Sands writes books that keep readers coming back for more.”Katie MacAl. When I think of vampires, I think old world. And computers are definitely new world. So, of course, I couldn’t resist marrying the two in Love Bites. Turning a three. Read Love Bites (Argeneau #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Love Bites is a Romance novel by Lynsay Sands.

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Etienne Argeneau’s three hundred years of bachelorhood were at an end. Either that, or he’d be forever alone. He could only “turn” one human in his lifetime, and most of his kind reserved that power for creating a life mate. If he turned the wrong woman But what choice did he have? He had to save Rachel Garrett. He didn’t know her ve.

He didn’t know her very well but the beautiful coroner had saved his life. To save hers he would make her immortal. Rachel Garrett awoke surprised. All she’d wanted was to get off the night shift at the morgue; now here she was, staggering to her feet naked and in a strange place.

But everything would be all right. She’d just make like a bat out of– Then she saw the man of her dreams emerging from his And the sanes in his bright silver eyes said they’d be spending a lot of time together. She just hoped he tasted as good as he looked. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Love Bites by Lynsay Sands.

Love Bites

Good From The First Bite He didn’t know her ve True Love: To The Last Rachel Garrett awoke surprised. Paperbackzands. Published January 6th by Love Spell first published Etienne ArgeneauRachel Garrett. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lynsay Sands – Books – Love Bites

To ask other readers questions about Love Bitesplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

This book was also okay. I liked the couple okay. I think Etienne should have been a little more smooth with the women being as he was over years old but whatevs.

So what if his game is a little weak. I could get over that. I would have liked it a whole lot better if the bad guy wasn’t a big stupid turd. I mean his name was Pudge for fuck sake! I mean he wasn’t badass he was just a huge annoying shithook. Come on Etienne, this stupid geeky weak ass human has tried to kill you over lynsa This book was also okay. Come on Etienne, this stupid geeky weak ass human has tried to kill you over 4 times and you are still trying to let him live?

And how the hell did you let his stupid ass get the drop on you at least 5 times? He shoots you in the heart, blows up lovr car, breaks into your house and he almost beheaded you Etienne. Aren’t you a badass vampire?


Where pynsay your awesome vampire powers? Then he kidnaps your lifemate and stakes her in the heart and you are still going to let bitfs live? I wanted to kill him. I wanted to reach though my kindle and snap his stupid neck but the big bad vamp family are letting him live.

I would have gave this book 4 stars had the bad guy died but since they went all peace and love and let his stupid ass live after all the shit he pulled I took a star away. View all 36 comments. So, Rachel is a coroner hites is kind of a perv. She’s all creeping on this corpse, thinking how sexy he is.

I seriously think that her boss should be apprised of this situation. But, don’t worry, her dream-corpse is actually a vampire, so it’s not at all necrophilia for her to be having sex dreams about him. Also, she throws herself in front of an ax-wielding maniac to stop him from cutting off her corpse-lover’s head.

Aaand gets an ax in the chest. Well, I gotta say Also, maybe it’s best if the chick who is excited to see a dead man’s peen is out of the picture.

How good could her life be if this was her bag? She swears it isn’t hers! But, good news everyone! He turns her into a vampire so that she can spend all of eternity thinking creepy thoughts about corpses. Necrophilia aside, this book was fun and cute. There were plenty of chuckle-worthy moments and I really like the vampire family.

It’s a solidly “good enough” series so far. Not gonna blow your socks off, but will moderately entertain you. View all 7 comments. This book contains a scene so gross, I’m surprised every other review doesn’t lynsya “OMG, this book is so lgnsay Is it seriously just me that is icked out when a very hungry vampire woman goes down on a guy and starts thinking about sanda eating him like a sausage?

And later he gets caught lying there naked by a relative, with a flacid, bite-marked penis. Anyway, aside from that fun time, it lpve pleasant but on the dull side. Highl This book contains a scene so gross, Lynnsay surprised every other review doesn’t begin “OMG, this book is so gross!

Highlights were Etienne showing Rachel how wonderful the nighttime is.


Perhaps it’s time for me to give up this series. View all 15 comments. Aug 03, K. Although I liked “Sweet Revenge” well enough, it didn’t compel me to want to snatch up her backlist at the time. Sands writing style is simple and easy reading, and since I prefer a deeper, more complex and emotional writing style in my historicals, I believe that’s why I didn’t pursue her after “Sweet Revenge.

The Argeneau family is like any other normal “family next door,” if you don’t consider the fact the members are hundreds of years old, have looks that are stunning not to mention youthful enough to be confused as to who their mother iscan read each other’s minds, wipe everyone else’s memories clean like erasing a chalkboard, then pop a “blood bag” for a quick meal as we’d suck down a juice box! Rachel works as a medical technician in the City morgue on the night shift.


She’s fairly bored with her routine and frustrated about not being able to have a social life since she sleeps while the rest of the city goes about their daily lives, and shuts down right about the time she awakens. Etienne Argeneau is the best looking, sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Only one problem — he’s lying on her morgue gurney with a big gunshot hole blown through his chest! Not the situation you want when finally locating the man of your dreams. While Rachel laments the irony of her timing and begins going about her job, she starts to think she’s imaging things when Etienne’s mortal wound seems severely lessened every time she turns her back.

Convincing herself that a “thread” of pulse MUST have gone undetected by both her and the EMTs who brought him in, Rachel does fast mental work trying to somehow apply logic to a situation that seems impossible, if not completely creepy. In the meantime, Etienne is efficiently going about the work of eliminating the “experience” from Rachel’s head and making a quick break out of the morgue.

Etienne’s trip to the morgue hasn’t been his first “accident,” and he unfortunately has found himself a target of a wacko stalker — a fellow envious video game creater who doesn’t have the talent Etienne has to create the current video game craze, “Blood Lust.

Although Etienne narrowly escapes his first morgue trip, he soon finds himself back on Rachel’s table for yet another go-around. Tragically this time, Pudge pursues him to the morgue and in an attempt to divest Etienne of his head per “Blood Lust” game player’s manual for killing a vampireimplants an axe into Rachel’s chest when she interferes in his plan.

Quick thinking on the part of Etienne saves Rachel’s life by “turning” her into one of his own kind before her life slips away. Etienne can turn only one person in a lifetime, and it is typically reserved for a “lifemate. Sands writing style throughout both her characters and her storyline interfered with my complete enjoyment of the book. She had a very creative cast of characters and story to work with, but her execution is hampered considerably by her writing.

Etienne has a laid back, easy going personality, and he had lots of likeable and honorable qualities, but Ms.

Love Bites (Argeneau #2) by Lynsay Sands

Sands writing gave him a milktoast feeling – very much the “tell” problem. The same for Rachel dands she was empathetic and sweet, but needed a transfusion of “spark” writing her personality, rather than another bag of blood! Sands has a unique ability to drag out each and every scene 50 extra pages when she should have moved the story along.