John August Pamintuan (JP) Yes, I also have pieces that are not too difficult, which are included in my catalogue from the last three years. I started writing for. Listen to John August Pamintuan | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. New York City. Stream Rosarium by John August Pamintuan from desktop or your mobile device.

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Do you have some pieces also for intermediate level ensembles that would be a good entry point for conductors who may not be familiar with your music? I started writing for Filipino choirs which generally have a wide vocal range and usually a soprano from our country would find it easier to sing in the higher tessitura. Unfortunately, not all singers can do that, so conductors from other countries request me to transpose my pieces some steps lower, or in the case of new commissions, limit the vocal range of the singers, particularly the sopranos.

When I compose music, I make sure that I myself can sing all the parts, to make sure it is humanly possible, and that I can ask anyone to sing it. JP From a philosophic point of view, I would say analysis-synthesis.

I break down the constituents of a motif or theme then reconstitute them into a new whole in keeping with the parameters requested by the person or group that commissioned the music.

Of course, the music I write is a summary of all my aaugust experiences as a musician. I believe we have a totally different writing style, and that listening to his music gives me relief. JP I usually rehearse a choir and focus mostly on the technical aspects: The result is always magical.


JP One day ina close friend advised me to stop working — teaching in a school or choir — and just focus on composing, an aspect of my life which steadily flourished even without nurture and care. I always think I have to write something innovative, trend-setting; a piece of music that will last a few lifetimes; something that reflects the past, is of the moment, and will be of the future.

We are just the messengers, so I just open my mind like a faucet and like water the music comes out. The musical ideas will stop flowing when I write the double bar line. CT How many commissions do you take a year?

What is your ideal commission situation?

JP Last year, I wrote about 80 pieces. Ideally, I would like at least two weeks to finish a piece, but usually I submit it within four days.

A Conversation with John August Pamintuan

It takes one hour for me to finish the music, three hours to encode on software, and three days to review and criticize the final work.

The piece I wrote today is for a small ensemble in Singapore composed of 20 female SSAand three male singers baritone.

On the one hand, I have to write within the ranges, capability, and number of the singers, which may limit my imagination. On the other hand, the piece has to turn out fantastic so that other groups in the future would like to perform it too. What advice do you give to aspiring young composers?

JP My advice to younger augusy is to write music for no reason. Just write and write, so that they will discover jon bottomless well, within their minds. Also to share your music, because it is a gift, one that is meant to be shared. JP The quality of music that I write depends totally on the food I eat while writing. Sometimes I write in a fast-food restaurant; sometimes I need to eat in two or more restaurants qugust I am writing an arrangement for a medley.


And, incidentally, it is my 10th year as a composer this year, so I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to celebrate with you.

Recognized by the American Federation of Musicians as an artist of sustained international acclaim, John has written around commissioned works which are widely performed in international competitions.

John is a member of the World Choir Council along with other choral experts from 80 different countries. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Privacy Policy Designed using Magazine Hoot.

A Conversation with John August Pamintuan – The IFCM Magazine

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