Les Thanatonautes [Bernard Werber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Les Thanatonautes [Bernard Weber] on *FREE* shipping on Les Thanatonautes (French) Mass Market Paperback – Bernard Werber. Le «phénomène Werber» continue. Après Les Fourmis et Le Jour des fourmis, deux best-sellers au succès sans précédent dans le monde entier (traduits.

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He comes out as surprisingly original, although given the comparision this may not be seen as praise; enough to say he’s the only hero with any sensible backstory. Tad skaityti net nebaigiau. See all 3 questions about Les Thanatonautes…. The term thanatonaute is bfrnard from “thanatologie”, comes from the Greek god of death Thanatos and nautis navigateur and thus signifies navigator of death or explorer of death.

Les Thanatonautes (Cycle des anges, #1) by Bernard Werber

This book is about scientists who succeed in sending a human to the world between bernwrd earth our world and the heaven to the gods. Little by little, the map of this mysterious place starts growing. Werber is the one from the Great Initiated. Vernard is written so clinically, so devoid of enthusiasm. Sep 02, Claire rated it liked it.

In he published the novel Les Fourmis Empire of the Antsa complex fantasy novel in which ants were the heroes and humans the pesty beernard. I doubt I’ll be able to venture though the second part of the cycle if I ever return to this author.

The logo of Michel and Raul ‘You and me against the morons’ will be my logo. Mankind loses its will bernare live, evolve, advance. The book deals with the search for afterlife.


The story also offers a wide range of ethnic and gender stereotypes. Perpetually fascinating subject of death, the sixties and finally action not set in the USA! And there is no lack of eager scientists. The idea had potential thanatonaute got lost somewhere by the author, this lively spark simply disappeared so I had to force myself sometimes to finish.

It makes you really think about life and death. Open Preview See a Problem? DNF That’s it, I give up on this book You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

This book takes place in my heart and in my mind. The fiction part of the story is cut by bernarf passages and tidbits about myths and legends from all over the world.

To view it, click here. The Empire of the Angels.

Les Thanatonautes

The lead seems to be a weak attempt htanatonautes Everyman persona, bland and unpleasant. The ficti I read that book when I was in high-school and it really did something to me; it’s a clever and original novel about the discovery of the last land unknown to mean, Death.

The story ends when there they see something behind the “mountain of light” and get astonished by it.

I read that book when I was bernarf high-school and it really did something to me; it’s a clever and original novel about the discovery of the last land unknown to mean, Death. It is most logical that he should encourage research in this field. That is how they set out to explore the Continent of the Dead. Raoul, the only likable character among this copy-paste charade, catches the eye, but nothing is done to maintain reader’s interest in him.


Cycle des Anges 2 books. Jun 27, Artem Huletski rated it it was ok. This adventure takes us across the different zones of the continent of the dead to the famous werbed. And when I said it was ‘clever’, Bernard Werber’s novels always are; he has a knack for teaching you things without your really noticing it.

I still have mixed feelings about this book.

Mar 23, Mouse rated it it was amazing Shelves: What is it, how does it work exactly, what happens after that, can we escape from it… Almost all religions and spiritual teachings speak of life after death, in Heaven or Hell of the particular religionor again on our Earth but in a different body, learning yet another lesson in the circle of reincarnations allotted to everyone. It may sound absurd, but a few centuries ago, it sounded just as absurd that there existed a continent east of Indonesia.

This book is not as beautifully written as other books of Bernard Werber and is not as interesting to read, but it sure brings up more complex and important questions.

Confirmed materialists and atheists strongly deny the possibility of a world beyond the grave. I would like to be friends with one of the scientist, Michel, the main character, because he is very smart and interested in weird topics such as death.