaylan is a true mensch. He seems like kaylwn lifelong entertainer who could work any stage.

As a result, he is damn fine story teller here. He devotes almost no attention to Volman. Then again, “Happy Together” really kayoan a song worth devoting a life to singing. Feb 25, Bob Schnell rated it really liked it Shelves: Now you’ve probably heard of them. Howard’s tales of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll are pretty standard but the number of acts he has worked with over the years is pretty incredible. Though the book sometimes replaces story-telling with name-dropping, it never becomes tired due to the pace.

Sometimes I wished he would slow down and linger awhile on some aspect of his career. However, it is a rollicking good time overall and we get to see Kaylan’s growth as an artist and business person.

Howard and Mark have sung back-up on so many howaed songs, you’ll be stunned.

The post-litigation Turtles still tour, catch ’em if you can. Dec 16, K rated it liked it. Being a pretty big fan of the Turtles’ music, I was really amped up to read this when it finally became available on Scribd. It didn’t take long before the story of the Swinging Sixties rock star lifestyle not graphic, but detailed enough to make me shelp a few times had me questioning the wisdom of getting back shlcked when I really just love the music for what it is.

Howard lived a coo coo, crazy lifestyle full of drugs, sex, and broken marriages. His commentary while describing it is evid Being a pretty big fan of the Turtles’ music, I was really amped up to read this when it finally became available on Scribd.


His commentary while describing it is shoxked, thank God, that he, unlike most of the biographies of 60s artists I’ve read, has grown up enough to realize just how badly he screwed things up for himself and his loved ones over the course of a few decades. By the end of the book, his perspective seemed to be relatively healthy, though his attitude toward his past sexual adventures still comes off as conquistadorish.

Probably no different than artists today but it still makes me grimace. Aug 03, Larry rated shelk liked it Kayan I felt like I read this book before.

Not Now Silly: Book Review: Shell Shocked by Howard Kaylan with Jeff Tamarkin

Interchangeable with other tales of groupies and cocaine but a fun read nonetheless. Jun 23, Andrew Hickey rated it liked it. Crossposted from my blog Kaylxn the next month or so, most of my writing time will be taken up with copy-edits on the Beach Boys book and on my novel along with the Doctor Who posts and How To Build Your Own Time Machine.

To start with, Shell-Shocked: Those portions of the book are, kaulan my mind, easily the most interesting, and I wish there could have been more of them — the recording of the Turtle Soup album, for example one of the best 60s pop albums of all time is covered in a little over a page, although this is possibly because it was the Turtles album with least active involvement from Kaylan.

Almost as interesting are the anecdotes about other pop musicians, ranging from the heartbreaking: I was tearing up too. He stole my voice and I never got it back! Harry spoke of the primal screaming contests that John would coerce him into.

The competition was fierce, and by the time Lennon returned to London, abandoning May Pang and the lost California years, it was too late; the damage had been done. Now look at me. Tom Jones was an education all by sbell.

Shell Shocked

Every day, when the tour bus arrived at our venue, there were hundreds of waiting, screaming teenage girls, and Tom taunted them mercilessly from behind the safety of his window. He actually pulled out his legendary-for-good-reason schlong, which he had nicknamed Wendell, and waved it shockedd the befuddled kaylqn, who hooted, hollered, and pushed their friends aside to get a look at the one-eyed monster. Arrrgh, here he comes, girls. The best of the anecdotes reveal a huge amount about the musicians Kaylan has known which seems to include almost every major figure from the 60s and 70s.

Shell Shocked: My Life with the Turtles, Flo & Eddie, and Frank Zappa, Etc. by Howard Kaylan

The worst are just the usual stories of hedonistic excess that pad out every rock bio. For those, you had to be there, I suspect. Thankfully, his current wife seems to have been with him about twenty years, so maybe things are better for him now. These lightweights were onstage with the heavyweights and they were doing the best show I would ever see.

Their voices were beautiful. The music was hard, and they were still having fun. Some of the jokes were very serious and over my head what the fuck was going on singing in German about a sofa?

Some of the jokes were just stupid jock cock jokes that I would sneer at in my school. It was all mixed together.