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Jagannatha Sahasra nama stotram Translated by P. One great scholar once told him about a very rare but extremely holy form of Lord Vishnu called Neela Madhava. The king send all his courtiers in search of this great form of Lord Vishnu. Excepot one minister called Vidhyapathi all of them failed Vidhyapathi with extreme difficulty located Neela Madhava being worshipped by A gentleman called Vishvavasu belonging to a tribe called SAbara.

On his information the king Indra Dhyumna did reach the place where he found Neela Madhava but was disappointed as he was not able to see the god there.

However he was instructed by God Nila Madhava to construct a temple on the top of the Neeladri Blue mountain and get a a wooden statue of him consecrated there by Lord Brahma. The God jaganmath the king to collect the wodden piece sent by him to carve out the idol of the god.

Jagannatha Sahasranama Stotram –

It is believed God himself came in the form of an artist to carve the statue. He instructed that he should work alone and should not be disturbed. He said he would work inside the temple and the doors should be closed.

Unable to stifle his anxiety to see the Godthe king one day opened the doors of the temple. The Statues of KrishnaBalabadra and Subadra werenot completely finished and did not have legs and arms.

Sri Jagannath Sahasranama

The God ordered the king to worship him in that form only. But I could not see the one thousand names of the Lord in the Sahasra Namam. Possibly a part of it is missing and I could locate only names. The English text can be viewed at http: Deva dhanava gandharava Vidhyadharoragai, DEvyamaanam sadaa charu koti surya sama prabham The God served who is sahasranmaa served byby devas, AsurasGandharwas and Vidhyadharas is pretty, And shines like billions of suns.

I meditate on God Narayanawhich leads sahasranqma four types of jaganmath, Victory to Krishna who is god of universe, victory to the lord of all. Jaya sesha Jagat vandhya Padambuja namosthuthe. Victory to the lotus saluted by adhi sesha and the world.


Yasya prasaadath sarvamyasthu Vishnu Parayana, Yasthu dhatha Vidathaa cha yasya sravam paro bhaveth. By whom everything would be happyBy whom Vishnu can be studied, Who is the giver and creator and by whom everything becomes divine. Yasya Maayamayam Jaalam trilokyam jaganath chara charam, Marthyascha mruga thrushnaayaam bramayathyapi kevalam.

Shree Jagannath Sahasranama Names Of Sri Jagannath Sidharth Tv Mp3 songs – Leslie Da Bass

Through his illusion and trick all moving and not moving thingsAnd all men and animals are confused by desire. Namayaham jagat preethyaa naamaani cha jagatpathe, Brahathya jaganath yach cha thanme kadham sampratham. I salute him who loves the world and please tell in detailThe naes of that lord of the worldso that I can tell them properly.

Yudhishtra Maha Bahokadhyami srunushva may, Jagannadasya naamaani pavithrani shubhaani cha. Oh greatly valorous YudhishtraI will tell, be pleased to hear. The names of Jagannadha which are holy and auspicious. Maayaya yasya samsaro vyaprutha sa charachara, Yasya prasadacha Brahmaanam srusthwaa Paathi cha sarvadhaa.

He who has spread by illusion among all moving and not moving things, And through his grace Lord Brahma is able to create for always. Brahmaadshi dasa dik paalan Maaya vimohithaan khalu, Yasya cheshtaa avarohascha Brahmanda Khanda gochara. Brahma and other guardians of ten directions are bewitched by him, And due to his movement and progress the universe appears in pieces.

Dhayaa vaa mamathaa yasya sarva shasranama sarvagaSathya Dharma vibhooshasya Jagan nathasya sarvatha. Through the pity and affection Of Jagananathaall the beings spread all overAre ornamented with truth and dharma. Kadhataami sahasrani naamaani thava cha Anagha I will now tell his sahasranana thousand names which are invaluable. Jape Viniyoga The chanting is being done. To the mother chant, the sage is Veda Vyasa, the meter is Anushtup jaganntah, the God addressed is Jagananadhaand the thousand names are being read as per the wishes of God Jagananadha.

Dhyanam Meditation Neeladrai Sankha madhyesatha dala Kamale rathna simhasanastham, SArvalankara yuktham nava Ghana ruchiram samyutham chagrajena, Badraya vaama parsweRadha charana yuthambrahma rudrendra vandhyam, Vedaanaam saaram, eesam swajana parivrutham Brahma daro smarami. On the blue mountainin the middle of the conch sitting on a gem studded throne in the middle of a lotus flower with hundred petals, Completely decorated in a new charming profound way along with his elder brotherWith Subadra on his left side and I meditate on the god carrying Brahma surrounded by his own people.

Chathurbhujo One with four hands 2. Jagannadho Lord of the universe 3. Kantha shobitha kousthubha One whose neck shines with Kousthubha 4. Padmanabho One who has lotus on his belly 5. Lokanadho Lord of the earth 6.


Shree Shree Jagannath Sahasranama Stotram (Oriya) [VCD]

VedaGarbha One who has Veda within him 7. Chandra suryo vilochana One who sees through Sun and the moon 8.

Jagannadho Lord of universe 9. Lokanadho Lord of the earth 10 Neeladreesa God of the blue mountain Para Divine one Hari Lord Vishnu Dhenabandhu The relation of the suffering ones Dhaya Sindhu The sea of mercy Krupalu The merciful God Jana Rakshaka The one who protects people Kambhupani One who holds the conch Chakrapani One who holds the discuss Padmanabha One who has a lotus on his belly Narothama The best among men Jagathaam Palaka One who protects the world Vyapi One who is spread Sarva Vyapi One who is spread everywhere Sureswara God of the devas LOkaraja King of the people Devaraja King of devas SAkro bhoopascha bhoopathi King of indra and other kings Neeladri pathi Nadha The lord of the king of blue mountain THarkshyo adhyaya One whose talk is golden Kalpa tharu The wish giving tree Vimala preethi vardhana One who increases our love to purity Vasudeva Son of Vasudeva Madhava Lord of Knowledge Madhu Sudana Killer of Madhu Daityari Killer of asuras Pudarikaksha One who has lotus like eyes Vanamali One who wears a forest garland Balipriya One who likes Mahabali Brahma Brahma the creator Vishnu Vishnu the care taker Vrushni vamso One belonging to the clan of Vrushnis Murari The killer of Mura Krishna Lord Krishna Kesava He in whom Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside Srirama Lord Rama Sachidananda The divine joy Govinda He who is the chief of the cows Parameswara He who is the divine God Vishnu He who is peace Jishnu He who wins Mahavishnu The great Lord Vishnu Prabhavishnu He who is in every being Maheswara God of gods Loka kartha The one who created the world Jagannadha The Lord of the universe Mahikartha The Lord of the earth Mahayasa One with great fame Maharshi The great sage Kapilacharya The Great Guru Kapila Lokachari One who travels all over the world