Kateřina Tučková is the most successful Czech female author of the past few years. Her recent novel Žítkovské bohyně (The Žítková Goddesses), a fascinating . Read Online or Download Žítkovské bohyně by Kateřina Tučková Book For Free Hello fellow readers!,.. Before I read this book, I had read some reviews which. Original title: Žítkovské bohyně. Genre: novel. Publisher: Host , ISBN: Pages: Awards: Josef Škvorecký Prize , Czech.

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In the heights of the White Carpathians, dotted sparsely across the hills, there are a number of crouched buildings.

Kateřina Tučková – Wikipedia

Everything is far away, which is katerinw, so they say, certain women there have succeeded in preserving knowledge and intuition the rest of us have lost, which they have passed from generation to generation for centuries. They are known as goddesses, because they are able to connect with God and ask for His help.

And His interventions do help a little It is said of the goddesses that they see the future. She is reluctant to accept an outdated way of life and to read in drips of wax the futures of those who come to her, as her aunt Surmena did.


It is the late s, and in the archives of the Ministry of the Interior in Pardubice there is a file awaiting discovery — a file compiled by the State Security police on an enemy of the state, her aunt Surmena. A disbelieving Dora untangles details of the previously unknown fates of her family and other goddesses Were the goddesses a danger to incredulous patients?

Were they a genuine ideological threat to society in the years of Normalization? Or was the eradication of the last relics of katefina the work of common human envy and spite?

And it is a fascinating narration. And, to begin with, we can state that this expectation has been successfully met.

The story is masterfully composed, containing several stylistic planes that gradually become entwined in a single great picture.

It shows us that lives do not need to be mundane, and a seemingly ordinary environment may hide great stories. I cannot remember when I last read a story with such a strong motif of realized vengeance in Czech literature. The original theme of the novel can be regarded as clearly positive. It had been waiting to be approached in a grand manner, having been only captured in ethnographic and regional literature.


The Žítková Goddesses

The author managed to recast extensive historic and folklore material into a remarkable novel. A strong story and vivid language full of images ask to be made into a movie.

Or as a kind of folk murder tale revealing how hatred can survive in a warped mind for decades and destroy even those who have no idea of the original injustice. Or saying that a clearly lined life bohgne not exist, that a chance always comes into play.

HostISBN: Summary A fascinating tale of the female soul, magic and a part of Czech history kept hidden.