The Mental Game of Poker has ratings and 24 reviews. Alexander said: As a professional poker player for over a decade there is not much poker literat. “Jared invented the field as far as I’m concerned.” – Jesse May, The Voice of Poker. “Jared Tendler is a pioneer of the poker mental game. No one else even. A review of Jared Tendler’s book The Mental Game of Poker. I highly recommend it for all serious poker players. It is one-of-a-kind.

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I think most of them are bullshit. I knew psychological struggles are a real issue for many players myself included but I thought that it was just a matter of gaining enough experience to where those mental weaknesses ceased to be issues. Long story short; it is so much better than I was expecting it to be and I highly yendler it.

It is not some wishy-washy psycho-babble; it talks about very real mental issues that serious poker players face, whether professional or semi-pro, and does a great job in describing why those issues exist. Here are the main reasons why I found the book to be effective and why I recommend it to any serious poker players:. Just like understanding how other people think about strategy helps your game, so is understanding how people might be feeling.


In effect, this book speeds up the maturity level of a poker player. I believe if I had read this book years ago I would be a much stronger player today, because I would have cut out some of the time I spent figuring this stuff out on my own.

But no book like this existed back in the day. And it is one of a kind now. When he mentioned these experiences early on in the book, I was set at ease because I could see that he knew the importance of such things. Go to this page on his site and scroll down to the bottom; you can see more praise from other poker players.

Review of Jared Tendler’s Mental Game of Poker

I talked to Jared not too long ago on his Mental Game of Poker podcast. If you want to download that podcast, click here.

If this is a mistake and you’re not on my list, signup here Share this: Tedler up below to get a FREE 3-part email course that includes one free minute video from the series, and some detailed hand histories featuring common poker tells.


The training videos go into such great detail.

The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler

Here are the main reasons why I found the book to be effective and why I recommend it to any serious poker players: Free 4-Day Poker Tells Course.

Learn how to read and understand some verbal tebdler tells with this free, 4-part poker tells course. Enter your email below and I’ll send you lesson 1 right now.

You’ll receive one lesson a day for four days. Thanks for being on my mailing list!

If this is a mistake and you’re not on my list, signup here. New Poker Tells Video Series. In I released a new poker tells training video series that uses real footage from cash games and tournaments.

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