Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Printer User’s Guide. LaserJet Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Laserjet t, Laserjet n, Laserjet tn. Hewlett-Packard. WW. Search Customer Support or Search All of HP Getting Started Guide (HP LaserJet T and TN printers) – Click here to. View the HP Service Manual for HP LaserJet TN Printer. Exchange your printer Exchange It. View picture diagrams available for LaserJet TN Printer .

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Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior 4050n permission is prohibited, except as allowed under the copyright laws. This section will help familiarize you with using PDF documents. Magnifying the Page View You can use the zoom-in tool, the magnification box in the status bar, or the toolbar buttons to change the screen magnification.

When you zoom in on a document, you can use the hand tool to move the page around.

Browsing with Thumbnails A thumbnail is a miniature view of each document page. You can display thumbnails in the overview area. Use a thumbnail to jump quickly to a page and to adjust the view of the current page. Click on a thumbnail to move to the page it represents. Finding Words Use the Find command to find part of a word, a complete word, or multiple words in the active document. Where to Look for More Information.

Several references are available for use with this printer. For additional copies of the guides below, contact HP Direct at U. Additional information is available at http: Information on printer options that are available from within printer drivers. To view a help file, access the online help through the printer driver.

For hour access to information over your modem, we suggest these services: Printer drivers may be obtained from the following sites HP Distribution Europe The languages supported are also listed above beside the telephone numbers. Hours of operation are 7: English speaking line French speaking line German speaking line This powerful, CD-ROM-based parts information tool is designed to give users fast, easy access to parts information such as pricing and recommended stocking lists for a wide range of HP products.

To subscribe to this quarterly service in the U. Call from any touch tone phone and request up to three documents per call.

These documents will be sent to the fax of your choice. Many of these numbers are local numbers and will not work internationally.

HP parts for CA LaserJet TN Printer

However, your standard long-distance phone charges still apply. Have your system nearby and your serial number ready when calling.

If you know your printer needs repair, call to locate laserje nearest authorized HP service provider. Post-warranty telephone assistance is available to answer your product questions. Open Monday through Friday 8: By calling a telephone number listed below, you will be connected to a responsive team waiting to help you.


If you require support after your warranty has expired, you can receive support for a fee through the same manuall number.

HP Troubleshooting page for CA LaserJet TN Printer

Selecting PCL 5e Fonts If you have not done so, see the getting started guide provided with the printer for setup instructions. Now that the printer is set up and ready to use, take a few moments to get to know the printer. Printer Basics Control panel Additional memory can be installed here. Power switch Tray numbers Other accessories and options are available. For ordering information, see page 8. Ordering Information Use only accessories specifically designed 4050tm this printer.

To order an accessory, contact an HP-authorized service or support provider. Clears most printer messages and places mabual printer online. Using the Printer Online Help System This laserejt features an online help system on the control panel that provides instructions for resolving most printer errors.

Certain control panel error messages alternate with instructions on accessing the online help system. Control Panel Menus For a complete list of control panel items and possible values, see page B Press [Menu] additional trays or other accessories are installed in the printer, new menu items automatically appear.

To Change a Control Panel Setting: The content of the menu map varies, depending on the options currently installed in the printer. Many of these values can be overridden from the printer driver or software application. Depending on the configuration of Windows-driven computers, the installation program for the printer software automatically checks the computer for Internet access and can obtain the latest software.

The drivers and software components for end users and administrators using the environments listed above are described in the following sections. Certain printer features are available only from the PCL 6 drivers.

See the printer software help for availability of features. Drivers Included with the Printer The following printer drivers are included with the printer. Select Custom Install to install only the software you prefer, or if you are a network administrator. For more information, see page If the printer is attached to a network through an HP JetDirect EIO card, before you can print, the printer must be configured for that network.

HP LaserJet 4050 User Manual

To configure the printer for your network, you can select Custom Install from the printer installation program or use HP JetAdmin software.

Printers, and then click Options. The maual steps manua vary; this is the most common method. Note Settings in the printer driver and software application override control panel settings. Software application settings override printer driver settings. Unless backward compatibility with previous PCL drivers or older printers is necessary, the PCL 6 driver is recommended. The HP Resource Manager allows you to control hard disk and flash memory features not found in manula drivers.


You can visit the HP JetSend website to learn which other devices are available to communicate easily and directly with your HP JetSend-enabled printer.

An installation program for the PPDs and other software is provided on the compact disc. Use the Apple LaserWriter 8 Driver that comes with the computer or is installed with the HP printer software compact disc.

User Guides

Selecting the Output Bin The printer has two output locations: To use the top output bin, be sure the rear output bin is closed. To use the rear output bin, open it. Printing to the Rear Output Bin The printer always prints to the rear output bin if it is open. Paper comes out of the printer face-up, with the last page on top.

To open the rear output bin, grasp the handle at the top of the bin. Tray 1 is a multi-purpose tray that holds a variety of paper, including up to sheets of paper, 10 envelopes, or 20 index cards. The printer might pull paper from Tray 1 first. To change this, see page For supported sizes of paper, see page A Tray 2 is a sheet tray.

The optional sheet tray is adjusted differently page Tray 2 and the optional sheet tray can be interchanged in the printer.

Tray 2 adjusts for letter, A4, and legal sizes; these adjustments affect printer performance. Note To avoid paper jams, do not load trays while the printer is printing. Slide the tray back into the printer.

The printer automatically senses the size of paper loaded if the tray is adjusted correctly. To print by type and size of paper, see page Trays 2 and 3 are sheet trays. Gently slide the tray back into the printer. The printer senses the size of paper loaded if the tray is adjusted correctly.

To print by type and size of paper, see This tray is adjusted differently than Tray 2 page It does not adjust the guides inside the tray. Printing Both Sides of Paper Optional Duplexer The printer can automatically print on both sides of paper with an optional duplex printing accessory duplexer. This is called duplexing.

Note See the documentation included with the duplexer for complete installation and setup instructions. Duplexing might require additional memory page C To avoid personal injury and damage to the printer, do not lift the printer with the duplexer installed. Before relocating the printer, separate the duplexer and optional trays from the printer. For all other trays, load the first side facing up and the top toward the printer.

Printing Special Paper Special paper includes letterhead, prepunched including 3-hole punchedenvelopes, labels, transparencies, and custom-size paper.