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Accuracy can also be affected by poor satellite geometry. Clearing All Memory in the SporTrak The SporTrak has all the features that a sailor, fisherman, hiker, hunter, or any person involved with outdoor recreational activities has come to expect from a Magellan GPS receiver.

In addition to these features, the SporTrak offers the ability to display your location on detailed city maps providing you with a complete navigation tool that will last you for years to come. The most important thing to us is to be sure that you are spotrak satisfied with your SporTrak and the accompanying documentation. If you have any ideas, suggestions or even a complaint, please pass them along to us through our web site www.

Setting up the SporTrak is a simple three-step process: The Magellan SporTrak uses two AA batteries that are installed from the back through the battery cover. You can expect to get up to 15 hours of usage on two AA batteries with the backlight turned off.

Follow these instructions to initialize the SporTrak. Basic Operation described in the next chapter or you can turn the SporTrak off. If you turn the SporTrak manuxl, all of the information you just entered will be saved. This key is also used to MARK a mannual. SporTrak will turn the backlight off when there has been no button presses for 4 minutes. Pressing any button will turn the backlight back on in this instance.

You can change the time delay for the backlight in Setup. They will be described briefly here. More detailed information on the different screens can be found in the Reference chapter of the User Manual.

Ideal for when you have your SporTrak mounted on the dashboard of a boat using the optional swivel mounting bracket. Even from a distance the information can be read with ease. From any screen other than a navigation screen, pressing [NAV] returns you to the last navigation screen viewed. Note that if you are inputting data, pressing [NAV] will return you to the last navigation screen but your inputs will not be saved. The Icon Select window is displayed.

Use the arrow keypad to move from one icon to another with the name of the icon displayed at the top. You are returned to the Mark screen with the new name displayed. The example shown here is a sample of a City Waypoint List.

This is a sample of a Nearest City Waypoint list for Magellan. Your screen will look different. Routes, however, are stored in memory.

If you need to make a GOTO but expect to turn the Manul off before arriving, you might consider making a 1-leg route using the route menu. Magllan ideal way to get used to using the Magellan SporTrak is to go outside your house and obtain a position fix.


An easy way to see that you are computing a position fix is to view the Sat Status screen. An automatic timer will turn the backlight off when a button has not been pressed for a manuql duration. Press and hold for 2 seconds.

Two customizable spotrrak fields are presented at the bottom of the display. If you require to see more of the map you can nagellan turn off these data fields. Information as to how to customize this screen follows this brief description of the Map screen. Position Mode If you require to see more of the map you can also turn off these data fields. Provides the scale for the map. BRG and distance DIS to the cursor is shown in the bottom left corner of the map replacing the scale. If the cursor happens to be on a map object, In the Horizon Profile mode, you will also notice a line projected out from your present position icon to a shorter perpendicular line.

The intersection of the magwllan lines indicates the location on the map where the horizon is being computed. This function requires that map data has been uploaded from Magellan MapSend Topo for the United States and that your present position as well as the projected horizon falls within the area uploaded. Using Auto, you will see more points on and near turns and less points on straight stretches of the map.

Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine Manual Downloads

You also have the option of selecting fixed intervals for track point storage. While viewing the vertical profile screen, you can use the left and right arrows to move the profile accordingly. The vertical dashed line in the middle of the profile plot mayellan the elevation for that point on the profile. If you have at least one route stored in memory, you can view magdllan vertical profile for the route. After selecting Vertical Profile, you will be asked to select the route you want to plot.

Some of the data displayed course and heading straight for the requires you to magellwn moving to be destination, the destination icon computed, invalid data is indicated will be lined up with the heading by dashes. Some of the displayed is the name of the data displayed requires you to be destination for the leg of the route moving to be computed, invalid you are presently navigating on.

You can change the coordinate system displayed by following the instructions in Setup – Selecting the Coordinate System. Resetting the Trip Odometer — Resets the trip odometer to From the Highlight Confirm? These functions perform identically to the same functions described in the Setup section of this manual. Follow the directions for editing a Use arrows to Follow the directions for editing a waypoint icon, name, etc.

Some of the necessary preparations. When selecting the User category, the SporTrak does not use the keyboard display. Follow the instructions above for Viewing a Map Object on a Map. Press and hold GOTO for seconds.

From Highlight Use arrows to SporTrak, but once you can visualize what a multileg route route is, it becomes very easy to understand and create. Viewing a route can be used if you just wanted to see the components of the route or as a precursor to editing the route. Deleting a Leg — Deletes a leg from the route.


Select route to be edited. Highlight destination See Instructions for waypoint for leg that will Viewing a Route be deleted. As an example, if you turn the Sat Status screen off and press ESC before confirming all of the nav screens, your selection will not mxgellan saved and the Sat Status screen will still be on.

SporTrak and the datums do not match, you may find irregularities when comparing the coordinates. Selecting NAV Units — Allows you to select the units of measure that will be used when displaying navigational data.

You can choose from baud, baud, baud, baud, baud or baud. After completing these instructions, the SporTrak will shut off.

The next time it is turned on, it will prompt you that maanual needs to be initialized. SporTrak has lost its ability to compute position fixes due to loss of signal from the satellites.

This is handy in that it alerts you that you may need to move to an area that has a clearer view of the sky. Each topic has a number of tips available that can be viewed.

Owners/Operators Manual for Magellan SporTrak Pro

There you can select United States, European Union or you can use the customize option to set the rules for daylight savings in your area. The Database contains cities, highways, airports, waterways and national parks. Keys Only, the beeper will sportrao sound for alarms. This standard has also been adapted for use in a variety of third-party mapping software programs.


Can I interface my SporTrak with a Macintosh computer? Magellan does not supply cabling or software for the Macintosh line of computers. For information on a cable or software that may meet your requirements, visit GPSy at www. Use map data for reference and do not rely completely on it. Data was not saved or was corrupted. This can be caused because you removed the batteries or removed external power with the SporTrak turned on.

Faxes can be sent to Customer Service at If necessary, you can also return your receiver to Magellan for repair. Appendix Accessories for your receiver are available from your Magellan dealer or you can order directly from Magellan at press 3 to place an order.

Mounts the receiver on a surface, allowing for hands- free operation. Maps are not cities, lakes, etc.

SporTrak while it is mounted in the Mounting Cradle, attach the cable through the back of the cradle. It is not necessary to tighten the captive screw to the SporTrak, although you may do so for added security. Data Out Pin 3: Data In Pin 5: The value or setting automatically chosen by the unit unless otherwise directed. Can be changed in Setup. Distance from position to destination. Estimated Time of Arrival.