Breeder. $ Lyssa Hart. Lyssa Hart grew up watching The Twilight Zone and Ray Bradbury theater, instilling in her a love of science fiction. In high school. Read & Download eBook Breeder By Lyssa Hart,Mirdua no longer has men capable of ing the moment she discovers the stranger has. Dear Ms. Hart,. Hallelujah you’ve published something again. After reading, and enjoying, “The Forest Whispers” and “The Assassin’s Blade”.

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Lyssa HartKimberly Zant. It takes a couple more attempts on her part before she achieves the goal.

Then, in a more contemporary setting, Nicole is obsessed with conceiving, but has been told she’s infertile. She helps him escape, after the deed is done of course, and he comes back and storms the castle and takes the former virgin back to his place as spoils of war, intent on retribution for stealing his sperm.

Not quite as enjoyable for me as this author’s other books this is another name Kaitlyn O’Connor writes underbut that was because I felt that Jaegar basically abandoned Mali, while she was being “educated” and while awaiting their impending marriage. Pat rated it liked it Jul 11, He only told her what he wanted, when she tried to kill herself. Iee rated it really liked it Feb 09, How To Swap Books?


Books by Lyssa Hart. She is truly addictive and since I read all but 2 of O’Connor’s books, I’ve started hunting down her lesser-known books from her other pen breeeer and discovered “Breeder”.

But Jaegar reveals his true identity to one of the town council members, swearing reprisal upon the village. This was so much better.

Breeders by Lyssa Hart

Published first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Favorite line during the “Hey you big stupid head, I knew l was destined for you” moment the hero says: Contains explicit, graphic sex, strong language, and violence.

Pamela W rated it liked it Apr 17, Enter the prince in shinning llyssa who comes disguised as a savage and dragged in yart village in chains. Jaegar hates what has been forced upon him, but is attracted to Mali. Rebelling the moment she discovers the stranger has nothing but contempt for the ‘honor’ they have in mind for him, and every intention of fighting them to keep his seed, Mali is given two unpalatable choices–she can either take the man’s seed, or she will be banished from the village.

Ajs rated it did not like it Dec 15, I don’t get the hero’s actions and the reason he gives doesn’t make sense to me. Return to Book Page.


Now, onward to the next Kaitlyn O’Connor book. Except, Nicole doesn’t take “no” for an answer, when she sets her mind on something. Dawn rated it liked it Feb 07, It is decided that he will be breedsr new breeder and inexperienced Mali must convince the uncooperative savage to give her a baby or she’ll be banished from the village.


Also known as Kaitlyn O’Connor.

Breeder by Lyssa Hart – FictionDB

Nicole is a woman with a mission: The vengeance of an infuriated Elumi, she discovers, can be May 12, Georgiana rated it really liked it Shelves: Mali does not even know her mother and father. Nonye rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Jul 17, Bastet rated it really liked it Shelves: Since banishment is tantamount to a death sentence, it isn’t much of a choice School Donation Program In Memory of It is decided that he will be the new breeder and inexperienced Mali must convince the uncooperative savage to give her a baby or she’ll be banished from the village.

Once he began talking to her again, he understood his error and again began spending time with her and proving his lover for her.