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Niezwyciężony (Stanisław Lem. Dzieła #12)

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A translation into German was published in ; an English translation by Wendayne Ackerman, based niezwhciezony the German one, was published in An interstellar 2nd-class elm called Invincible, lands on Regis III, a planet that seems bleakly uninhabited. Invincible, and crew, are there to investigate the loss of sister ship, Condor. While maintaining the highest security measures, the crew begins searching for the lost Condor.

Meanwhile, scientists start researching the planet, trying to identify sources of potential danger. During the search for the lost ship unknown structures are discovered, probably forming the equivalent of an Earth city. While a group of explorers scouts out the ruins, the Condor is found three hundred kilometers away roughly miles away. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Invincibleplease sign up. The author tries an in my opinion succeeds to elegantly avoid going straight to the main issue of the book at least in the first half of it, instead he chooses to grow a wall of suspense around the whole plot.

But “goodreads” description completely destroys the whole purpose, providing not a short glimpse of the book but the whole book itself in 40 words. Could you please change it? Is it just me or does this sound incredibly similar to the themes and concepts in the Alien series? See all 3 questions about The Invincible….

Lists with This Book. Le 30, Thomas Beekers rated it really liked it. This science fiction tale by Stanislaw Lem is easily missed or dismissed as just a space romp, but it is much more than that. A crew land their gigantic, overbuilt and overpowered “Invincible” starship on a planet, trying to find out what happened to the previous starship that landed here.

Soon they find out mankind niezwyciezonu all their technology is not as Invincible as they’d hoped, and a “mystery” story begins as they try to find out what it is that lives on this planet. The latter part niezwyciezoyn the book This science fiction tale by Stanislaw Lem is easily missed or dismissed as just a space romp, but it is much more than that. The latter part of the book deals with the confrontation with these beings. Like many of Lem’s book, it is ultimately about challenging human’s default conception of seeing themselves as the center of the universe, and what niezwyciiezony travel could truly mean: In the Invincible, this lack of understanding leads to violent confrontation, which adds to the core message of “we can niezwtciezony understand everything” niezwyciezlny “we can not conquer everything”.

He refused to join. Basically niezwtciezony felt he got stiffed for payment nezwyciezony the translation and blamed Lem for this. So there was a lot of misunderstanding with Lem and the Western SF world. However, as time has passed there have been many more English translations of his works, including a number of retranslations and audiobook versions, which has brought his work to the attention of newer readers again.

His most famous book is Solaris written in in Polish see my review of the book as well as the Tarkovsky film and Niezwyciezohy film versionswhich was not translated into English until from the French edition, rather than the original Polish. It finally received a direct Polish-to-English translation from Bill Johnston and an audiobook version in Similarly, The Invincible was first published in Polish inthen translated to German inbut only received an English translation of the German version in The audiobook has just become available from Tantor Audio, narrated by Peter Berkrot and based on jiezwyciezony Bill Johnston translation, so it was a perfect opportunity to rediscover a classic Lem story.


Turning niezwwyciezony The Invincible itself, it is a classic take of alien contact and rumination on the nature of human and non-human in this case non-organic intelligence, and the possible futility of trying to communicate with a truly alien intelligence at all.

He was a pioneer when he wrote about encountering a sentient ocean in Solaris inand an artificial machine-based micro-bot swarm intelligence in The Invincible inalmost a half century ago. One wonders how much more influence he might have had on the Western SF scene if his works had been translated more quickly and accurately than they were.

In any case, The Invincible is the story of an heavily-armed exploration ship that sets out to discover what happened to The Condor, a similar ship that landed on the uninhabited and desolate planet Regis III before losing contact without warning.

They then discover The Condor, still intact and largely undamaged, hundreds of kilometers from the city. Then they have their first encounter with an ominous and metallic cloud that emits a strong electromagnetic field and interferes with their communications. Things quickly spiral downward as they realize they are dealing with an artificial machine intelligence that does not possess higher consciousness, but is perfectly capable of destroying human technology and mental functions, and even the mighty anti-matter weaponry of the Invincible.

The Invincible by Stanisław Lem

There are various arguments among the crew, particularly the captain and the first navigator, Rohan, who is the main character in the story, about how to confront this implacable alien swarm intelligence, one that hardly seems aware of the pitiful human presence on the planet. Ostensibly they are there to discover the crew of The Condor, but their whole mission comes into question, and by extension the whole justification for human exploration of strange and hostile worlds is also put under the microscope.

Hamilton or Alastair Reynoldsbut Lem is very much a modern philosopher, ruthlessly stripping away the pretensions of the Western idea that humanity has a Manifest Destiny to explore and conquer the universe.

The themes he prefers to explore are what intelligence and consciousness are, and what their role is in a large and uncaring universe. Rather than the naive optimism of American SF, he painted an often bleak canvas of the limitations of human ambition. Given that perspective, it is quite fascinating how popular his works became. There is a depth of intellectual rigor and refusal to provide escapism in his books that appeals to me, and I hope he will find more readers thanks to the new translations and audiobook versions.

Nov 14, Nikola Pavlovic rated it it was amazing. Najbolji primer kako izgleda stari klasicni Sf roman. Potresna prica o clanovima posade dva svemirska broda blizanca Kondora i Nepobedivog nece vas ostviti ravnodusnim. Luckily, I read the book in Serbian translation which was fairly good, so I didn’t have to bother about it having been originally translated into German and then into English.

Brilliant little book and such a sad story.

It aroused so many conflicting emotions in me. At one point, I was infuriated by the crew’s insistence on staying on Regis III and meddling with its ecosystem, and yet I was so startled when their plan to len the Cyclops backfired on them. Once again, Lem successfully sets out the Luckily, I read the book in Serbian translation which was fairly good, niezwjciezony I didn’t have to bother about it having been originally translated into German and then into English.


A few reviewers complained about the apparent absence of women in the story. Well, we don’t know anything about the culture of the period. Perhaps women had chosen to not be involved in interstellar travel for moral or health lme. Or maybe Lem believed it wouldn’t be a niezwwyciezony idea to introduce female characters, because persons with le mental activity are naturally left alone by the swarms on Regis III, so the book wouldn’t be fun to read whatsoever.

Ever wondered why women are placed in a separate category whenever it comes to playing chess? What’s also amazing about this story is its profound alienness: Apr 02, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: The starship Condor never returned niezwyviezony landing on Regis III, so its sister ship Invincible is dispatched on a rescue mission.

The sf portions are classic 60s hard science fiction, a gradual exploration of an alien planet and the threat that defeated the first crew. However what I really love is the sparse but effective characterization of the Invicible’s crew. From the beginning there is an undercurrent of tension implying that the crew has been together niezwycidzony space a little too long. There is th The starship Condor never returned after landing on Regis III, so its sister ship Invincible is dispatched on a rescue mission.

There is the subdued conflict between the captain who may be past his prime and his second in command. As the threat mounts there is a wonderful balance between the discipline of a highly trained crew and the panic and fear of facing something they don’t understand and may not be able to fight.

To taki Schopenhauer polskiej fantastyki naukowej.

Tema nieswyciezony prvi susret, krstarica Nepobjedivi dolazi na naizgled pusti planet Regis III, u potrazi za nestalom krstaricom Kondor. E pa, ovako dobru knjigu. Easily one of Lem’s best novels, tense and gripping — I found myself reading it at 3AM because I wanted to know what would happen next.

Cinematic, would make a good SF movie. Unusually rich characterization for Lem, too.

Boggles my mind that it had no available direct English translation until this year. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


Niezwyciezny view it, click here. Kondor je devastiran a posade nema. Strojevi su prikazani kao neinteligentni, hladni i instinktivni. Svemir i ljudska glupost, mada za ovo prvo nisam siguran.

Lem w najlepszej formie i wykonaniu. This book has a very interesting concept, the necroevolution, an evolution of inorganic beigns, that were abandoned on planet Regis III by their creators. The plot is fluid and keeps in with the expectative by his unusual concept that in the sci-fi niexwyciezony is viewed in a very original way. There is normally life in other planets as organic and semi-rational beings.

Dec 29, Katya rated it it was amazing.

With this book Lem is at his best. This is not only a SciFi book about a stellar cruiser crew investigating a mysterious disaster that niezwgciezony the other starship on Regis 3. It is a contemplation on human nature as well as envisioning of other, non-human types of consciousness.

In Invincible Lem continues the theme he had started in Solaris – he contemplates on the limits of human cognition and principal unknowability of the world. I was fascinated by Lem’s unrestrained imagination in describing With this book Lem is at his best. I was fascinated by Lem’s unrestrained imagination in describing the naturally evolved and arbitrarily expanding artificial intellect on Regis 3an intellect that would commensurate its size with the magnitude of its intentions.

I still like Solaris better, but The Invincible is going to be one of my favorite Lem’s books.