Well, this is annoying I can’t get a Files tab to show up. So I can’t upload some kazei 5 for P&P samples. I may have to delete this page and create a new one. Kazei 5, a setting and sourcebook for running Anime style Cyberpunk Gaming with the Sixth Edition Hero System. The Upside: The book titles. Welcome to the world of Kazei 5, a dark future anime-cyberpunk setting. Heavily inspired by such anime as Akira, Appleseed, Bubblegum Crisis, and Ghost in.

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Is not good enough.

Want to be stronger? You kazdi, provided you are willing to pay the price Cybernetics allow you to punch harder, shoot straighter, run faster, and even think better.

Warehouse 23 – Kazei 5

Or you might be a replicated human, vat-grown and computer-designed for a specific purpose. You can take on the role of an esper, a living weapon with powerful psychokinetic abilities.


Recommended for experienced GMs and players looking for an anime-themed cyberpunk setting, this world book includes:. Enter a world of cyborgs, cybernetics, genetic enhancement, and replicated humans, where the entire idea of what it means to be a normal human is in question.

You can order your copy from the BlackWyrm website. An 8-page sampler is avaliable here: Kazei 5 Preview a 2. And you can get the cover in jpeg form here: This section contains characters you may find useful in your Kazei 5 games.

Kazei 5 – Assorted Characters

Some are original creations, some are loose adaptations of published characters. One of the more interesting things about my campaign well, to me at least is the sheer volume of e-mail created interactive fiction. Side stories, memos, adventure introductions, interludes and even full scale combats and adventures have been written via e-mail during the course of the game. I have selected a number of the more interesting stories and arraigned them into several story-lines or ‘arcs’ to try and provide an idea of what life in Kazei 5 universe is like.



It should be noted that unlike a traditional ‘fanfic’, these stories are usually meant to be short sequences of character development, not full blown novels. The link leads to the campaign archives, which contain more kzzei, more stories, and a gallery of character and setting images.

Permission granted for private use only. It cannot be distributed for profit or included in any distribution media other than the Internet or private BBS systems.

Kazei 5 cannot be distributed on printed matter. You are allowed to print a few copies for personal use of your RPG gaming group only.

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