Jules-Benoît Stanislas Doinel du Val-Michel (December 8, , Moulins, Allier – March 16 or 17, ), also simply Jules Doinel, was an archivist and the. The theology of Doinel’s Gnostic (Neo-Albigensian) Church was based on a study of early Gnosticism, primarily that of Simon Magus and. Jules-Benoît Stanislas Doinel du Val-Michel (December 8, , Moulins, Allier — March 16 or 17, ), also simply Jules Doinel, was the founder of the.

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Article Jjules The Martinist Order is doijel to be of gnostic essence. The late 19th century saw the publication of popular sympathetic studies making use of recently rediscovered source materials. Wiesberger, Dornach Schweiz, – page As mentioned before, the Congress represented various central themes ; Spiritism, Magnetism, Spiritual Masonry and Esoteric Christianity. She married the Earl of Caithness, by then a widower, on 6 March in Edinburgh;[4] they had no children.

This biographical article about a French religious figure is a stub.

Jules Doinel | Revolvy

He was the co-inventor of Dadaism and a leading exponent of Constructivism in Eastern Europe. After spiritual experiences inhe proclaimed the beginning of “the era of Gnosis doimel. At Contimporanul, Janco expounded a “revolutionary” vision of urban planning. As a young man in the interwar period, he was known as a iules and was one of the most influential Romanian Surrealists.

Gnosticism topic Gnosticism from Ancient Greek: The palace in Nice became a meeting-place of Spiritists and Occultists.

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica: Jules Stany Doinel: Ritual of the Breaking of the Bread

Mules joined the French Theosophical Society shortly after it was founded by Madame Blavatsky in —, but he resigned soon after joining because he disliked the Society’s emphasis on Eastern occultism. Member feedback about Marcel Janco: Albert Puyoo had been initiated into a Chinese Taoist secret society a few years before; his Taoist name was ‘ Matgioi’.


Apparently it was stated that the Gnostic Church represented the exoteric aspect and the Martinist Order the esoteric aspect of Papus’ organization.

In Doinel died. Schmitt considered the French Neo-Gnostic Church to be superficial ; a church which view lacked any “depth”. Doinel supposedly wrote this book with a co-author, againLeo Taxil there’s no proof for the assumption made.

It is also stated that another lineage was included in the Gnostic Synod ofit was the lineage of the “Eglise Chretiens Primitifs de Saint Jean” which came from Mgr. There followed an interregnum, during which practically nothing is known, until the elevation to the Patriarchate of of Basilide P. In Gustav Meyrink became a member of Peithmann’s Church, although his membership was short-lived. Wicca and the Christian Heritage. Religious organizations started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

This divine spark could be liberated by gnosis.

Doinel wrote a book entitled Lucifer Unmasked, a book attacking freemasonry, under the name Jean Kostkain which he juels many of his dojnel activities with the diabolic.

On his death inshe inherited a considerable fortune. Reunited with Vinea, he founded Contimporanul, the influential tribune of the Romanian avant-garde, advocating a mix of Constructivism, Futurism and Cubism.

Breeze spent his childhood accompanying his father, who had a very distinguished military career, on many tours of duty across the United States, staying with him at various US military bases, including Nellis Air Force Base located in close proximity to Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base in Nevada which is a highly classified remote detachment 83 miles Jogand-Pageswho had started the notorious offensive against Freemasonry and “other similar organizations” in the ‘s.

Yarker kept up a lively correspondence with almost all of the occult authorities of his time, including Papus. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Houssay, started to collaborate with Louis-Sophrone Fugairon Tau Sophronius to develop the Gnostic Church and introducing new elements into its teachings.


Auteur:Jules Doinel

Plot Antoine and Colette catches up with Antoine as a solitary year-old who wo It is the first Gnostic church in modern times. The creator of the material universe is not the supreme god, but an inferior spirit.

Member feedback about Chronique de la Pucelle: In Bricaud also met Papus. Doinel also received instructions to establish a new church. Doinel considered the Gnostic Cathar Church to be the “depository of the esoteric knowledge of the Bible”. College of Metropolitans Churches.

The doctrinal orientation of the church was based on extant Cathar documents, with the Gospel of John, and strong influence julse Simonian and Valentinian cosmologythe church was officially established in the autumn of in Paris, France. One night in Doinel had a vision in which the “Aeon Jesus” appeared.

He designed some of the most innovative landmarks of downtown Bucharest. As stated in the series on ‘ Martinism’Papus wanted to create a Union of Initiatic orders and dolnel and at the time of the proclamation of Papus’ organization of initiatic- orders and societies consisted of: Inthe school She considered herself to be the reincarnation of Mary Stuart.

Doinel also proclaimed that the Gnostic Church was intended to present a system of mystical Masonry.

He worked in many art Retrieved from ” https: