obligatoriu pentru toate societatile comerciale, institutii, sau alte forme de organizare prevazute in H.G/ actualizata conform H.G/ republicată în ), Legea Tinerilor (Legea /), Hotărârea Guvernului României privind .. Se constată o scădere continuă ca pondere în populaţie, de la 32,1% în la 28,6% în. / – privind înfiinţarea centrelor de informare şi consiliere pentru tineret) . ucenicia la locul de muncă, actualizată. Proving the existence of allah to an atheist islam Wave. legea din actualizata download. Does god exist islamicity. Wave. himegoto asobi 7.

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Impact of austerity measures on the living conditions of disabled persons. Protecting birds in the Llobregat Delta Catalonia, Spain.

Combating and recording of religious hate crimes in Europe. Reductions in confessional religious education at Vin Schools. Religious education at the European Schools. Situation regarding constitutional change in Hungary.

Restrictions on tobacco imports from other Member States. Access for women to the Athos peninsula. Complaints about the quality of meals at the Commission. Commissioner De Gucht’s participation in Rabat mission. Removal of obstacles hindering the exploitation of geothermal energy. Compensation for losses for Romanian milk producers following the aflatoxin crisis. European Day for the Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism.

Progress of EU in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Promotion of company split-ups by structural funds in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Privatisation of Croatian state-owned shipyards. European development 20003 funding. Fairness and transparency in programmes between Member States. Funding to tackle transgender discrimination. Nutrition and healthy eating in hospitals and nursing homes.

Increasing the transparency of OLAF’s website with regard to public procurement. Achievements of the Geriatric Expert Group in keeping medicines safe for older people. Polish woman unlawfully held in Belarus. Delay in signing off shark finning ban. Inquiry into potential lsgea for large electricity consumers exempted from network charges in Germany.

Increase of registration fee by Antwerp City Council. Exportability of social security benefits across EU Member States. Penalties actuslizata outlets that fail to recover waste electrical and electronic equipment. European legislation to establish a minimum distance between aeroplane seats.


Reference to mark-ups on the labels of pre-packaged foodstuffs. Standardising actkalizata plugs and sockets in Europe.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Future of the United Kingdom in Europe. Exposure to electromagnetic fields in European countries — what measures should be taken? New addictions and mental health at times of crisis — what measures are being taken at EU level? What does the future hold for producing and using artificial retinas? Tackling unfair trade practices in the food chain.

Agreement with the Republic of Moldova on the protection of geographical markings on agricultural products and foodstuffs.

TTIP negotiations and their impact on agriculture. Development of a trade facilitation programme TFP. Free trade area China-Japan-South Korea.

Bankruptcy of the banks in Cyprus despite passing the bank stress tests with flying colours. Bank tax — violation of democratic principles. Deposit guarantee scheme — protection for savers. Particulate matter pollution from printers and photocopiers. Planned oil drilling in the waters between Morocco and the Canary Islands.

Expansion of the market for e-cigarettes in the European Union. Inclusion of paid internships in the calculation of pensions. Unequal treatment regarding preferred shares. Speech by Shimon Peres — Iran and Syria. Speech by Israeli President Shimon Peres. Exploitation of Portuguese workers in Luxembourg.

Legal actualizatx for the drug Avastin. Level of bacterial legeq in packaged unprocessed vegetables. Contracting rate and status of payments actually made to Romania. Liquidation of Anglo Irish Bank and credit unions.

FLAG fisheries local action groups funding. Abolition of milk quotas: Property rights of the Catholic community in Sevastopol. Increase in violence against women in Sweden. Processed foods in hospitals 3333 nursing homes. EIB energy policy review and the Commission’s position. Football actuxlizata owned by a nationalised bank.

Respect for fundamental values in the EU. Forced marriages and education of minors. Direct threat to public health and the environment from landfill site in Stavros-Kladema Didymon in the Municipality of Ermionida. Implementing regulations of the Ecodesign Directive. Excessive cost of school books in Italy compared with other EU countries. Gender stereotyping by the Princelandia franchise. New plans dn Venizelou station on Thessaloniki metro and European financing.

  FAA AC 120-42B PDF

Transparency of Commission expert groups. Level of cohesion policy and Erasmus disbursements. Co-financing of the new line between Wendlingen and Ulm.

Embargo on imports of seed potatoes from the EU. Restoring confidence in European food products. Risk of death through using Azithromycin. Adoption of the bill to set up a National Commission for Markets and Competition.

Compatibility of media freedom with EU fundamental rights. The principle of gender equality called into question. External costs of cin vehicles in the EU. New nuclear power plant in Akkuyu Turkey.

Quality standards for materials used in 3D printing. Importation of US 3D printers into the European market. Request for the Commission to actuaoizata action over the lack of blood in Greece. Request for the Commission to monitor the toxicity of furs.

The subject matter of points 48 and 49 of the INI report dinn relation to providing flexible and individually tailored forms of employment for people with disabilities. Cross-border venture capital funds — state of play. Enhancing cooperation with Brazil in the field of energy. Savings Taxation Directive and administrative cooperation in the field of taxation. European Public Prosecutor’s Office — proposal.

Environmental impact of pharmaceuticals. The Azores — game resources for tourism purposes. Active European Remembrance — totalitarianism. Creating jobs by investing in rail infrastructure. Social actualizzata between Member States at the expense of workers. Late payment and the Italian situation.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Transposition of directives in the Kingdom of Spain. EU investigation into an energy grid access charge in Bulgaria. Closure of lines on the Polish rail network. Request for a timetable for the presentation of a draft law on the labelling of leather products.