Ezio Petersen/UPI PhotoJose Canseco, in April of , with his second book ‘ Vindicated.’ In the book, Canseco first alleged that Yankees 3B. In , Jose Canseco blew the lid off Major League Baseball’s steroid scandal — and no one believed him. His “New York Times” bestselling memoir “Juiced”. Jose Canseco, in an attempt to help “clean up baseball”, decided to write a tell-all book detailing steroid use in baseball. His book, Juiced.

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But you really couldn’t tell if it was serious or not. He started it all. You’ve got to be able to compete.

They missed a couple of players that were in my book, “Juiced,” that I injected personally that were not in that book. Refresh and try again. I really like reading Juiced because Jose reveals secrets on other major league players. I will let Gene slide since he can actually back up his achievements. But I don’t disagree with him. First look at NFL playoff bracket: I’m being very generous giving this book 2 stars, one for each Chapter on Clemens and A-Rod.

Dec 10, Chase Miller rated it really liked it. I wanna believe the guy but he needs to practice some humility. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. No, you really cannot bring the full attention to the story without naming names. After reading so many of these books dealing with the issue I think blame should be shared with the owners, managers, commissioners, MLB, player’s union etc He has a Nov.


From record-setting ball player to league-wide whistleblower. Odd as it sounds, you actually go through each book with MORE respect for him.

Yes, but you know, you even were very clear about it. The book was his means of getting even, and he named names “to show I was telling the truth” about steroids in baseball, he said.

What really brought back the game of baseball was, of course, we saw a huge home run barrage, a home run challenge between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire in that — I think it was It’s modestly interesting, but I think taking all those steroids fattened Canseco’s head as well as pumping up his muscles. This was 20 years ago Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox.

Jun 18, Donald rated it liked it Recommends it for: Price may vary by retailer. The book ended with Canseco remembering his childhood and also not regretting all that has happened in his life and how he keeps moving forward in life with no regrets. You even hint that maybe some pressure was applied? I really thought he was exaggerating and not too credible when he released Juiced, but obviously he is very credible and honest.

Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball

Yet still, Canseco can’t get no respect, as Rodney Dangerfield might say. It’s not a fair comparison. I give this book a 5 stars just becasue what he did to the game of baseball.

Aug 15, Robert Finnan rated it liked it. And you brought up his name in this book.

With us now, the author of “Vindicated: I asked him about it. I think the year was ’96 or ‘ His audacity to be so brutally honest in unreal and quite engaging. I would never do that,” this and that. People wanted to see vindicatfd.


I’m still a pariah to Major League Baseball. I really enjoyed Juiced, but this book was repetitive canssco what was written in his first. Jose Canseco is the one guy coming out a telling true stuff or fake stuff about the steriod use in baseball. At one point in the television program, Canseco is shown at an appointment with a Santa Monica physician asking to findicated weaned off steroids for good to restore his testosterone levels. Canseco’s book became a New York Times bestseller.

Canseco regrets naming names in his book about steroids

Vindicated is a book addressed by Jose Canseco on the matter of steroids in baseball. Aug 25, Adara rated it vinficated was ok. I think the same group of enemies. The Last Shot,” Canseco said he “regrets mentioning players [as steroid users].

And if that isn’t enough, he launches into the virtues of playing poker.

He has extreme respect and love for the sport of baseball and definitely portrays himself as a “keeps to himself” kind of guy. Read Juiced about three weeks before I started this book. Finally, in VindicatedCanseco picks up where Juiced left jpse, revealing details even more shocking than in his controversial first book.