“Author Jonathan Raban’s book ‘Soft City’ is a fascinating exploration of the relation between the imagined, personal, “soft city” and the physical built. In the city we can live deliberately: inventing and renewing ourselves, carving out journeys, creating private spaces. But in the city we are also afraid of being. Soft City [Jonathan Raban] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . A tour de force (Jan Morris) from the winner of the national book critics circle.

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Soft City A non fiction book by Jonathan Raban.

Soft Citya work dating back tocontains much of the same award-winning style of narrative, wit and compassion for the subject. Meticulously researched, Soft City is an insider’s guide to the stresses and strains of city life.


Flicking between many cities, but primarily London and New York, the reader is shown the true horror and, to an extent, joy of life in a modern metropolis. The reasons why people flock to cities, jjonathan some stay and why some leave are some of the many topics covered.

Raban’s observations are all too real. His sharp, poignant wit gracefully lightens his factual presentation. Raban’s dialogue is truly a joy to read.

Overheard conversations in restaurants and muffled voices heard through unsubstantial walls are penned in a lively, if not voyeuristic, form. This is a surprising page-turner from beginning to end, and a real classic in the literature of the city.

It may be advisable not to live in or visit a conurbation without a copy. Wise Children Angela Carter. On Photography Susan Sontag. Cigy City Author s: Picador Classic Author s: Soft City Picador Classic Author s: The Harvill Press Availability: HarperCollins Distribution Services Availability: Soft city Author s: Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.