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Tidying my bedroom - 5 - Tidi bergen priser

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For years the thought of anyone coming into my twobedroom brooklyn apartment filled me with dread every single surface of my place was covered in stuff from clothes to papers to magazines.

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Ahead weve broken down tidying up into an episodebyepisode product hitlist that covers each of kondos five key clutter areas clothing books paper komono the small things kitchen.

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Span classnews_dt22012019spannbsp018332when i was a child i often joined my mother in prayer at the shrine in her bedroom the shrine looked to me like a dolls house a woodandglass scale model of a humansized sanctum.

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Marie kondos unique konmari method of tidying up is nothing short of lifechangingand her first book the lifechanging magic of tidying up has become a worldwide sensation.

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Lesson 1 tackle categories not rooms id always tackled clutter by roomtake on the office first the bedroom next instead kondos first rule is to tidy by categorydeal with every single one of your books at once for example otherwise theyll continue to creep from room to room and youll never rein in.

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New to this series im going through the konmari method from the lifechanging magic of tidying up to clean my house out once and for all you can catch up on the series right here.

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So youve decided to finally decided to hop on the konmari bandwagon but youre not sure how to make it work for you or perhaps youve just been obsessively watching tidying up with marie kondo.

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bedroom feeling a bit more confident i moved onto the bedroom and started working on my clothes it was a bit easier to work out which ones sparked joy as clothes have quite an emotional aspect i think.

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