View Magdalena Rittenhouse’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Author: Nowy Jork: Od Mannahatty do Ground Zero. DOWNLOAD NOWY JORK MAGDALENA RITTENHOUSE nowy jork magdalena rittenhouse pdf. InspÃ-rate con las recomendaciones de otros viajeros. This outstanding Nowy Jork Magdalena Rittenhouse is published to give the reader an ideal suggestion along with excellent life’s result. Well, it is necessary that.

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Yurii Andrukhovych, “Leksykon miast intymnych. Magdalena Rittenhouse, “Nowy Jork.

It also emerges in the latest books by Yurii Andrukhovych and Magdalena Rittenhouse. It was here that he obtained his literary education.

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He has always had an ambivalent attitude to Moscow: The narrator of theLeksykon, by the way, is an untiring peripatetic. In Moscow, where he studied literature for two years, his frenetic walks led him from the dormitory of the Literary Institute to the Central Telegraph and the nearby shopping malls, to the catacombs of the metro, and to the European collection in Pushkin Museum. Many cities made their way into the guide at moments of breakthroughs: It breathed anarchy, free business, and blasphemy.


It smelled sweetly of shish kebab smoke and photocopied second circulation.

In his guide, Andrukhovych created one hundred and eleven lyrical impressions on cities, arranged in alphabetic order. TheLeksykon, much likeHopscotch, can be read in many ways, which reflects the inconsistency of the world: Od Mannahatty do Ground Zero.

Yurii Andrukhovych, “Leksykon miast intymnych” / Magdalena Rittenhouse, “Nowy Jork”

Who knows the fascinating story of rottenhouse — still magdaleja — Eldridge Street Synagogue, in the centre of Chinatown? We experience here something like an ironic commentary on the famous drawing by the Romanian-born Saul Steinberg,View of the World from the 9th Alley, mentioned by Rittenhouse.

The centauric nature of both the texts, and the Machiavellian form of semi-guide and semi tale-of-alien-lands, is difficult to classify and may seem post-modern, yet in fact, it has been known since times immemorial.

It has been practised by all the major contemporary travel writers. Bruce Chatwin incessantly escaped into the domain of fiction, nkwy the course earning himself plenty of trouble with the people he met on his pilgrimages, who did not recognise themselves in the portraits he created.


InThe Rings of Saturn, W. Similarly William Dalrymple, Paul Bowles, and Sven Lindqvist — though each in his own manner — reformulated the travelogue genre towards auto-fiction.