Developmental psychology, 35, 3, Google Scholar. Mirucka, B., Sakson- Obada, O. (). Ja cielesne. Od normy do zaburzeń. / Body self. From norms. Zastosowano następujące metody badawcze: Kwestionariusz Ja cielesnego ( Sakson-. -Obada nym towarzyszy więcej zaburzeń w zakresie siły ja cielesnego zarówno w grupie matek jak i córek. Matki, które mają Od normy do zaburzeń. Ja cielesne. Od normy do zaburzeń. Gdańsk: GWP. Ogden, J. Postawy i zachowania wobec własnego ciała w zaburzeniach odżywiania. Warszawa: PWN.

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The general aim of our study was to verify the corporality relationships between mothers and daughters within the family context. One hundred and thirty women participated in the research 65 nnormy coupleswith the following methods being used: We found that family systems with problems are facilitated by disorders of body-self strength in both mothers and daughters.

Mothers who have difficulties with physical states regulating co-established problematic family systems, and daughters who come from a family perceived by them as enmeshed will tend to develop disorders with body-self strength. Women dissatisfied with their bodies perceive them as more detached from themselves. The discussion touches upon an analysis of body- -self in mothers who create problematic family systems and in daughters coming from families perceived by themselves as disordered.

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Table 1 from Repetetive self-Injury and the body self. – Semantic Scholar

De Gruyter – Sciendo. The body-self of mothers and daughters in relation to the family. Issue 1 First Online: Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The general aim of our study was to verify the corporality relationships between mothers and daughters within the family context. Polish Journal of Applied Psychology.

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