JasperReports® – Free Java Reporting Library. Contribute to TIBCOSoftware/ jasperreports development by creating an account on GitHub. This page provides Java code examples for JasperPrint. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects from GitHub. The output of the report filling process JasperPrint objects can be viewed using a It is a swing based component and other Java applications can integrate this.

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Viewing and printing of the Jasper documents will be discussed in this chapter and exporting will be discussed in the next chapter i.

JasperReport provides a built-in viewer for viewing the generated reports in its original format. It is a swing based component and other Java applications can integrate this component without having to export the documents to other formats in order to be viewed or printed.


JRViewer class represents this visual component. This class can also be customized as per the application needs, by sub classing it. JasperReports also has a Swing application, which uses the visual component for viewing the reports. This Swing application is implemented in the class net.

To view reports using this class, we need to wrap it into an ANT target. Let’s write a report template.

Uses of Class Print (JasperReports API) – Javadoc Extreme

Next, let’s pass a collection of Java data objects Java beansto the Uasperprint Engine, to fill this compiled report. This class defines two String objects i. Write a class DataBeanList. This is further passed to the JasperReports engine, to generate the report. Here, we are adding 4 DataBean objects in the List. Save it to the directory C: Write a main class file JasperReportFill.

Let’s write a target viewFillReport to the build. The import file – baseBuild. Next, let’s open command line window and go to the directory where build. JasperReportFill viewFillReport is the default target. We can print the documents generated by jaba JasperReports library in their proprietary format i. JasperPrint objects using the net. The following code demonstrates the printing of a report. Let’s update our existing class JasperReportFill.

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We will use JasperPrintManager.

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This method takes source file name here we jaspdrprint the. The second parameter is the boolean for displaying the standard print dialog we have set it to true here.

Now, let’s save this file to the directory C: We will compile and execute this file using ANT. The contents of build.

Next, let’s open command prompt and go to the directory where build. As a result, a print dialog box appears. Click ok to print the document.